The majority of this episode deals in the legal battle between Merve and Serhan over the custody of their daughter Mila. A mediated meeting is organised between the two parties with their legal representatives. The two parties have pre-trial discussions and debates prior to their real court appearance. This meeting is really to see which party has the strongest evidence to support their application for full custody of Mila at the Divorce Court. All swords are drawn.

Our first scene though commences with Kerim and Serhan in a powerful confrontation. Serhan has made a false report to the authorities against Kerim’s quality of meat. This meat, with a value of 3 Million dollars, is being held in two trucks that have been stopped on the Highway as they head out of town to deliver the meat to Kerim’s contracted sellers. If Kerim tells Serhan the reason he is in Sarmasik then Serhan will cancel the report and he can meet his obligations to his contracts. If he does not, the trucks will be opened and samples were taken. This exercise will take a week in which time his meat will spoil and contracts will be lost. Kerim will not and has not said anything to Serhan. He has promised Merve he would not divulge why he is in Sarmasik. (We know his reason is his great love for Merve.) There is no option, the trucks are opened. Kerim’s words to Serhan is “You will pay for this”! And, “I will destroy you”.

Our mediated legal meeting involves mainly Pelin, Taylan, Oya and Mehmet. Accusations were thrown at each other in the room. Serhan mainly bringing to the table two incidents, one that she tried to poison him and the other that she left Oya in a burning car to die. Merve on the other hand mainly contesting Serhan’s ability to be a good father. It was decided that witnesses could be asked to give testimony on their behalf. Merve has asked Pelin and Taylan to attest that she is a good mother and to give evidence against Serhan. Serhan, on the other hand, has asked Mehmet to support him. Their friends agree to attend the meeting even though they feel the pressure in their friendship.

Whilst the court meetings continue Burcu and Emre are making arrangements for their wedding. Emre is obviously in two minds about getting married.

Serhan has asked Oya to give evidence about his apparent poisoning and also the Merve tried to kill her and leave her in a burning car. She refuses and tells him to compromise not fight for custody.

Our next meeting has begun. Our witness has turned up with the exception of Oya. Pelin tells the legal group how their marriage had collapsed with the arrival of Oya in Sarmasik. Taylan, on the other hand, thought that they suited each other but thought that he could be a better father. Mehmet was disgusted with the thought that Serhan is not a good father and stands up in support of his friend to tell how Serhan drops Mila at school every day and leaves work to pick her up. He then returns to work and doesn’t leave until late.

Mehmet is asked whether he knows anything about the assumed poisoning of Serhan by Merve. On this he can definitely comment, “You have asked the right person,” he says. He tells how Merve had put a significant amount of the drug into Serhan’s coffee but he and Taylan arrived just in time to avoid anything serious happening. There was no doctors report and the incident was covered up, so there is no proof. The legal team tell Merve that if this matter goes to court she would lose custody. Hearing this news Serhan goes immediately to Oya to tell her she should have been there to stand up for him because she was there at the poisoning.

On walking downs the street of Sarmasik, Serhan bumps into Sebnem and he fills her in on the custody issues. She tells him that she will visit Oya and try to talk her into testifying. She leaves him and knocks on Oya’s door. She stirs the pot once more and lies to Oya about who was the person responsible for her embarrassment at the First Tooth Party. She has heard from the gossiping ladies of Sarmasik that this person was Merve! She continues to tell her that the ladies were told it was Oya that poisoned Serhan. This news infuriates Oya, “This is too much. I am going to go crazy,” she says. She is now going to pay her back!

Our next scene shows Oya at the legal meeting. She is calm and speaking to the mediator. She tells that Merve was an evil person. She had tried to kill herself because of her evilness many years ago and she has been living with this trauma for years. She backs up Serhan and Mehmet with regard to the poisoning issue. She is a doctor and she was there as a witness! She also gives her testimony that Merve had left her in a burning vehicle on purpose. The legal group looks at this as a psychological health issue with Merve and they tell Merve that on this testimony, in court she would lose custody.

