Cihangir (Cino) and his younger brother pay a visit to their father’s grave at the cemetery. Ramazan (Tatar) joins them, Tatar is Cino’s oldest and closest friend. While Cino’s younger brother is near the grave, Cino tells Tatar that his younger brother does not know the truth about their father and that his brother thinks his father died a martyr and a hero. His brother asks Cino why their father is not buried in the martyr’s cemetery, Cino lies and says their father did not want that. Cino’s father was a police officer, Cino all this time has thought his father was a dirty cop. From a distance, Cino sees Seliha planting different flowers on a grave. Cino tells Tatar to take his brother home as he has few things to finish up.

Cino walks over to the grave where Seliha is and he tells her that planting those types of flowers might not be so good. That they might not survive due to the soil. Seliha tells Cino that she did not ask for any help and if this is his way of trying to speak to her by coming up with silly comments about her way of planting. Cino tells Seliha that she may have misunderstood and that he is only trying to help out. He tells her that he was paying a visit to his late father. She offers her condolences and says that she does not have time to visit her loved one and the flowers she is planting were her favourite. The grave that Seliha is planting flowers in belong to a girl (that died when she was 17). Cino says his condolences and tells Seliha that the girl died too young. Seliha gets a phone call and Cino overhears bits of information.

-Cino sees his friend Aliko and says to him that they all have a ‘special task’ to do that night and that he will tell the others too. Molla another friend of Cino owns a shop, Emel a young woman in their neighborhood asks to buy some bread from Molla. Molla does not like her and says to her that they do not have bread anymore, that he sold out (which is clearly a lie). Emel leaves the shop in disbelief. Cino gets upset and tells Molla that he should not be treating Emel like that just because he does not like the job she does. Molla tells Cino that he does not want that ‘unclean’ woman in his shop. Cino says Emel does not like working at a club but it is her job and that she is earning a living. Cino tells Molla the same thing he told Aliko.

Faik Antika shop:
-Cino and Molla meet the rest of the guys in the basement of Faik Antika shop. Sadik is telling the guys what their task is for that night. Each guy has a special place to go (a specific club) complete their tasks. Cino switches clubs with Tatar, it is the same club that he heard Seliha mention on her phone earlier at the cemetery. ‘San Geminiano’ club. Tatar seems good with switching places with Cino. Each guy has their task for the night (they have done this before it seems). Sadik says to them that he does not want screw-ups and that they should be safe. Cino says they got this. They all leave to get ready.
Cino’s House:
-Cino is all dressed and is ready to leave. His mother is upset that Cino and his brother went to visit their father’s grave. Cino tells her that he went because his brother wanted to. He thinks their father was a hero and they cannot tell him the truth. His mother says their father (her husband) ruined their lives. Cino didn’t want to go but he didn’t want to upset his brother.

San Geminiano:
-At San Geminiano, Cino spots Seliha and he goes to her and says what a coincidence. Seliha does not buy that, she asks him what he’s doing at San Geminiano. Cino says he is having a good time. She tells him that she is waiting for someone, he tells her that she looks lonely. Cino says goodbye and goodnight to Seliha. Seliha is surprised and says to him he’s giving up that fast. He says he usually doesn’t have to try this hard.
-Seliha a police officer on an undercover operation successfully completes it and gets the bad guys. Zeynep a police-officer too and others arrive at the hotel room. Zeynep asks Seliha how she’s doing. Seliha says she is okay and that she is heading home and that Zeynep and the others can finish up and gather rest of the evidence.
-Ali calls Seliha and informs her that he has bought an engagement ring and that he will propose to her friend Zeynep. Seliha seems a bit distant. While driving the stolen car, Cino spots Seliha and pulls over and he asks her if she is alright. She says she is good. He offers to drive her to where she needs to go. At first she declines, she tries to get a taxi and then she accepts his offer.
-Seliha thinks the car is his, Cino says the car belongs to his friend. He asks her ‘what’s your name?’, she says ‘why are you asking?’. He says to her ‘why you answering a question with a question?’ They kept exchanging questions but no one answered anything. Tatar calls Cino and asks him if he got the car and he tells him where they will meet. Tata makes fun of Cino for having a girl in the car. Cino tells him he is fine, he drops off Seliha and says to her ‘you still haven’t told me your name’ she says to him that she’ll tell him her name if she seems him again.

