Tahsin Korkmazer opens his front door to Feride who points a gun at him and tells him that shooting him might be the best thing she could do in her whole life. She is in a highly charged emotional state and unwilling to be side-tracked from her course of action.

Aziz is desperately worried about Feride and has called into the police station. Yalcin tells him tha tshe has likely gone to the Korkmazer mansion and that she has probably got a gun. They race out of the station,

and as Aziz gets into his car, Feride’s engagement ring falls onto the road from his coat pocket where Feride had secretly slipped it.

But, as we’ve now come to expect, our guardian /messenger angel just happens to be there and rescues the precious (and, undoubtedly, extremely expensive) square cut solitaire. Abdullah to the rescue, yet again.

Feride forces Tahsin into a chair inside the living room of the Korkmazer mansion and starts to interrogate him about the murder of her aunt.

Her naivete soon shows as is becomes clear her intent is not to kill him but to get evidence of his guilt. She’s dealing with an accomplished liar and manipulator and doesn’t anticipate his moves once she puts the gun on the table. She’s obviously a novice at handling guns anyhow, though she does tell him that she recognises this one as the murder weapon. Tahsin keeps his eye on the gun, no doubt planning his moves to take it from her. Feride is recording their conversation on her phone hidden in her bag.

Tahsin talks, recounting the story of the murder. Feride is incensed when he tries to exuise himself by saying how much he had loved her mother, Suheyla. She only wants to know what he did, not how he felt.

The police are on their way, led by Yagmur, who also has her own mission as she pursues information about her father, the investigating detective murdered in suspicious circumstances. There is enough evidence now to arrest Tahsin. Kerem has not kept his promise to Tahsin. The moment his hated stepfather has signed over his shares in the Holding, Kerem has given incriminating evidence to the police.

Feride has made a naïve tactical error, triumphantly telling Tahsin that she has all the evidence she needed. He accuses her of “playing him”, at which she laughs, saying that is usually his style to play people.
“I’m just after the truth,” she tells him
Aziz is approaching the mansion, desperately trying to make phone contact with Feride. Throwing his hands in the air, he exclaims,
“ Ah, Feride! AHHHH!! Why are you acting this impulsively? Didn’t you get your lesson at all?”

While Aziz cannot reach either his father or Feride, Tahsin “plays” her now, feigning a heart attack, causing her to panic and giving him a chance to grab the gun. Tahsin’s phone rings, Feride pulls it from Tahsin’s pocket and sees that Aziz is calling. She speaks to him, panicked by the “heart attack” while Tahsin comes behind her and knocks her to the ground.

Aziz can hear his father tell Feride that she has made a very big mistake, sneering that she, not he, is “…on the tip of the barrel now.”
He screams at his father to stop as Feride tells Tahsin that she’s not afraid of him and invites him to shoot her. She assures him,
“One day when death finds you, we’ll meet again.”

She challenges Tahsin to look deep in her eyes because he will have to carry that stare in his head for the rest of his life. Aziz is screaming for her to get out of the house, while she is reminding his father that he must account for her, her mother and her aunt.

The gun goes off, Feride falls to the floor again and Tahsin achieves his main objective, stamping on and destroying her phone.

Tahsin has been preparing for his world to fall apart and we see the first of his elaborate planning as he grabs a bag full of money, runs as Feride, unhurt, pursues him through the house. Once more he pushes her to the floor and this time, she stays down as he escapes through the back door.
Aziz has no idea what he will find. Has his father killed the woman he loves?

The police arrive first, Yagmur finding her dazed, with a cut lip where Tahsin has pushed her.

Desperate, Aziz arrives and bursts into the house. He takes Feride in his arms, telling her he heard what happened and knows that Tahsin tried to kill her. Feride wants to leave the house immediately.

Tahsin has given the police the slip, negotiating the streets with which he is familiar and the places where he can step into the shadows until he is able to flag down a passing taxi and make his escape.

He has a hiding place all prepared and equipped with the basics of life for just such an eventuality as this. It’s hidden away in a rubbish dump near the water’s edge, and he’s very relieved to reach there eventually.
At the Caglar household, news from Yalcin that Feride has been found and is unharmed is welcomed. Not only that, Yalcin tells Faik that the file proving Tahsin’s guilt is in the hands of the police.

Yalcin is reluctant to tell the Caglars that Feride has been in the Korkmazer mansion, knowing how they disapprove of her relationship with Aziz. Faik and his family storm off to bring her home.

Outside the mansion, as the police go about their work. Aziz is attending to the cut on Feride’s mouth.

It’s a reminder of happier times, when she did the same for Aziz, at the time they were falling in love. Now he is confused about his father’s reasons for the attack. There is still a lot he needs to find out.

