Kerim has petitioned Merve to stop fighting for a lost marriage and to concentrate on their love for each other. He tells her she needs to be loved, caressed and praised and he is just the boy to do it. She is so stubborn and rejects him. He tries to make her jealous by asking Sebnem out to dinner the following evening.

Taylan has become paranoid since finding out that Pelin has been cheating on him. He is suspicious of Emre. Emre, on the other hand, tries to put Taylan off track by confiding to Kerim that on the night of Pelin’s 20th birthday party he saw Taylan on the verandah and watched him push the heavy pot plant over the edge which landed on Kerim’s pitching arm. Kerim on hearing this news confronts Emre, “Why have you kept this a secret all these years?” Emre replied, “I just can’t keep it a secret any more”. I am sure Emre is hoping that Kerim takes his revenge out on Taylan which may clear the way for him to pursue Pelin.

After rejecting Kerim’s offer of love and harmony Merve sits around the house bored. She picks up her mobile phone and calls him. She asks him, “Are you really going there tonight?” He says, “I can’t keep delaying my life for you, but if you tell me to come to you that would be different”. There is silence on the other end of the phone. She hangs up.

In the meantime, Inspector Kemal has identified the car that was involved in Arzu’s death. The registration plates on the car were stolen and to cover up the damage to the vehicle a sporting flag had been draped over the side of the car. Derya, on Inspector Kemal’s orders, is trying to find where the flag came from. She has been ordered to check every sporting store in Sarmasik to see whether Oya, Pelin or Burcu had purchased a flag recently.

2019 – Court Hearing. Ihan (Oya’s medical secretary) is giving evidence. He says, “It looked like Miss Oya and Mr Serhan would have good days. We never thought it would be like this.”

Kerim and Merve are pacing the floor in each other’s home. They really want to be together. Merve is so stubborn and will not drop her barrier between the two of them. Kerim continues watching his phone. If she calls him before he takes Sebnem out to dinner then he would take this as a sign that he really does love him. The phone remains silent.

Kerim meets Sebnem at the restaurant for their date. He continually is checking his phone. She asks him, “Are you waiting for a call?” He apologises. The dinner was uneventful and Kerim takes Sebnem back to his house for a nightcap! Sebnem makes her move and draws him close. Just as they are about to get down to business the front doorbell rings. Kerim excuses himself and moves to open the door. There he finds a delivery driver with a set of keys in his hand. He has been delivered Serhan’s red sports car. Merve has finally given in and not only is flying a white flag of surrender but uses the instrument of jealousy to cement her meaning. Nothing is going to stop Kerim now. He tells Sebnem to make her own way home and takes off in the sports car to where Merve is waiting for him. She stands at the front door with his 20-year-old leather jacket in her hands, a sign of their past love. His eyes meet hers. There is a beaming smile on his face and finally peace. They embrace. He draws her close and folds his arms around her. He kisses each of her palms and she kisses him on the forehead. He promises her a wonderful life.

Oya and Serhan have settled down to a relaxed comfortable place in their love for each other. Serhan and Mila have moved in to live with Oya. Oya is seen stroking Serhans head whilst they lay together in bed. Oya now feels secure with him by her side.

Mehmet, Merve, Taylan and Pelin have all received an official letter from the Prosecutors Office to tell them the case regarding the murder of Edip has now been dropped since the death of Arzu. This has been a great relief to our suspects. They can now get on with their lives. Mehmet is the first to make the change. He meets his two children after school with a large motorhome. He has changed everything about his past life. Since the death of Arzu, he now intends to make his priority his children. They run to greet him and are so excited about the trip ahead. They climb up into the front seat of the van with a picture of Arzu stuck to the dashboard for them all to see. This family is ready to move on from all their grief.

That morning Oya is taking her normal job around Sarmasik park, but this morning it is a little different as Serhan stops her routine. She is surprised to see him. He looks deeply into her eyes and tells her this was the first place where he first saw her, jogging through the park. And he thought that this was the best place to ask her to marry him. He draws a box from his pocket and presents her with an engagement ring. This act of love cements their relationship. Oya tells him, “I didn’t think there could be a better feeling than the one I had in the subway, but nothing matters as long as they are together.”

