Rustum didn’t die but was seriously wounded.

We don’t know where Aziz sent him, but it appears that he’s taken out of reach of those who wanted him dead. By the time Kerem arrives, Feride, Aziz and the wounded Rustum are gone, leaving several bodies and two unharmed hit men who lie to him about what has happened. Telling Kerem that Rustum ran out the back door, they create doubt about whether Rustum has been able to reveal the identity of the real murderer.

Kerem phones Bulent, telling his grandfather that he knows him to be responsible for this shooting. Bulent tells him he needs to start choosing the correct side. Kerem counters that he doesn’t take sides and that he won’t do what Bulent wants so long as he is messing with Kerem’s mother and grandmother. Bulent gives him some important news, however. A plan to remove Aziz from his management role at the Holding company is underway and if Kerem ever wants to be head of Korkmazer Holding, he needs to give his support to Tahsin. There is still loyalty towards his brother however. He does find out that Bulent does not have Rustum, before his grandfather hangs up on him.

Aziz and Feride are troubled by the story of a man who spent twenty- four years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. They wonder just how much he was paid and who could possibly find what must have been a great deal of money. Aziz is convinced that they are being followed and have been for a very long time. There have been just too many coincidences. Feride sums up: is the partnership between her, Aziz and Kerem somehow connected with the murderer of her aunt?

Aziz has another theory, though. He wonders whether the real target was Feride’s mother and if her aunt was killed by “mistake” as she tried to protect her sister-in-law. They should turn their attention to Suheyla, he suggests. He asks,
“Was the murderer really in love with your mother and wanted to take revenge?”

Or perhaps, suggests Feride, the murderer was an enemy of her father and wanted to threaten him. The situation is so complicated that they need to wait until Rustum is, hopefully, well enough to give them the information they need. And they need to talk with Yalcin., while keeping quiet around people from the neighbourhood.

Hasibe is burning with curiosity about what is going on at Zehra’s house and sends Firat off to find out, using whatever means he can. Whatever he can find out will be to their advantage, she says. Firat owns to being all pumped up, mainly because he is bent on revenge against Kerem for the beating he received.

In the last episode the idea that letting go of wealth may be a prerequisite for success in finding one’s soul came up in the conversation between Salih and Aziz. The prospect of poverty would be very new and different for Aziz. We have already seen his sister, Sultan, involved with her new friends Tekin and Ahmet in helping some children who live below the breadline. In this episode, the concept and practices of charity are examined in practical ways.

Salih and the two young men have been shopping for groceries which they are taking to an old, sick lady, Sabire Hatun, who they watch over and care for. She lives in very difficult conditions with an adolescent grandson, the only member of her family who cares about her. She says that the worst thing for her is the indifference of her relatives.

When they arrive, Abdullah is already there, gently feeding her soup. She pauses and whispers something in his ear. From Abdullah’s attentive and focused expression, it is something private and of great importance to him.

He steps back at the arrival of the others, who greet the old lady with the greatest respect. Ahmet and Tekin set about unloading the food into the cupboards and doing the household chores whilst Salih keeps the old lady company.

There are supplies for Hasan, her grandson, materials for his school work and when the chores are done, the three leave after kissing the old lady’s hand. The conversation afterwards turns on the idea of charity being carried out without the need for anyone to know, or for any kind of praise. There will be a return to this concept of caring for one’s neighbours later in the episode. Sultan takes shoes to the little girl whose needs couldn’t be met when she and the boys were working with the local children in need.

Back at the holding, Nehir is campaigning for the upcoming board meeting at which Aziz is expected to be ousted. She is backing Tahsin and asking the design girls to do the same. Nehir, too, has a knife ready to go in Aziz’s back. The girls are delighted, even more so now that Feride has left the holding.

This causes consternation for those who want Aziz to stay, but it’s decided that Aziz should not be alerted. And, as Mr Enes says, Aziz hasn’t really been interested in company matters for some time.

Feride and Aziz are sitting at the seaside drinking tea with Yalcin who expresses his concern at the way matters concerning the murder have accelerated. He extracts a promise from the pair that they will leave what should be police work to the police.

Tahsin is interrupted in his plans for the takeover with the news that Rustum has been shot in a gunfight. The messenger who brings him this news is unable to say for sure whether Rustum has died, though it seems very likely. What is most worrying for Tahsin is that Rustum spoke to Aziz before losing consciousness and there is no way of knowing how much Aziz learned.

Faik has found a new source of income, Necmi has set him up with a sahlep cart and the sampling by Ahmet and Tekin goes very well, as Necmi has been able to source superior ingredients. The trick is to convince Faik that he should charge for the drink rather than give it away to those who are drawn by the very appetizing smell. The boys help Faik to the cart with the very heavy container. They worry about Faik coping but understand his need for independence. The decision is made to help him load up each morning and to do a weekly clean of his boiler

Kerem is shaken up by recent events and goes to see Necmi. He can’t resist smart-mouthing the two boys. Necmi reassures Kerem that he has had nothing to do with the bad stuff that has been happening to Kerem. He is only interested in doing good for him and is visibly shocked to learn that Aneta has been kidnapped. Kerem tells Necmi that they want the miniature in exchange for her. When Necmi tells him that he has known and respected his grandmother for many years and must set about saving her, Kerem is relieved. He’s not so happy, though, when Necmi asks for his
trust and leaves alone on his mission, leaving Tekin in charge of the shop and Kerem as his reluctant guest.

