Aziz, Feride and Kerem have begun their search for whatever will be
revealed when they their individual keys find the locks for which they
were made. Abdullah is keeping watch in the shadows.

If what they are searching for is merely information about an old
business partnership, then Ferida wonders what all the fuss is about. Why
all the drama? Once again, Aziz has an answer. He’s very good at
crystallizing information into a gem.
“…it’s about abnormal people and abnormal situations,” he states. They’ve
headed off on this first stage of their quest in Kerem’s car which is
immobilised by a piece of metal on the road puncturing the radiator.

Not before some tales of teenage bravado and tomfoolery in cars in
which Aziz rescued Kerem from his father’s wrath by taking the blame.
Feride is surprised to understand that the two stepbrothers can get along
very well together, just so long as Kerem doesn’t “…step on Aziz veins”. I
rather think a more accurate idiom might be “Get on his wick”?

Nothing is to be done but walk for three kilometres to the house,which
Aziz has visited before. Such physical exertion horrifies Kerem who
whines about his clothes getting dirty and dogs barking in the distance,
but he gets on with it.

Arriving at the house where Aziz knows the boxes to be, the trio are
quizzed by a ‘depository” an old man whose job it has been to safeguard
the material they are seeking. He asks them a series of questions only
family members would be able to answer and eventually the safe deposit
boxes are opened.

The contents are a ripped piece each of the same map for Feride and
Kerem. Aziz triumphantly pulls the third and middle piece from his pocket
and fills in the gap. He has been here before!

Back at the antique store, Salih has had two separate visits. Sultan calls in
to thank him for the condolence gift he has sent to her, a beautiful small
bottle to contain tears after a bereavement.

Sultan is touched by his kindness, but the other visitor is less welcome in
the store. It is Bulent and much of this episode is concerned with this
person from the families’ past. He has been a shadowy figure up till now
but we learn a lot about him from this point on.

Salih is usually a hospitable and generous host but on this occasion, tells
Ahmet that he does not “want to drink” when the younger man offers to
make coffee for him and his ‘guest’. Bulent in not there to socialize any
how, but presents himself as a collector of rare old watches: Salih is
immediately alert to his true purpose. Bulent wants the watch that is so
desirable to many players in this game.

While he has people following the trio collecting the map pieces, he does
not seem aware that the watch is in Aziz’ possession. Feride gave it to

As the trio emerge from the depository’s house, they are set upon by
three thugs who demand the map. A fist fight ensues and the
stepbrothers ward off the attack until a larger, more threatening bully
boy strides into the picture. Feride has run back to the house they left
pleading for help at the door. At first, nothing is forthcoming until the old
uncle leans out of an upstairs window, throws a key and indicates a car
further down the road.

This is a wonderful old vintage car which belonged to Aziz’ grandad and
Kerem is particularly taken with it. It brings out the bogan in him and he
delights in Aziz speeding. Later in the episode, Altan is even more taken
with the veteran car, to the point where he wants to give it a name, much
to Aziz’s amusement.

“Look at the Korkmazer driving!” Kerem yee-has as the three follow the
map, finding that it has led them to Feride’s neighbourhood. To a place
she recognizes instantly as Uncle Necmi’s café.

Here is the next of the depositories, who, he explains, has been waiting a
very long time for the three of them to find him. He has been “on the
road” for years and, what is more, there are others like him in other parts
of the world. He holds knowledge for each of them, and it must be given
separately so that it doesn’t get entangled. This duty was given to him by
Aziz’ grandad. Kerem can’t handle the mysteriousness and is particularly
rude to Necmi, who in turn becomes very angry stating that the road had
cost him his whole family.

He chooses to speak with Feride first and sends the two younger men out.
Feride emerges in a pensive and exhausted state and Aziz takes her home.
Bulent has been instructing his helper on ways to be effective without
touching, using the power of wind as an example. He confirms that “the
road” is a metaphysical journey as well as being a real quest in place an

Aziz has been dreaming. Exhausted, he has fallen asleep at the seaside in
his grandad’s car. In his dream he is draping a very old coffin in a green
cloth and is interrupted by an elderly man who wants him to bind a hat in a particular way.

Aziz struggles and asks to be set free from this task. The other man tells
him to not lose heart, to try again and pulls out a watch which Aziz knows
is the one now in his possession. And which has his grandad’s name
engraved on it. This, then, is his grandfather. Who is in the coffin? Aziz
wakes to find Uncle Abdullah indicating that he should wind down the car
window., Abdullah reaches into the glove box and hands Aziz a green cloth
just like the one he dreamed about. Is it the same one?

Back at Korkmazer Holdings, the gossips are having a field day with the
break-up of Aziz and Nehir, who has decided to turn up to work. Despite
the pointed barbs and comments from her staff, she informs them that
the trouble with Aziz will be short-lived and strides off to her office.
Yalcin has decided to collect her for questioning at the police station and
she is led off in front of all the staff to a waiting police car.

Bad news at the Holding. A major order has been pulled and the race is on
to complete some urgent work so that the company remains solvent. Aziz
is not there. He has agreed to Nehir’s demand that he be present at her
interrogation or she will not talk. Playing dumb is not working for her with
Yalcin, who keeps repeating his words that she has been signing off
dubious transactions just like Tahsin. In his absence, Aziz delegates
managerial authority to Feride who rises to the challenge, calls a meeting
and informs all staff that they will be pulling extra shifts to get work
Firat has turned up to the Holding, claiming relationship with Ferida and
is, in his usual shallow manner, sizing up the company for what he may be
able to get.

Kerem is on his main mission, the liberation of his mother from the mental
hospital where she has been kept for years. The footsteps we heard last
episode belong, not surprisingly, to Bulent and Alice cowers into her pillow
at his arrival in her room. Kerem stands up to Bulent and it seems this is
not the first time they have locked horns. The plan to liberate his mother
will involve him hiding her from danger, just what we don’t find out yet.

He enlists the help of Gulten, who has been Alice’s great friend in the
past. They spirit Alice away into a room in the basement of the Korkmazer
mansion and, as far as they know, no-one else is aware of the ‘guest ’in
their midst. Gulten is shocked at her friend’s emotional state and sets
about healing her with love, coffee and chatter as in the old days.

There are lots of important family meetings to wind the episode up.
Feride calls into her Aunt Zehra’s home for tea and a chat, only to learn
about her grandad’s house which has been sitting vacant for years. Zehra
wonders why rent is being paid whilst there is a perfectly good furnished
home available.

Aziz and Sultan talk about the pressing silence that surrounds their
mother’s death. Sultan finds it upsetting that there is no talk of their
mum, Aziz explains about male reluctance to talk about emotions,
preferring to let scars heal in their own time.

Tahsin, summons Aziz to his room where he plays the sympathy card about
the problems at the Holding, blaming anyone but himself. Aziz is having
none of it, even when Tahsin offers to let him know where the documents
in question came from. Tahsin tells Firat not to lie, if and when Aziz asks
for that information.

The last of the meetings is between Firat and Aziz and the origin of the
documents revealed…Firat received them from Salih Baba. What will Aziz
do with this piece of information?
Questions. Who is singing the song that Abdullah and Salih so enjoy?
Where does the collection of vinyl 78s fit into the story?
Is Aziz too soft on Nehir?

WRITTEN BY: Judith Kelleher



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