2019 – COURT HEARING. The Judge asks Oya, “Let’s hear about the incident from you for the last time”. Oya takes the stand. Her testimony is as follows; “I didn’t know I was going to kill anyone on that day, but it happened and I did it.” “I killed a person!”

The day has arrived for Emre and Burcu’s wedding. Burcu is very nervous, she feels that Emre might back out at any moment. She is paranoid that something will go wrong. In the Groom’s room, Emre is nervous also. He is undecided about this marriage and feels pushed into it since Pelin rejected him. He has made no attempt to get dressed and just sits looking agitated whilst Burcu is fussing around with final wedding details.

Kerim is dressed ready to go to the wedding. Merve has begged him to stay as she has been unwell. She tells him that after careful thought in Paris she had come to the conclusion that it was Burcu who killed Arzu. Kerim seems to differ with her and suspects Oya. Merve raises an eyebrow to this news. Kerim tells her he will be back soon and prepares to leave after telling her that he has unfinished business at the wedding! She asks him, “What are you planning?” He doesn’t tell her and leaves.

Taylan and Pelin are prepared for the wedding. Pelin has already tried to back out of going. Taylan has been really weird. Taylan, on the other hand, is seen pacing back and forward. He knows Emre is the one and swears he will fix it today. On arriving at the wedding reception Taylan leaves Pelin to find Emre in the Grooms Room. Emre sees him enter and says, “What’s up Bro, She” “come in”. Emre can see Taylan has a confronting attitude about him. He asks Taylan, “Where is Pelin?” Taylan answers, “I don’t know, she is not coming.” Emre is not happy, “What do you mean? She promised”. Taylan then tells Emre a lie just to see his reaction. He says, “We are getting a divorce.” Hearing this news Emre is elated. Maybe he doesn’t have to get married after all. Taylan asks him, “Why are you surprised.” He walks out of the room and picks up a red fire cylinder propped against the wall. He bursts back into the room and says, “What kind of a man are you?” He tries to hit Emre with the cylinder but Emre was too fast for him. Emre tells him, “It is not what you think. Pelin rejected me!” He tells Taylan that he has tried everything. He wants her but she does not want to come to him. “She chose you.” He continues to say, “She always did.” She has always loved you even 20 years ago. A murder was averted by Burcu entering into the room and finding Taylan with the cylinder in his hand ready to hit Emre over the head with it. She takes it from him and orders him from the room. She comforts Emre and tells him to get ready for the wedding.

It is now Kerim’s time to have a shot at Taylan. He has arrived at the wedding. Very few guests are there yet. He sees the upset Taylan walking along the corridor. He walks up to him and takes him by the shoulder and pushes him into a vacant room. He then punches him in the face. He traps his head with a large piece of wood and tells him to start talking. Kerim tells him he knows that he was responsible for smashing his pitching arm at Pelin’s birthday party 2 years ago forbidding him to play league baseball. Taylan agrees to tell him everything. He relates that he was always jealous of Kerim as he was so good at baseball and had been selected to play professional league. He regrets what he did. Kerim tells him he is going to kill him and applies pressure with the wood on his throat choking Taylan. When Taylan’s face was turning red he decides to release him but he is warned by Kerim that one day he will kill him. He then walks out the door.

Taylan is left shaking on the floor. He is coughing profusely. He gets his breath back. He begins to scream. His screams are heard all over the building. Pelin recognises his voice and comes running and finds him spread on the floor completely broken down. He screams for her not to touch him. “How could you do such a thing with Emre?” He cowers into a ball. He now sees himself as useless. Pelin begs him to listen to her, “Nothing happened,” she says. “I never cheated on you, I love you and I have fought for us against his persistence. I can’t live without you. Please don’t leave me”. She throws her arms around him.

In the meantime, Inspector Kemal has been successful. Police officers have been sent to every sports store in search of the flag and the purchaser. He now has the name. “It is over,” he says. “We have found the murderer finally.”

