We have watched Salih Baba burn his Satranc-I Urefa board in the brazier outside the antique shop, in front of Aziz who has just pulled up outside and is headed towards the shop. He is stopped in his tracks by this seemingly irrational act and he’s not the only one who is shocked. Both Tekin and Ahmet are dismayed and later ask questions about Salih’s intentions.

Aziz is told that it was never about the board and it seems that Salih has discovered the deep truth of this in his sojourn with the green draped coffin. He says,
“We also surrender to destiny, just like this board. The destiny is only in the god’s hand.”

A bewildered and hurt Aziz is shut out of the store and Salih turns his back. At first glance this appears as a rejection of the younger man, possibly in anger after Aziz’s accusations of arrogance in his treatment of the dead little Firat. I don’t think it’s as simple as it would appear to be. This episode, and the last one, have clues for which we need to be alert.

Two of these hints have to do with Salih’s true role in Aziz’ life. Last week we found out that Salih had grown up as a foster son to Mehmet Sefik Korkmazer and therefore foster brother to Tahsin. On the way home from the crypt, Salih called into the Korkmazer mansion in order to warn Tahsin to get out of Aziz’ way while he went about his Quest. In this week’s episode we find out from a friendly conversation between Salih and Feride’s Aunt Zehra hat they are “guardians” for Aziz and Feride respectively. This is a task they have taken on and have put before their own wants and needs.
What we don’t know yet is who gave Salih this responsibility. Suheyla, Feride’s mother asked Zehra to watch over her daughter. It seems clear that the relationship between the two young people is a matter of destiny. It will be played out in hearts and minds rather than on the ancient game board, which is only a tool.

Aziz has his grandfather’s board, anyway, and the Wheel of Fortune which he briefly contemplates destroying, but pockets instead. He has been delighted with this find, telling Altan about his new treasure and asking his friend to find a master craftsman to restore the reminiscence from his grandfather to its former glory. I wonder if Salih knows that Aziz has the board. It seems Uncle Abdullah does. Not only has he given the Wheel of Fortune to Aziz, but later in the episode he presents Salih with the Traveller figurine. This is put on Salih’s desk in full view. Is it a reminder? Or a challenge? Will he play on Aziz’ board at some future date?

After a very emotionally taxing day, Aziz calls Feride to tell her he needs her. The need is mutual and she prepares to slip out and meet him, even though it is midnight. Hasibe corners her in her room and interrogates her before ‘reporting’ her to her father.

Feride is prevented from leaving after a confrontation with her father on the doorstep and tearfully phones Aziz to say she can’t come. She is honest with him about her father’s attitude, but Aziz is accepting of her difficulties and reminds her that the parents are “…just giving us the responsibility of the past”. Feride is sure that their love will help them through these stresses. As Aziz talks about the doors that have slammed in his face throughout that day, she tells him she thinks new doors will open and that they will probably be grateful in time for the ones that slammed shut.

Next morning, a meeting is called by Tahsin at the Holding during which he rubbishes Feride’s design work for the past year and demotes her, giving the position to the gossipy Merve, .

Incensed, Feride speaks up for herself in the meeting and, despite Sultan pleading with her to stay, writes out her resignation

Aziz and Altan are meeting to discuss the butterfly matter and decide to consult Yalcin. Altan is reluctant, not wanting to get in Yalcin’s face after the conversation about wanting Emine. Aziz teases him, but a phone call from Sultan alerts him to Tahsin’s treatment of Feride. He is amused because his father has no inkling that before much longer, Feride will have as much power in the company as Tahsin, if not more. He promises to come later and will eventually arrive, taking Feride’s hand and leaving the building.

Hasibe is up to her old money-making tricks, pleading her case with Faik about owning the deeds to the house, “in case” anything happens to him. Faik is used to her games and takes quiet pleasure in telling her that he does not have the deeds. The property and the deeds were left to Feride by her grandfather. Hasibe is living in a house that was not only home to Suheyla, Faik’s first wife, but is owned by the stepdaughter she hates.

A special invitation is on its way to Aziz. The owner of the gallery where the miniature painting is being displayed is inviting him to its auction. How she knows about Aziz, we don’t yet know.

Nehir is plotting again, having found out some of the story about Aziz, Feride and Kerem’s shares in the Holding, and is taking Firat on a fact-
finding tour of the facility. He is out of his depth immediately and Nehir takes the opportunity to minimize the importance of Feride’s work whilst talking up her own importance in the financial policy of the Holding.

Whilst Feride is gathering her possessions together in order to leave she comes upon Firat arm in arm with Nehir. She’s realistic about the pairing, saying under her breath
“ Firat, you’ll never get smart.”