Aunt Zehra has had a “bad feeling’ Following her intuition, she’s contacted Yagmur and found out that Tahsin has threatened to shoot Feride. Gulten hears and is most concerned for Aziz and Sultan, both of whom she has brought up in the emotional absence of their parents. Alice and Aneta, in the background, seem to be growing closer to one another. Gulten decides she must go to the mansion immediately.

The police search for Tahsin is racheted up, Yalcin telling his force to try all possible means to locate the fugitive. He will have money in foreign bank accounts and will look to escape overseas.

Feride and Aziz struggle to make sense of Tahsin’s violent behavior. What will become of them will be up to fate, but Feride says that blood has come between them now. Revenge has come between them. Both are very distressed and Aziz, dealing with the shock of his father’s attack on Feride, senses she is slipping away from him. He pleads with her not to allow what has happened to destroy them, but Feride feels the pressure that their surnames will put on them. Always, it had been been ‘We, Aziz and Feride.” She does not know now how she could ever live with the weight of having Korkmazer as her name. Aziz tells her that if her thinking is about going then she should not go. He cannot do without her.
“There is no other way to me in this life besides you, Feride.”

Necmi has called on Salih Baba to tell him about the events at the mansion and that Kerem had given the police the incriminating evidence about Feride’s aunt’s murder. They expect that Tahsin will do anything to protect himself; however, Bulent will not let him live. Their main concern is for Aziz and they put into place precautions that they have obviously had planned for some time.

As Feride and Aziz talk of going away to some place where there is only them, knowing the hopelessness of such a dream, the Caglar family arrives. There are accusations from Faik and a sneering Firat throws his weight around. Feride is ordered into the car and Aziz tries in vain to keep her with him.

Yalcin intervenes , telling Faik that Aziz has no fault and that Feride has been through a distressing ordeal, so Faik splits his family up to avoid
angry behavior on the way home. Firat is still posturing and threatening, while Aziz and Feride can’t tear their eyes away from one another as she is manoeuvered into leaving him behind.

Bulent is on the move. He’s angry with Kerem who has preempted his grandfather’s strategy and given the file about Tahsin to the police earlier than Bulent wanted. The events at the mansion have given Tahsin an opportunity to escape, possibly overseas, and Bulent had other plans for Tahsin’s future. Kerem agrees that he has pulled the plug all at once rather than disempowerTahsin step by step. He is deciding for himself rather than follow Bulent’s rules for what he calls his “big game”. Bulent warns him that Tahsin is like a wounded animal and is likely to do anything in order to survive.

Tahsin has reached his hideout at the shoreline.

It’s primitive, has everything he needs to survive and has obviously been planned and equipped for just such an eventuality as the one he has created at present. He is setting up several cell phones for future use.

Yalcin is driving, Faik is ranting in the front street about Tahsin and about Feride being with Aziz. What is clear is Faik’s fear of Tahsin. I find myself increasingly impatient with this frightened man who has hugged family secrets to himself rather than tell them to his children and who now is being fronted up to the consequences of the choices he has made. Of course, he chooses to blame others rather than accept any responsibility even when his daughter has been in such danger. Feride weeps silently in the back seat.

Kerem drops casually in to see Sultan, expecting things to be as they were in the past when she was his little sister and he called her his daisy.

She tells him she has experienced him ruining the family for his own selfish plans, and she has no desire for any more from him.

Cruelly he drops into the conversation that the police have called into their family home to arrest her father for a murder committed years before. Sultan is disbelieving and tells him she is disgusted when he badmouths Aziz yet again. She leaves him behind, heading to the mansion and the truth.

“So, I’m alone,” comments Kerem, realizing he has alienated the one person in the family he truly loved. I think Kerem wants to be alone, that’s how he operated best and has learned it from being the odd man out in the hated Korkmazer family.

Gulten and Sultan arrive at the mansion at the same time, finding Aziz despondent, huddled into himself. They are very worried for him.

Looking devastated, he tells them
“Apparently, my dad’s a murderer.” They are shocked but had some prior warning that a family disaster was happening. Tahsin is a fugitive, on the run from the police.
“He tried to kill Feride today, in this house”, weeps Aziz.

“It will all end.” He holds his little sister close as he reassures her.
As Tahsin is phoning around planning his getaway, money no object, Aziz runs through his memory bank of important family times with his parents. The reality of his father’s double life seems inconceivable.

Faik has calmed down and is worried about Feride who has locked herself into her room and won’t come out. She’s grieving for Aziz.

Feride is remembering, months ago, attending to his wounded mouth, just as he did for her today,

Aziz recalls special moments with her, most of all when he told her for the first time,
“Sen seviyorum – I love you.”

