Aziz and Salih are alone in the antique shop, about to embark on a spiritual journey that will lead the younger man to the core of himself.The first spin is made with the board left by Mehmet Seyfik Korkmazer. A Five is the result and immediately Aziz and Salih are led to contemplation of the very first sin between brothers on earth. Spinning a five takes Aziz to “HATE”, something he says he has always feared. The story of hatred and the murderous rage of Cain towards Abel is famous, an evil deed preceded only by the devil’s rage with Adam and his determination to cause whatever damage he can. Aziz sums up the negative power of spinning five. He talks of his fear of “…hate, jealousy and grudge.”

But, Aziz observes, “…humans are very complicated.” Jealousy is at the nuve, or nucleus of grudge which arises when people don’t believe they have what they are entitled to. Envy is a little different, says Salih.Those who, envy believe they too can have what the other person has. Aziz is an optimist, believing that time softens and heals. Not necessarily so, observes Salih, Those who hate are fooled.
“The hater doesn’t know what they think as a victory is actually an endless loss.”
Preparations continue for the board meeting at which the decision about the moderator will be made. Aziz is gratified with the support and hard work of Serpil and Mr Enes but is realistic about the possible outcome.

As the members of the board gather, both Tahsin and Nehir can be seen “working the room”, It’s clear that they have been able to influence some of the members and there is doubt about Aziz’s ability to maintain control in the future, should he be re-elected.

At the Caglar household, Feride has been cooking and Hasibe is complaining about money again as she makes a grocery list. A phone call from Zehra alerts Feride to the possibility that others are interested in the new shop and she makes the decision to go ahead with her fresh start.
Sultan has arrived at the Holding company to lend her support to Aziz. She is uneasy, however, at what she perceives to be evil in the company affecting the way it operates. Aziz reminds her that the founding member was their grandfather, Mehmet, Sefik Korkmazer, whose intentions were positive and whose influence can still be felt in the present. Given their grandfather’s pure and good intent, Sultan wonders why they have ended up with so much dirt in the present.

Aziz talks of the war for Korkmazer Holding and influences which still are hard to identify. Sultan is worried that Aziz’s absence will lead to even more difficulties. If he didn’t have responsibility for getting at the truth, Aziz says he would just leave. Sultan supports her brother all the way in his quest to return the Holding to a state of honesty, as in their grandfather’s day.
Emine’s restaurant is open for business and she has a local young man delivering pamphlets to drum up business. Feride and Zehra have signed up at the atelier. Feride surveys her new premises, a smile of anticipation on her face.

Kerem has arrived at the Holding in time to attend the crucial leadership meeting. As usual, he is in the limelight. The tension between him and Tahsin is palpable as the arrival of Aziz and Sultan is anticipated.

Sultan sums up the current situation and invites Tahsin to speak first. followed by Aziz.

The board meeting is a brilliant piece of film making, particularly the expressions on the faces of both Kerem and Aziz. Rarely has so much been said with no actual words from either young man as Tahsin launches forth into a characteristic flow of bombast. They look, bored, incredulous and bemused in equal measure, as if just waiting for their turn, once the ‘old man’ is finished.

Firat is looking for a buyer for the photos he took of the unknown woman in Zehra’s house. Kerem or Aziz, or possibly the new player, the grandfather? He is picked up, forced into an unknown black vehicle and driven away to an unknown destination.
Uncle Abdullah is on the move, quietly walking who knows where, a large white envelope in his hand.

Tahsin is still holding forth in the meeting, protesting that he is not wanting to undermine his son, while that is the very thing he is doing.
Soon, it is Aziz’s turn. In measured tones, he acknowledges his father’s strengths as a storyteller and public speaker, but goes straight to the heart of the matter by naming the conflict between him and his father as the main issue. He regrets that the difficulties between him and his father have led them to this situation in the boardroom.

He denies that he has damaged the company, instead laying the blame for this misperception at his father’s skill as a storyteller. The stories are not true, he says.

Feride has caught up with her dad at the sahlep cart and tells him of her new partnership with Zehra in opening the sewing atelier. Faik is delighted for her and grateful that Zehra has carried out the promise she made to Suheyla to look after Feride when the time came.

Back at the board meeting, Aziz is outlining how the new, transparent style of management which he introduced has been subsumed by the “experience’ of Tahsin. He has never treated the Holding as something to make use of for his family.

The meeting moves towards a vote, but not before Nehir, takes a swipe at Aziz for his relationship with Feride., saying his private life is in the way of the company. Kerem is swift to interject, taking personal responsibility for the initial hiring of Feride…but Nehir can’t let it alone.

Firat has ended up at the home of the ‘Grandfather” he had only heard about. Bulent is in recruitment mode.

Voting goes ahead and is evenly balanced with one vote left, that of Kerem. A photo flashes up on his phone, of his mother asleep and supposedly safe in Zehra’s house. Her security is under threat

He is left in an untenable position as can clearly be seen by his stricken expression. He votes for Tahsin, the casting vote. Nehir is delighted.
Uncle Abdullah has made his way into the meeting, laying his white envelope down next to Tahsin,

Abdullah indicates that no one should intervene, though he acknowledges Aziz with a piercing gaze. Tahsin is visibly shocked by the contents of the envelope, a sheet of paper with a blue butterfly, which Aziz sees. Tahsin retreats to a known position of bluster and semi-truths as he stands aside from the elected result, giving Aziz “another chance” but being scared off by the butterfly. The board members are mystified, but Aziz is back in charge. Nehir is livid as Tahsin announces,
“I am standing down.” And accuses him of betraying her yet again.

Aziz wants to know why his father is so scared of the butterfly and who the butterfly is. Bulent is angry at the meeting’s outcome, but not really so surprised by Tahsin’s incompetence.

Aziz tells his staff that the company will not be defined by words like ‘mission’ and ‘vision’, rather by ‘mistake’ and ‘failing’ by which all will continue to grow. Aziz is back in his full personal power mode again.

Bulent doesn’t understand Firat’s motivation and wonders who he works for. Firat reveals that his family has a stake in Korkmazer Holdings, which he is trying to find out about and it’s the first that Bulent has heard about this. On hearing about Abdullah’s intervention in the Holding meeting, Bulent insists to Kerem that they take the miniature. He seems genuinely afraid of Abdullah.

Feride is at her atelier for the first day and two men arrive to fraudulently remove the sewing machines. Aziz calls in to visit, in time to rescue her from the thieves. He likes her shop and is all for her making a small but strong start in a new direction. He will be her first customer with the cist cover he found in Yadigar needing to be remodelled

Bulent and Tahsin are meeting. The butterfly image delivered by Abdullah is a surprise to both and both seem to fear it. They wonder whether Salih is involved and comment about the lengths that people are going to in order to protect the miniature.

In a very packed episode, what else happens.?

  • Emine has an opening dinner for Salih, the boys and some of the locals
    *Feride tells Altan that it’s time he proposed properly to Emine.
    *Aziz finds out and can’t believe that his father was responsible for the murderous attack on Rustum.
    *And someone steals the miniature for Bulent. Only it’s a set-up and he gets a fake. He’s very angry.
  • There’s lots more…


  • Can Aziz believe that his father is capable of attempting to murder Rustum?
    -Can Kerem keep his mother safe?
    -What about his grandmother?
    -If he does, what does that mean for other deaths that have occurred?
  • Who will get the miniature?
    -How will they get it?

WRITTEN BY: Judith Kelleher



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