-All five guys drive the stolen cars to Sadik’s auto-junkyard. They seemed to have enjoyed racing. They give Sadik the cars and he gives each of them their shares. Cino does not accept the money and tells Sadik to send his share of the money to his brother’s school for new equipment. Molla also does not take his share of the money and give it to Mustafa.
-Sadik introduces Tatar and Cino to (a man who recently got out of jail). This man tells them stories about his past and why he was in jail. One story was from the year 2002, he tells them that him and some other bad guys framed a policeman and that policeman was killed. Cino learns that policeman was his father (Kemal) and that he was framed but the police don’t know that. Cino got upset and furious. From the story that this man is telling them, Cino finds out that his father was a undercover cop. But the police at that time thought he was dirty but he was not. He was framed. Cino wants more information, he and Tatar grab that man to verify some details about his father.
Seliha’s House:
-Ali is a close friend of Seliha (he is like a brother to her). Seliha helps him with the engagement ring since he doesn’t have the money to buy a nice ring. Seliha gives him a ring from her family so he can propose with it.
Faik Antika shop (basement):
-Cino integrates that man until the man confesses the name of the cop that he and his friends framed in 2002. The man that was framed and murdered was Cino’s father. The man tells Cino and Tatar that it was orders from his big boss. He tells them he can’t remember but he did put everything from that time in a safety deposit box in a bank, the info that Cino needs is in that box. Cino is so upset and frustrated he says to Tatar that all his life he hated his father because he thought his dad was a dirty cop. But now that he found out that his father was framed and murdered. He feels guilty. Cino tells the man that the next day he will take him to the bank to get the stuff from the safety deposit box.
Cino’s Bedroom:
-Cino is full of rage, he cannot believe that his father has been innocent all along. He understood why his father was away when he was little it was because he was doing work as an undercover cop at times. He hears a recording from his father from many years ago, his father in the recording says to Cino that he misses him alot, and that he is away doing work to catch bad and evil people. Cino become very upset after hearing that.

Police Station:
-The police director congratulates Seliha on her great work in catching that bad guy earlier. Ender the young police officer asks Seliha out on a movie-date, she politely declines.
-Ali proposes to Zeynep by using the help of Seliha and the other cops in the police station. It was all a setup and Zeynep was in complete shock and she accepts his proposal.
-The man tries to escape from the basement, he and Cino struggle on the stairs but the man accidently falls down the stairs a hits his head. Cino tells Tatar to call the ambulance. Cino tries to help the man and he asks him ‘which bank? where is the bank?’. The man is able to tell Cino the information he needs about the bank’s location, however the man dies and Cino and Tatar realize they’re in big trouble. Cino goes to Sadik and tells him about the death of the man and how it was all an accident. Sadik tells him that he will solve it.
-Cino’s friends become sad when they hear the news about Cino’s father being framed and that he was an innocent cop. His friends wonder what Cino will do about the safety deposit box. Cino tells them that he will break in that he has no other choice since the man is dead. Cino tells his friends that he will not rob the bank but he is just going to go see what is in that safety deposit box, that he will be in and out of the bank fast. Cino feels guilty for how badly he thought of his father after he died. He tells them that no one was at his father’s funeral except for him and Tatar. After his father’s death, his mother got sick while she was pregnant with his brother and his brother was born with a disability. He says to his friends that he wants to go to the bank and prove to the police and others that his father was framed and not a corrupt cop. His friends surprise him and tell him that they will join in and help him. However Mustafa apologizes to Cino and says that he cannot put himself in a dangerous situation because he has a family and his mom is sick. Cino tells him it’s okay and that he understands.
Police Station:
-Ali thanks Seliha for helping out with the proposal. They tell Zeynep that they will come soon to ask formerly for her hand from her family.