Firat manages to manipulate some local kids into distracting attention from the two guards outside Aunt Zehra’s house and breaks in. He finds, not Aneta as he had expected, but Alice who is a stranger to him. She is asleep in a room that Zehra has locked from the outside, leaving the key in the lock. Firat takes photos and leaves through the back door.

An interesting conversation takes place between Tekin and Kerem over a glass of tea as they wait for Necmi’s return. Kerem is surprised at the lengths people in this neighbourhood will go to in order to look after one another. He is visibly moved when he hears how Salih taught the young men to respect and honour his grandmother. Still cynical and impatient, he leaves rather than wait for Necmi,even though Tekin tells him how lucky he is to have the older man’s help.

Feride and Aziz have found a secluded restaurant and are close, talking about how they are feeling. Aziz compares how he is with Feride to some of his happiest times as a child playing in the snow, but remembers, along with Feride, how in time snow in one’s hands can feel as if it is burning. This burning he compares to the troubles that beset them as they come so close to creating a new life together, murders, betrayals, uncertainties. Aziz describes it as “…a dark hand upon us. It burns me inside.”

But Aziz tells Feride that she is the only person in whom he can confide. Everything that used to matter to him, the wealth in which he grew up has no importance at all. He can’t eat or sleep. He can’t work out what is wrong with him. Feride knows. Lightly, she teases him into understanding, through a story from Salih baba that these are the symptoms of love, the love that he has for her. They test one another’s pulse, tenderly.

At the holding, Tahsin is bullying Serpil into not giving information to Aziz and demanding that she inform him of his son’s whereabouts and movements. If she won’t he’ll sack her. She’s very distressed and tries to stand up to him but to no avail.

Feride discovers her father operating the sahlep cart. She worries that he has not consulted the family and that it may be too much for him. He counters by saying that he is the father, that they have debts to pay and that retirement is not for him. He wants to work and Necmi has given him this opportunity. He smiles as Feride lays her head on his chest with love. Later he is visited by Yalcin who expresses his concern that Faik is over working. When the subject of the murder is broached, Faik is adamant that it should be left alone. It is too painful for him.

Aziz has arrived at the holding company to be greeted by Serpil who alerts him to the brewing storm. She tells him that a meeting of the board has been called and the purpose is to oust him. Aziz calls for a meeting of his own, decides secrecy is important, no-one who opposes him should know he has returned to the building. Using Sultan’s abandoned office, Aziz, Serpil and Mr Enes set about examining records which Serpil has managed to sneak past a suspicious Serpil. The war is on… Later, Kerem comes and Aziz tells him he expects his loyalty. But Tahsin has been planning this takeover for a long time. And there is still the matter of that miniature that everyone wants.

Other things are happening….
In a search through the unfamiliar house for some comics he has lost, Can, Feride’s little brother finds the gun which Hasibe hid. Fascinated by his find, Can takes the weapon with him.

Yalcin has come to Karadeniz, Emine’s new restaurant to sample her special beans. He is highly complimentary, and is joinrd by Altan, much to Emine’s consternation.

The men eat together and the conversation goes well, but we are aware that something is still making Emine angry. We find out later that Altan hasn’t yet formally proposed marriage to her and she is feeling taken for granted.

Zehra has been doing some investigating on behalf of Feride and has found a closed workshop ideal for a dress design business, She is able now to disclose to Feride that she has held on for many years to a fund that she and Suheyla had earned, Feride’s mother had wanted it to be used for her daughter’s good and now seems the ideal time. Zehra has a hard time convincing Feride because the cost to buy in is high. Eventually she persuades her niece and it seems a future direction is decided for Feride. Her aunt and she will be partners in the new venture. Such a partnership would fit with what the dying Suheyla asked of her friend, Zehra, when she entrusted her with her daughter.

Aziz continues his lobbying for support, contacting customers whom he thinks he can persuade to support him. Kerem is impressed by Aziz’s ability to charm others but warns that Tahsin has been pulling the rug out from under Aziz for months. They agree that a priority is meeting together with Feride and deciding on a way to finance the purchase of the miniature. Aziz confirms that he has authority to handle Feride’s shares, her part of the inheritance that all three have been left.

A dinner is held at Emine’s restaurant to celebrate Feride and Zehra’s new venture, Yagmur, who is sitting with Alice decides to join the celebration and brings Alice with her. Seeing Feride, Alice is overjoyed, thinking that Feride is her mother, Suheyla.

Salih is delighted when Tekin, Ahmet and Sultan arrive at the antique shop. He has enjoyed seeing them all together and asks what they have been up to. A charity work is the answer from Ahmet and there is a lively discussion about whether one should disclose this kind of activity. Later, Aziz joins them and there is a deep discussion about the need to keep one’s word. Salih describes being human as knowing that one has a soul. Aziz is deep in contemplation of the challenges ahead of him and he tells a story about earning what one deserves to the group. It is a story that Salih already knows, but all relate to it and enjoy it.

Aziz takes his sister home and on their way they talk about the tensions between them and ways to make peace. As they do so, they come upon Feride walking home from the dinner. There is still tension between the two young women, but Aziz cannot help stopping and talking to Feride.

She gives him the news that she has decided to take on the workshop and he is delighted for her. Aziz tells her of the big meeting the next day, with all the forces his father has gathered arranged against him. He owns to being apprehensive, but with all her love she offers him special words of support,
“They will be gathered to destroy you, but you will defeat them with the beauty of your big heart.”

How can Tahsin treat his son so?
Which side will Kerem choose?
What will happen with Can and the gun?
What will Hasibe do with the news about Alice?
Are Aziz and Feride any closer to being together at last?

WRITTEN BY: Judith Kelleher



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