At this time all we know is that the murderer is a female. Inspector Kemal is given permission to arrest the suspect and he and Derya are speeding towards the wedding reception with sirens blazing.

If you cast your mind back to the time when Kerim took Sebnem out for dinner and dumped her in favour for Merve, well she took this rejection badly and all of her plans for reuniting Serhan and Oya and having her son be the only heir to the Aksak fortune has failed. She drowns her sorrows in alcohol and becomes very drunk and filled with vengeance. She bashes on the front door of Oya’s home. Oya and Serhan having left to go to the wedding. The housekeeper who is taking care of the baby opens the door to see a drunk Sebnem standing there. Sebnem orders her to take her to the baby. The housekeeper refuses. She pushes her aside and makes her way up the stairs to the babies room. The Housekeeper picks up her phone and calls Oya who is seated at the wedding table by herself. Oya is filled in by the housekeeper as to what is going on but before she can finish her conversation is knocked unconscious by Sebnem. Oya now panics. Serhan is not there. What will she do? She races to her car and drives home. She enters her home just in time to see Sebnem in a terrible drunken state bending over the babies crib. She pulls her off him and a fight breaks out. Oya pushes her down the stairs and swears she will kill her. She orders her out of the house but Sebnem will not go. She picks up anything she can get her hands on and throws it at Oya. Oya, in turn, does the same until a time that they are physically fighting and Sebnem whips her scarf from around her neck and strangles Oya. Oya with her last bit of strength pushes her backwards and Sebnem hits her head on the corner of the table. Oya recovering her breath looks at the way she is lying on the floor. She sees blood pouring from the back of her head. She moves closer to her and checks her breathing. She realises that Sebnem is dead!

I was surprised to see that it was a woman that Oya had confessed to having killed at the beginning of our series. The murdered victim had always been referred to as he. A little surprise for us.

Meanwhile, the wedding has continued. Emre is seated beside Burcu. He is nervous but has decided to go through with it. He is slow to say his vows but mumbles through. The wedding is interrupted before the final vows by Inspector Kemal who makes a grand entrance to the reception room and arrests Burcu for the murder of Arzu. She is handcuffed and led away. The wedding guests are shocked and our Sarmasik ladies have enough gossip to last them a lifetime.

Inspector Kemal thinks it is all over as he leads Burcu away. He is mistaken. He receives a call from Oya. He now has to fast track to her home. He handcuffs her and arrested for murder. She is processed and jailed. Serhan stands and watches as she is led away and placed in the prison van.

2019 – COURT HEARING. The Judge asks Oya, “In the Statement, you gave us you confessed you did it and you killed her.”

THE COURT RULES: “That with examination being carried out and Statements were given. Taking into consideration the situation of the murder, Oya Toksoz, who was under arrest for murder, has committed the crime in self-defence. Following a period of imprisonment, she has been acquitted.”

Serhan this time is standing waiting outside the prison gates. He sees his love walk through the gates. They run to embrace each other and throw their arms around each other. The nightmare is over.

Time has healed our four couples. Merve has moved into her old house with Kerim. He is sitting listening to Merve give orders (as she likes to do) in improvements she would like to make to the house. He sits back enjoying the whole scene with a sense of contentment in his life.

Oya and Merve communicate well together over Mila’s joint custody and all parties are happy with the arrangements and Mila continues to have a happy healthy relationship with both her parents.

Oya and Serhan have settled into regular family life. The four of them sit happily at a park. A picture of contented family life.

Emre visits Burcu often in prison. He is waiting for her and declares his love for her.

Mehmet is sitting alongside a river with his motorhome and his children finally happy. He misses Arzu but he is now on a new path with his children. He is content.

All our couples are dressed for a formal event. It is Serhan and Oya’s wedding day. They all gather together in the Sarmasik Club Restaurant awaiting the bridal couple. When they arrive they immediately go to the dance floor. They are joined by their friends, Merve and Kerim, Pelin and Taylan.

Our final scene is an aerial view of the wedding reception building. The music from the wedding is heard floating across the Sarmasik parklands.

Oya’s voice is heard hoping that we can all live in peace and happiness


Written By – Sandy



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