Both know that they are in one another’s hearts even though apart now.

Aziz cannot bear the separation. He drives to her home and stands solitary and quiet outside her window until Altan joins him. concerned that he intends to stay there all night. This is not the night, however, for knocking on the door and expecting to be let in.

Abdullah is digging what appears to be a grave in the dark. Who or what for we don’t yet know.

Yalcin, worried about both Aziz and Feride, calls into Emine’s café to tell her about the day’s happenings and to recruit her to support her friend.

Tahsin is handing over a sizeable package of money in return for a promise of passage out of Turkey by sea.

Altan and Aziz are discussing how fate has been affecting Aziz. The precious watch from Mehmet Sefik Korkmazer is brought out and the
connection with the Satranc -i- Urefa board, “the wood” as Altan calls it, explored. Aziz tells how his watch was stuck at six o’clock but is now working as he takes the game and his fate more seriously. Pragmatic Altan is bemused, but happy that this, at least, is an improvement for his friend.

Aziz experiences no let-up in pressure now and he misses the earlier time, when he and Feride worked better together. He is very afraid that she will break up with him. Altan reassures him that Feride is in shock and that her choice to go with her family was understandable. She would be back, because she loves Aziz so much.

“How long will I have to carry my father’s sins?” Aziz wonders. He is not sure any more what Feride wants.

Alice is showing signs that her memory is improving. Kerem and Zehra plan to get some therapy. Kerem tells his mother that he will do whatever is necessary to heal her, but first, he tells Zehra, they need to excavate the trauma which caused her withdrawal from the world.

He pleads with his mother to tell him anything she can remember about his father’s whereabouts. Either she can’t or won’t.

Firat is storming again, insisting that Feride tell her family. the whole story from earlier today. The phone that Tahsin stamped on still works, and Feride plays it for her family. As Tahsin explains himself, the pain on Faik’s face is plain to see,

Aziz has returned to the old factory where he waits for Bulent. He wants to know why Bulent chose this place to meet and finds out it is very meaningful to everyone from the initial founding families of the Holding.

Wanting the truth, Aziz hears a story about the origins of the Holding and snippets about his grandfather. It seems that Bulent always had respect for Mehmet Sefik Korkmazer, who first set the factory up as a clock atelier. The story is garbled and Aziz is in no mood to chat. He discovers that the building has been deliberately reduced to its current state by Bulent, “with great pleasure” and in order to destroy what his great rival had built. He is interested in harming Aziz because, simply, he carries the same blood as Mehmet Sefik. And he seems particularly incensed that Aziz has chosen Salih as his spiritual father.

Aziz mocks Bulent, telling him that his time of judgement will come and then draws a knife which he holds at Bulent’s throat.

This difficult situation ends up with Aziz tied up by Bulent’s “men” and left on his own.

Feride is sleeping and Aziz is calling for help in her dreams. He is in a very dark place and, dreaming, she tells him that she will not leave without finding him. He must give her a clue, she is, she says, “in supply”, not knowing that this is a remembrance of a Satranc-I Urefa square. Exactly where Aziz is placed in the game.

She takes her dream to Salih. The place where the missing Aziz has been imprisoned is easily identified and a rescue mission is mounted by, Altan, Necmi and Tekin.

As we’ve come to expect each week there’s a lot more happening in this intense and complex drama. Such as…
Tahsin robs Salih’s safe, looking to remove incriminating material. He assaults Salih , knocking him unconscious
Tahsin’s boat ride is not a done deal.
Yagmur realizes how many years she’s spent looking for evidence and intikam for her father’s murder
Kerem is losing the plot, more each day He sacks people without more reason than that he can. He is losing patience with his mother who is not
able to give him the adulation he craves for his work “achievements”. Nor will she eat the fancy food he arranged to entertain her.

There is another ‘round’ of Satranc-I -Urefa, but this time it comes after much of the action. Not at the beginning. It’s about love, mostly, which there is a lot of in this episode.

There is a painful confrontation between Aziz and his father about the loss of the woman one loves.

“Vuslat” is fast coming to the end. I’m wanting answers to questions that need resolution, but I’ll be sad when it’s all over.

If ever two people deserve an HEA, it’s Feride and Aziz. I hope they don’t pull a “Kara Sevda” on us.

Aziz refuses to help his father escape the police and accounting for his crimes. He will hug his father and save him from the assassin’s bullet waiting for him before he boards the rescue boat. Tahsin asks his son why he didn’t rescue him from arrest.
“Í tried to save you many times. You didn’t want it.”

There was a great song playing during the shootout and rescue of Aziz. Who can tell me what it is called and where to find it?

WRITTEN BY: Judith Kelleher



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