Sultan has been watching too, wondering why Firat is there. He notices her watching him and is decidedly uncomfortable with her gaze. Sultan confronts him in Nehir’s office and he explains about the involvement of his grandfather in setting up the Holding. He is there with “Mrs Nehir” to find out more. Sultan can read between the lines and tells him,
“Shame on you.”

Firat turns on his heel and despite Nehir’s protests, leaves the building. As he walksout he is stopped inhis tracks by a conversation between Feride in Sultan . Sultan is hurt and angry that she has not known about the partnership matter until now and is disappointed that even Feride did not tell her. But mostly she is angry with Firat and he finally leaves tr Holding with her words that she does not want to see him any more ringing in his ears.

In the meantime, Aziz has arrived in Feride’s office and seeing her tears, is delighted to take her into his arms and hug her.

The focus shifts now to Kerem and his burning need to rebuild his true family. He and Gulten decide that it is time for Aneta and Alice, mother
and daughter to meet up again. Gulten has doubts, but, optimistic as always, can see the potential for healing the relationship between the two women. She acknowledges, however, that Aneta had not always been the easiest of mothers in the past.

Kerem is just eager to get his mum and grandmother together again. A plan is mad . He escorts his mum after helping her prepare for what he tells her will be a special meeting. Tenderly, he brushes her hair

And escorts her down the stairs of Zehra’s house into his waiting car.

Aneta, the speed freak, is enjoying riding in a very fast car with Gulten

And Bulent is grooming and dressing himself meticulously, while observing cynically to his man how grateful he is for Kerem’s efforts to bring the family together.

At the same time, Zehra and Salih are meeting in the antique shop. Zehra has found the watch which Aziz dropped on the driveway at his home and has brought it Salih for repairs. They reminisce about the old days, after they realise that it is many years since they last met.

Zehra has always kept up with happenings in her home place because she has taken very seriously her responsibilities. Suheyla, Feride’s mother asked her to watch over her daughter and this Zehra has done. It will be much easier now that her own daughter, Yagmur, has requested a transfer to the district with the police.

“God knows.” Is Salih’s answer when Zehra asks him the question on which I believe the whole plot of this mysterious and frequently frustrating dizi turns.


Feride and Aziz are determined that despite the machinations of the older generation, this is precisely what they will do. They are on the waterfront, drinking tea and talking about their emotions and plans.

Their love for one another is so strong and Aziz is sure that they will prevail, Just as he is talking about the need for them to find the miniature, a phone call from Serpil tells him that a very important looking invitation has arrived for him at the Holding and there are instructions that it is urgent that Aziz collect the envelope.

At another waterfront spot, there are the first hints that the planned meeting between Alice and Aneta may not go well. Kerem and Gulten have chosen a spot where mother and daughter used to go many years before, but Aneta does not remember the place. Her dementia is interrupting her recall of past times and people and her memory is patchy.

Alice arrives…

…and remembering her mother, clings to her like a small child. Aneta is appalled. She tries to shake off the woman and asks who she is.

The meeting has gone horribly wrong and is made even more disastrous when an opportunistic thief grabs Aneta’s bag and runs off.

Kerem follows in hot pursuit until the bag is dropped and the robber disappears. Realising he has been set up, he berates himself for his stupidity and races back to see Aneta getting into Bulent’s car clutching a pot of her favourite flowers. Her former husband has been able to manipulate Aneta with good memories from the past and to bypass the bad with this simple reminiscence.

He has kidnapped Aneta and his motivation is clear when an outraged Kerem phones him. He wants Kerem to find the miniature and to bring it to him before he will consider releasing Aneta. In the meantime, Bulent entraps Aneta and her failing memory with photos and memorabilia from the past. We find out that Aneta is considerably older than Bulent and that her father had been very angry with him. This seems to have very negative effect on Bulent to whom she I still married.

The invitation to the auction is handed to Aziz by Altan who has collected it from the Holding and brought it to the home cooked dinner that Emine and Feride have prepared for the four of them.

Aziz and Feride arrive at the art gallery for the auction and “meet” the miniature. They are spellbound by its beauty and mystery. Will they be able to purchase the artwork? We’ll find out in next episode, I imagine.

“We found it!”

Questions to think about.

Just what is Bulent so angry about?
Is Tahsin afraid of Feride?
Was Tahsin responsible for Suheyla’s death?
How on earth will Kerem sort out the mess in his family?
Will Aziz and Feride “win” the auction?
What role will Salih now play, if any, in Aziz future?

WRITTEN BY: Judith Kelleher



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