BORN: 30th June 1987

STATUS: Single ( Divorced )

Uraz was born in Kadikoy. When he was four years old his father passed away. He spent weekends and holidays with his grandparents. His grandad sold needles for machines for the sock knitters in Mahmutpasa. He would travel with him on the ferry to work.

He attended Istanbul Bilgi University and graduated from the advertising department. From 2008 his acting career began. Mostly he has appeared in comedies at which he does very well in. He also was the presenter of  five series including game shows.

His series career really started in 2011 in the series Pis Yedili, in which he remained for two seasons. From 2013 onwards he has had consistant work in both series and films.

Series Roles

Aynen Aynen (2019) – Emir
Ege’nin Hamsisi (2018) – Deniz Çınar
Masum Değiliz (2018) – Mert
Klavye Delikanlı’ları (2017) – Volkan (Kuzen Volki)
Görevimiz Tehlike (2015) (2017) (Sunucu)
Baba Candır (2015-2017) – Haluk Güney
Yedi Güzel Adam (2014) – Adil Erdem Bayazıt
Eski Hikâye (2013) – Ömer
Harem (2012) – Feminen Ağa
Pis Yedili (2011-2013) – Canburger

Film Roles

Eltilerin Savaşı (2020) –
Karakomik Filmler (2019) – Ethem
Çakallarla Dans 5 (2018) – Kuzen Volki (Sinan)
Sen Kiminle Dans Ediyorsun? (2017) – Selim
Bamsı Beyrek (2017) – Bamsı beyrek
Dönerse Senindir (2016) – Kurt
Ejder Kapanı
Nerde Kalmıştık (kısa film)
Mezuniyet (2009)

In 2014 he married actress Melis Isiten. They have a beautiful daughet called Ada who was born in 2016. In July 2019 Uraz and Melis announced that they would be divorcing.

Ada is Uraz’s life. He says when he held her in his arms for the first time he cried. He always wanted a child, even though Melis was happy to wait. He says he will never interfere in Ada’s decisions in the future what she wants to do with her life.

He is very active on Instagram. He has 1 million followers. His images are all personal of friends and family especially Ada. Uraz even on his Instagram posts gives the impression he is a real joker and loves to be happy.

In his current role in the new series Sefirin Kizi he plays opposite Engin Akyurek and Neslihan Atagul. He has taken the audience by storm and has become a firm favourite with fans. He is a talented all round actor and presenter. Im eager to see him develop more in his role as Gediz.

Written by: Rachel Labidi



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