BORN: 26th July 1981


Ugur was born in Istanbul, Turkey. At a very young age, he loved art, was a very active child and attracted attention. He attended the Gymnastics Department of Gazi University Sports Academy where he graduated successfully. He had a very serious interest in dancing and he received special training to improve his talents with amazing results.
He actually took part in the Eurovision song contest as a dancer and the act came third. ( Dum Tek Tek was the song in 2009 he appears at 2mins 45 secs ) it is on Youtube and boy he can dance, and also puts his gymnastic skills to good effect.

His entry into the acting world was again through the commitment to learning his craft. His first role was as Garbis in the series Filinta acting alongside Onur Tuna. He attracted a lot of attention from the right people in acting circles and his career advanced from there.
Icerde was a massive hit series and he got the past of Selim Komser working alongside Cagatay Ulusoy, Aras Bulut Iynemli, Riza Kocaoglu and Cetin Tekindor. He had huge success with this and then along with Aras and Riza he was chosen to act in the series Cukur as Kemal. Another hugely successful series. Cukur is now starting a new season and its ratings show its popularity is on an increase.

Ugur has an Instagram account with 283k followers. He has some great images on there. In the future, I don’t think Ugur will have any issues what so ever in furthering his career. Good looks, physically fit and an amazing actor. He really is one to watch out for in a  series where he has the lead role in the future.


Written by:  Rachel Labidi


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