Aziz sets the agenda for this episode with his opening statement.
“I’d rather (be) hearing the truth rather than living a lie,”

He tells those gathered around the table at Feride’s home. Zehra is surprised that so much of the information about the founding of Korkmazer Holdings is news to the young people who are the natural successors to the family wealth. Aziz, Kerem and Feride are tuned in,

Hasibe, as ever, is alert to the possibility of more money. Faik and Aunt Aneta are decidedly uncomfortable, the latter seeking to hide in her bed.
Feride has been excluded from her inheritance, it seems, and it is to the credit of Aziz and Kerem that they accept that there has been a grave injustice done to her. As the story unfolds, Aziz wants all the details and there is a decided irony in Zehra’s advice to him that he should ask his father for the details. She admits to her own bias around Tahsin and old history but is only conveying information. Yagmur has a personal opinion even though the inheritance does not concern her and we see how she rubs Feride up the wrong way. While there is sympathy for Yagmur’s crusade to find her father’s murderer, Feride is wary of the young policewoman’s excitability. The air becomes frosty and before too much longer, Faik throws the two younger men out.

Not before Kerem discovers that Zehra and his mother had been childhood friends and he is on high alert when he finds Alice had been in the habit of laughing at life and like him, using mockery as a coping stratagem.
While this debate is going on, Yalcin has organized a raid on Korkmazer Holdings. He has been at the antique store where an episode of Satranc-i-Urefa is being played out but is alerted when his armed squad are ready to raid. The objective is to confiscate all records from the holding and a forensic accounting team is there, alongside the armed troops.

Tahsin is in his office poring over what appear to be incriminating documents. As soon as he hears the police arrive he sets about shredding the documents and computer records.

Feride calls Aziz to apologise for the way he was treated in her home. She is fearful for the future but he reassures her. In his mind, burning must happen to clear away the old and let the new take shape. After all, he muses,
“Two hearts that are one can refresh their trust for each other only this way.”
The twig which Feride nourished and watered through the winter has broken out in leaf. This is from the seed which Aziz gave her and she does not yet know what kind of flower it is.

Two other relationships are being tested and reworked at the same time as Aziz and Feride are facing inevitably difficult times. Firat and Sultan have found a piece of wasteland where they sit in front of a makeshift fire. Firat explains his motivation, his desire for ‘truth”, but Sultan has challenged his concept of what truth may be. He is sorry for having hurt he, however it is obvious that his own pain is just as severe as that which he has inflicted on her.

. There is forgiveness and tears, and Firat’s head comfortably on Sultan’s shoulder. But first, she challenges him to find his own truth rather than blaming others, as in this case, Aziz. She is unsure about her ability to face her own truth., nonetheless.

The other relationship that will mend is that between Altan and Emine, once he is able to explain some of the common history he shares with his great friend and brother-in-arms, Aziz. And the gun…

Finding himself at the door of the antique store, Aziz is welcomed in with Abdullah’s cryptic statement that the “passenger’ has arrived. I like the notion that Uncle Abdullah’s role in the Vuslat story is that of ‘conductor” for the protagonist for whom the quest has been set up. I think he has been waiting for Aziz to show up in his own story for quite some time. This is the first time Aziz has experienced the “chess of the wise”, or as Salih describes it,”a spiritual travel map”. The square that they have reached at this time is “Quest”.

And Salih explains that one should do quests to understand lies from the truth. Given what has already been happening to Aziz this evening, there is remarkable confluence of the interior, personal quest already underway in Aziz’ heart and the playing out of the current Satranc board.
Even more so, when he is told that in order to even enter the game, one must throw a six. Looking around, Aziz sees all the clocks in Salih’s shop stopped at 6.00am.

With his enigmatic smile, Salih Baba confirms what Aziz now knows. He has been in the game for quite some time already without realizing it: he recalls the morning when it started, when his own clock at home also stopped at 6.00. This was the first day he met Feride, almost running her down in his car.

Ever the master of aphorism, Salih remarks,
, “A lie makes noise, the truth is always calm.” Aziz knows just what he means and the action turns to the police interrogation cell where Yalcin’s star witness reneges on his testimony that Tahsin was planning to murder
Feride. Tahsin is his usual blustering, arrogant and dismissive self. Eventually, Yalcin must let him go as he has no viable evidence with the defection of the witness. Plus Yagmur hijacks the interrogation with accusations about her father’s murder.

Aziz seems clear about the next step in his personal quest. He contacts Feride with a need to meet her, immediately and away from the work environment. He needs to talk of love and of the way forward for them, which both accept must come only on a loving path. This is a finely judged and moving love scene, where two hearts and souls touch but bodies do not. I was moved by the chemistry, again, between these two and by the gentle humour. They are very good together.

They should not be separated any longer, says Aziz and he follows up this meeting at the seashore under a clock still reading 6.00 with another meeting back at the Holding. Not before a little flower vendor sells him a bouquet of red roses from which he chooses a perfect long-stemmed bloom for Feride before handing her all of them. Aziz is a hopeless romantic at heart, I feel.
It is with some panache that he goes about formally breaking his “engagement” with Nehir. He takes delight in informing her that he has been pretending all along to have lost his memory, this being a ruse to cover up his investigation into her collaboration with Tahsin to strip money from the holding’s accounts.

Nehir is, at first dumbfounded and then panics, trying to force Aziz to put the promise ring on again. He is having none of it, tells her to stop behaving like a child and informs her that there was never any intent to marry her on his part. He is, after all, promised to another – Feride.
Other meetings are happening. Kerem is desperate to establish communication with Alice, his mother. We see her face for the first time in this episode and it seems she surely has lost her mind from the blank stare which is her habitual expression. He is heartbroken and tells her that if she won’t come to meet him, then she might as well transport him to the world she now occupies. Whose are those footsteps which frighten her?

Tahsin is not let off lightly. Bulent is out of gaol and demands a meeting in an isolated location. He’s very clear that Tahsin has failed to find the watch and to eliminate Feride. Bulent is a menacing and cruel presence, holding a knife to Tahsin’s throat as he threatens him with death unless he gets the desired results.

Tahsin also meets with his own family. Aziz, Sultan and Kerem see through the bluster, accusations and emotional blackmail at which Tahsin is so skilled and are very clear that they are onto him. They know about his money games with Nehir and are aware of the deficits caused by milking the holding’s accounts.

There are two events this week that left me somewhat mystified. I’m not Moslem and didn’t understand the reasoning behind the insertion of the lengthy religious ritual for the observation of the birth of The Prophet. Perhaps a practicing Moslem can enlighten me. What is the significance of the red roses which the camera emphasizes during this ritual?

And whilst I enjoyed Alamet’s (Ahmet’s) spooky story as he and Tekin waited for Necmi Chakall outside the cemetery, I couldn’t see a function for it within the plot of “Vuslat.” Have I missed something important?
Oh, and Hasibe is amping up the kindness to her menfolk. Breakfast in bed for Faik, an excited secret meeting with Firat to tell him he (they,by association) could very soon be really wealthy, so long as they can sequester Feride’s share of the legacy.

And the three grandchildren of the Holding’s founders have begun the Quest for documents and other evidence of the originals’ intent in the beginning. It looks like a hazardous enterprise, but Uncle Abdullah is quietly watching over “the passenger” and his travelling companions. Feride has found Aziz in the dark and is, likely, safe and warm in his arms. For now. Till Monday night, 8.00 pm.

Question. Did Yagmur get up your nose as much as she got up mine? And Feride’s?

WRITTEN BY: Judith Kelleher



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