In our last episode, we left Oya who had been delivered a summons to attend court. Mrs Betul had applied to Court for her grandson to carry the Aksak name. We had also heard from Emre, he has told Pelin that he knows who killed Edip. This episode I am sure will reveal so much more.

Oya has gone into an uncontrolled fury over the summons from the Court. She has arrived at Sirhan’s apartment where because of her uncontrolled rage Security is called to quieten her down. She has continually tried to contact Serhan without any response. Little does she know Serhan is on a business trip and has no idea what is taking place at his apartment.

2019 – Oya is giving testimony at the Court Hearing. She tells the court, “….that was when I really understood what a person could do when you really are hurt. Maybe you could even get your hands dirty. It was obvious that night”….. We don’t know which night she is referring to but a rough guess is the night she went into an uncontrolled fury on receiving the summons from the Court over her son.

Emre has cornered Pelin at home with Burcu listening and seeing all. He is obviously in love with Pelin and tells her he lost his mind when she left him to marry Taylan. We believe Emre had arranged for Taylan to visit his house as to catch Pelin with him in the backyard trying to put a wedge in their marriage. It was Burcu who could see what is about to happen who steps in and saves the day. Taylan is aware that Emre’s behaviour is weird but is unaware of their previous relationship.

Our attention is now directed to Merve. Previously on a trip out of town, she asks Rachel to do an errand for her and find a candlestick. They FaceTime each other until Rachel finds the correct candlestick and pays cash before bringing it back to Merve. Merve takes an old candlestick (which you assume is really the murder weapon ) and places it in a gift box and then delivers it to Burcu as a housewarming gift. Burcu is overjoyed at her new gift and places the candlestick on the coffee table in full sight. At the same time, Merve takes the new candlestick that was purchased by Rachel. Wraps it in a cloth and takes it to Arzu who hides it in her wardrobe. (So the candlestick that Oya saw in Arzu’s wardrobe and which she retrieved from the bottom of the cliff was not the murder weapon after all. You get the feeling that the candlestick which has been given as a gift is the true murder weapon and now sits on a coffee table at Burcu’s home. )

Inspector Kemal has the DNA results obtained from the candlestick that Oya retrieved from the base if the cliff. It has come back negative for Edip’s DNA. He also interrogates once more the gardener who has confessed to the murder but is unsuccessful in getting him to change his story. He tries to get Taylan to own up to the secret he is holding but he still confesses he knows nothing. Our Inspector is becoming frustrated.

Whilst Esra (a nail technician) is visiting Oya she overhears a telephone conversation between Oya and her Lawyer with regard to the Aksak name change. Oya warns her not to tell anybody the news that Serhan is the father of her child. Esra immediately calls Merve. A RED BALL is demonstrated in our episode to show just how quickly gossip can be spread throughout Sarmasik. Merve springs into action and phones Oya who in turn sends her a photograph of the summons she has received. She then phones our dear Ayse and imparts her own little bit of gossip for Sarmasik! Esra’s tongue is also working overtime and Merve’s final duty for the day is to signs Kerim’s letter to the Area Authority for the release of his dogs and to send a copy of the summons document to Serhan.

It is the year 2019 – Esra has been called to give her testimony to the Court Hearing. She tells… “Ayse is the last person you would be giving a secret to”. Merve knew this. Merve sets the gossip in motion.

The plot thickens when Oya runs into Kerim at her local club. Kerim on the pretence that there was something near Oya’s eye, raises his hand to stroke her face. At the same time, a woman is taking a photograph which seems to put them both in a compromising position. It is later when we see Kerim visiting Emre we see that he has already received the image of Kerim and Oya on his mobile phone. Kerim smiles and says he had to hurry things up a bit! They are setting up Oya. Is it to get at Serhan? And who was the woman taking the photo? Could it have been Esra who has been working as a tool for our two gentlemen? Esra has now shared the photo with Merve who in turn calls Ayse and so our RED BALL continues to roll. By the time the gossip settles our ladies have Oya and Kerim pretty much engaged to be married. Taylan adds his contribution by sending a copy of Oya and Kerim photo together to Serhan. This action will certainly rub salt into his wounds

Serhan has now arrived back at the office from his business trip. He first receives a text from Merve with a copy of the Paternity Suit that was sent to Oya. He has made no move against Oya to have his son’s name changed and he believes his mother is involved in this. He then receives a photo of Kerim and Oya which fires him up and he leaves the office to confront her at her consulting rooms. He storms in wanting an explanation regarding the photograph. Oya, on the other hand, is angry at him for the summons she has received from Court. Serhan denies signing or sending the document and tells her it must have been Mrs Betul who made the application. Wanting to get back at Oya he tells her he is now going ahead with his son’s name change and he is prepared to go to Court and fight. He storms out of her rooms and leaves her devastated. They both feel that their meeting could have had a better outcome. Serhan’s anger was more directed at Kerim with jealousy.

Emre is after Oya. He has followed her to the jogging track at the park. He introduces himself and tells her he met her at Merve’s dinner party. He is scheming and has a plan in mind. He tells her that he is aware that she was Edip’s friend. He also tells her that he thinks he has solved the murder and if she was curious as to what he knows she could visit him at his home.
Oya is now making a move to visit Emre to find out what he knows. It is here in his home shared with Burcu, that Oya spies the candlestick that Merve sent as a housewarming gift. She recognises it as being the same as the other candlestick she had given to Inspector Kemal. She prompts Emre for information as to where it came from. Emre tells her that it was a gift from Merve! Oya picks up the candlestick and travels immediately to the Police Station and Inspector Kemal. (Emre boasts about knowing who killed Edip but he offers up Merve as the owner of the candlestick. This leads you to believe that Merve is not the killer).

On arriving at the Police Station and confessing her story to the Inspector, Oya is so worked up and anxious about the candlestick being the murder weapon, she waits until the DNA results are obtained. In a highly stressed state, she tells Inspector Kemal that she believes that the murderer was Merve all along. She believes also that everyone knew Merve did it and was covering up for her. How could it be that she was the only one who didn’t know? They had all kept the secret. The DNA is back which proves that the candlestick was the murder weapon. On hearing this news Oya confesses that it was Arzu who stabbed Burcu at the Summer Party in the upstairs bathroom and Pelin was also there and how they had all tried to cover up for the stabbing.

Kerim is on Emre’s boat. Kerim asks him if it was Merve who was the murderer? Emre looks at him and smirks!!! Oh dear, it seems that all is not as it appears!

Our last scene in this episode shows Arzu in bed with her husband. She has a huge panic attack. she can hardly breathe. She remembers when at the height of the fight in the upstairs bedroom how she picks up a candlestick and hits Edip over the head causing him to fall out of the bedroom window. Now I would like to ask the question: What drove her to commit this crime? Maybe all will be revealed in our next episode.

Written By – Sandy



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