-Cino tells his friends that they won’t hurt anyone at the bank. Their purpose is not to hurt anyone. That the weapons will not have any bullets in them, it is just to scare people with. They go over the plan. He tells them they have 10 minutes to get the job done. Tatar brings the weapons and Cino gets angry at Tatar for bringing a grenade, he repeats that he wants no one to get hurt. Molla, Aleko and Cino agree to carry weapons but without bullets in them.
Next day:
-Molla goes to Mustafa and says his goodbye in case something goes wrong at the bank. Mustafa says to Molla that he hopes Cino is not mad at him. Molla says Cino is not mad at Mustafa.
-Sadik tells the guys that he doesn’t want any problems and he wants all of them to be safe. Surprise, Mustafa shows up and offers to join and help them.
-Meanwhile, Ali is worried that Zeynep’s family won’t give their blessing. Seliha calms him down and tells him not to worry and they will give their blessing. Seliha has to deposit some money at the bank. But since they are running late, they have to buy flowers and chocolate for the engagement. Ali tells her to go pick the flowers and she sends him to the bank to deposit the money.
-At the bank, Ali tells the security guard that he will only be a few minutes and that it is urgent. That he needs to deposit money into an account. Zeynep calls him and says to him if he is running late. He says he is getting some stuff and he will be at her house soon.
-Meanwhile, Cino and the guys get ready and crash the car into the bank, a shocking entrance. Ali and the others in the bank are in shock. They think it is a robbery (but it is not really a robbery). Cino grabs a bank employee and heads to the vault to the safety deposit box. Tatar scares the people with the weapon (no bullets). Zeynep still on the phone and overhears massive shouting and calls Seliha. Seliha overhears two guys saying that there is a potential robbery at the bank (the one she sent Ali to).
-At the bank, Ali during a struggle grabs the weapon from Tatar and orders them to drop their weapons while he points his weapon on Tatar. They all drop their weapons, Tatar in an instant moment, grabs the small weapon he hid earlier in his shoe and shoots Ali. Cino at the vault hears the shots and is surprised and thinks it is the cops, he is in shock when he sees a civilian (Ali) shot on the ground. He wants to take care of him but he doesn’t want to get caught. He points at two people in the bank to help Ali out. The three guys get in the car but Cino gets caught in a cross-fire with Seliha when he hears ‘police’. He loads his weapon and shots, they exchange shots but he does not see Seliha. He tells the guys to drive off, the guys at first refuse but he insists and they drive off. Mustafa gets shot by Seliha while driving the car and dies. Cino manages to escape from the bank. After chasing Cino, Seliha finds a bracelet. Cino dropped while he was running away. Seliha grabs it as evidence. She is devastated when she saw Ali.
-Seliha tells Zeynep that Ali is in surgery, he dies during the operation. They all become very sad especially Seliha. She blames herself for his death since she is the one who told him to go to the bank.

-Meanwhile, Cino gets angry that his plan failed, no one was supposed to get hurt. He reveals his angry out on Tatar, and says to Tatar that he didn’t have to shoot that man (Ali). Aleko informs them that Ali died. Cino gets more devastated when he sees his friend Mustafa dead. He feels guilty. They bury Mustafa and Cino thinks of each of his friend and how each one is not bad, and that they all have a different story. They are like brothers and how Mustafa was an innocent man. Cino says to the guys that no one should know about what happened and that they should all be careful.
-Seliha and Zeynep at Ali’s funeral. Both feel upset. Seliha notices different flowers planted on the grave of her loved one (the grave she was at in the first scene). She realizes that its probably Cino.

-Cino notices his bracelet is missing, as he is looking for it Seliha enters the shop. She thanks him for the flowers that he planted on the grave. She wants to pay him for doing that. He says it was nothing and no need to pay him it is like a gift. She keeps insisting but he declines.
-His bracelet is from Cino’s soccer club. Seliha asks him information about the logo and the sports club. He is surprised by her question but he answers them. She leaves. Seliha doesn’t know that the bracelet she found is actually Cino’s bracelet.
-The guys inform Cino that on the news its been revealed that the police caught the ‘bank robbers’. Cino feels that something is off and weird. The rest of the guys are relieved that they are not on anyone’s radar.

Police Station:
-The director informs Seliha that Ali’s case has been moved to the homicide squad. Seliha disagrees and she wants to catch the guy who killed Ali. She made a promise to Zeynep. She tells them about the soccer club bracelet that one of the bank robber dropped. She says to them that the four guys that broke from the bank are mostly likely from that neighbourhood.
-Seliha informs Zeynep that the case has been handed over to the homicide squad. Zeynep can’t believe that. Seliha says that Ali was like a brother to her and that she will find his killer. Zeynep asks Seliha what Ali was doing at that specific bank. Seliha lies to Zeynep and says she is not sure and does not know.
Next day:
-A neighborhood man says to Cino and the guys that he found someone that will rent the shop. The shop which is across from Cino’s shop (the one he works at). The renter is Seliha, Cino is surprised to see her. She introduces herself to Cino and he introduces himself to her.


Written By – Raghad A.K


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