The tide has turned on Pelin. An old friend of Taylan’s told him he saw Pelin at the Marina on the night of the 6th November, which was their wedding anniversary. (If you remember Taylan was left at the restaurant and Pelin had gone to the Marine to meet Emre the night he was stabbed. She had given the excuse to Taylan that she was helping Oya with her baby in the absence of her nanny). This news makes Taylan confused and he makes his way over to Oya’s house to question her about that night. Unfortunately, Oya isn’t home but her nanny is. He asks the nanny if she was away from home that night. The nanny answers that NO she was there and never goes out at night. He now knows that Pelin had lied to him. Why did she go to the Marina? Why did she lie to him?

After hearing from Merve that she may lose Mila due to suggestions about her psychological health, Merve calls Kerim sad and depressed. Kerim is disturbed by her unhappiness and seeks out Serhan. He finds him in the club having a drink after work. He invites him for a game of pool.

This is obviously a game of strategy by two powerful men. Whilst walking around the pool table Kerim’s first comment to Serhan is, “Do you love Oya?” Serhan tells him “Yes,” “I love her very much but that shouldn’t concern you”. Serhan warns him not to talk about Oya, “Or else it will not end well”. He continues to push Serhan until he attacks him and screams out that, “I will kill you”. All the while he has somebody recording the fight on a mobile phone. It is obvious that this is a set up by Kerim. This video is used as evidence against Serhan at the next custody meeting. The mediator comments that if this evidence, if used in court Serhan, would lose custody.

Whilst visiting Merve at Kerim’s house, Pelin was surprised to see a mobile phone and an unusual house key on her coffee table. At the time she dismissed it but when meeting Kerim and Sebnem in the club the next day she sees the exact unusual key on Kerim’s keyring. So there are two keys! Is he the secret owner of the house that Merve is living in? Pelin is beginning to put together that Merve and Kerim are seeing each other. She thinks back to the time they were together when they were young adults at University. The penny begins to drop. She hurries off to Oya’s house. She tells Oya of her suspicions. This could be the true reason that Kerim is in Sarmasik! She shares this information with Oya. Who decides not to tell him.

Our three men have gathered at a restaurant for dinner. Mehmet discusses his desire to sell up everything and move to begin a new life with his children. Serhan asks him to visit him at his office and he will advise him which is the best way to go ahead. Serhan feels like Taylan has crucified him but they are still friends. The men’s conversation continues about their love life but all the while Taylan is thinking of where Pelin was on the night of the 6th November and with whom! He remembers when Pelin would go out dressed so beautifully but he never thought it was for somebody else. He punches the table and stands up. “Pelin is cheating on me”! He walks out.

Emre that night is restless in bed. He gets up and goes into the lounge room and looks at all he wedding invitations. He sees Pelin’s face everywhere he looks. He does not want to marry Burcu. It is Pelin he wants to marry.

Fed up with Kerim’s continual interference in his life, Serhan calls his private investigator and tells him to drop everything else he is doing and concentrate on finding out where Kerim has come from. His criminal background and why he is here in Sarmasik. He needs something he can use against him.

Serhan has organised for Mehmet to see Serap a trusted employee who will help organise his finances and the sale of his properties. He is happy with this and Serhan will contact him once an appointment is made. They go into the Conference Room for a coffee. Serhan confides to Mehmet that he needs to do something about Kerim. Mehmet agrees with him and tells him that he thinks he is weird also. He says that he can never forget what he did to Serhan’s red sports car. Why he did that is a mystery! This was the first Serhan had heard anything about his red sports car. He tells Mehmet he must be mistaken as the red sports car is at home in his mother’s garage. Mehmet continues to tell him that there are many witnesses to Kerim’s act of destruction that night. He tells how he continually rammed the red sports car with his 4 x 4 until it was a write-off! Serhan immediately calls his mother who tells him the story that she sent his sports car to Merve on her request. Then it was smashed to bits and Merve had sent it for repair. It has now been returned and is parked safely in her garage at home. This act of violence Serhan feels can be used against Kerim.

Serhan’s private investigator turns up at Serhan’s office. He has information pertaining to Kerim. They join together to debrief. The investigator relates that Kerim’s criminal record is significant. It includes violence causing bodily harm as a young man and many acts of violence ever since. At his most recent act of violence, he was told that he has to stay clean for the next five years or he will be jailed with opportunity for bail. Serhan can see where him smashing his car could lead to his admission to jail and out of his life.

