BORN: 26th May 1957

STATUS: Married

Ugur was born in Istanbul, although his ancestors are from Van in the Anatolian Province. He studied and then graduated from Istanbul Municipal Conservatory. In 1977 his acting career started with a one-man show. He then worked in various theatres onstage. In 1984 he made his on-screen debut in the film Fahriye Abla.

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Ugur is a very talented and accomplished actor however his talents don’t stop there. He has also directed five movies, produced one, was the scriptwriter for three and also has composed the music for another four films. He also has acted in many films and some TV series. His career into mainstream acting came after the movie Eskiya ( Bandit ) in 1996. In 2010 he directed and starred in the film Ejder Kapani ( Dragon Trap ) and after a few more films he appeared in the hit TV series Icerde for 13 episodes as the character Kudret in 2017. More recently he was in the series Nefes Nefese and played the role of Ayaz but he also directed 7 of the episodes. Unfortunately, Nefes Nefese ended in October 2018 after just a few episodes due to the low ratings.

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The actor has recently surprised everyone and has come in for a few questions from fans after he made a surprise guest appearance in the series Muhtesem Ikili alongside Ibrahim Celikkol and Kerem Bursin. He plays the role of the trainer for the police force. However, some have questioned such a quick move after Nefes Nefese had only just ended.
In 2015 Ugur wanted to lose some weight and in the first 18 months lost 46kg, this was reported to have been possible by a gastric bypass. He says that he has always been an average weight until he was in his mid-forties when he gained weight and says now it’s nice to be back to average again.
He married actress Derya Alabora in 1983 and they have a son named Can who was born in 1985.

Written by: Rachel Labidi






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