2019 – Court Hearing. Witnesses statements. “before the custody suit was filed things became
messy”. Oya states, “By the time I could tell Serhan, unfortunately, chaos had already begun”. Esra, “We were heading to the scandal of the century step-by-step. Honestly, no one expected this much”.

Serhan walks into the Police Station armed with a security video taken outside his house on the night of his red sports car being demolished. He says, “I want to make a formal complaint against Kerim Adil Saglam. He intentionally smashed my car and ruined it”. The office views his video and calls in neighbours who had witnessed the destruction. They give evidence that “It was no accident it was intentional”. Another said, “Nobody could stop him. BAM. BAM. BAM”
The police call Kerim into the Police Station and he openly admits he did it. He tells how he took his anger out on the car to get back at Serhan over a business deal over buying a farm. He is told by his legal representative that unless Serhan drops his complaint there is nothing he can do. He will go to jail.

Following meeting Kerim at the club, Sebnem hears Kerim’s bad news on his possible jail sentence. She leaves the club and goes to visit Merve and tells her what is going on. She tells her it is all lover a smashed red sports car. (If you remember it was Merve that had Serhan’s red sports car brought to her house to tease Kerim, as this was the exact car that she was seen getting into on the day she left him 20 years earlier.)

Serhan now has a weapon to use against Kerim. He visits him at his home. They stand out the back looking at each other. Serhan asks, “Have you now got an answer for me?”

His answer is “No”! Serhan tells him, “You have no trucks, your money is gone and now you will go to jail and despite this, you will not answer me. Is that so”? Kerim replies, “Yes, it is”. Serhan then says, “Pay the price then”. “Go to jail”. If you give me an answer I will drop my complaint. Kerim continues to shake his head. Serhan’s phone rings and he sees it is Merve on the other line. She begs him not to press charges. He says, “Why, Merve?” In trying to protect Kerim she will now pay the price of losing custody at their divorce settlement. Never-the-less she answers Serhan’s long-awaited question to Kerim herself. “Because Kerim is in Sarmasik because of her”.

Serhan turns to Kerim, “So the reason you said nothing is because of Merve?”. Kerim asks him, “Wouldn’t you do the same for Oya?” WOW, says Serhan! “what a love”! Kerim agrees. Serhan tells him that he never had a love for Merve like he has but he has that kind of love for Oya. Kerim tells Serhan he has loved her for such a long time but Serhan took her away from him. To this comment, Serhan tells him that he never knew that Kerim every existed and Merve must have made the decision not to tell him herself. Serhan tells him that, “You are not my enemy and I now respect you”. He extends his hand to shake his. Kerim places his hand out also and tells him that he also now respects him. Peace has been made.
2019 – Court Hearing. Witness testifies, “Their meeting in Paris revealed the fact that the house in Erenkoy belonged to Kerim”. Esra, “Merve lost her advantage in the custody case”.

The day of the court case in their divorce settlement has arrived. The Judge decrees that they are divorced and custody is to go to Serhan. He is thrilled with the outcome. He has won!

He joins Oya outside the court building. He tells her “It is over”. He holds her close. He is divorced finally and he has his little girl. Oya leads him away to talk to him. She has something on her mind.

Merve is at home saying goodbye to Mila. She is broken hearted. On the other hand, Mila is happy to go and live with her daddy but will miss her mummy also. She hands her over to Rachel to take her to school. Serhan will pick her up that afternoon to permanently live with him. She breaks down crying and her heart feels like it is being ripped out. The doorbells ring to find Serhan standing looking at her. She tells him “Congratulations in your victory”. He tells her, “It was no victory”. He had only applied for joint custody and he will not take Mila away from her but she will have to promise him she will never take her away from him again as she did in Paris. He asks her, “Is it a deal?” She asks him, “Why, after we have fought so much?” He tells it was Oya who took him aside after court which made him change his mind. She told him that nothing would get better if he continues to fight. She told him that, “War does not bring peace!” She asked him to make peace.

He asks Merve to let them all live in peace and allow their daughter to be the winner out of it all. He puts his arm around her and embraces her. She thanks him.

Written By – Sandy



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