In this episode, we are also introduced to the scheming Sebnem (a new character and a member of the Aksak family) . I can’t say I like the addition of Sebnem to this series. I feel the writers have added her character to stretch the series out further. Her complication doesn’t add any quality to an already complicated storyline.

Merve is returning to Sarmasik following Kerim’s visit to Paris and his encouragement for her to divorce Serhan. She has contacted her Lawyer and legal proceedings have been commenced. Kerim has arranged for her to live in his family house in Erenkoy. Both he and Merve are familiar with this house as it was here they met 20 years ago when dating. Kerim has been told him that a divorce has been applied for but she does not want him to tell anyone that she is back in Sarmasik. She knows Inspector Kemal will come looking for her when he finds out. He is overjoyed with her divorce decision and his hopes of a future with Merve are renewed.

Merve has secretly arrived back in Sarmasik. Akbas has been sent to pick her up from the airport. All the while an anonymous person is taking photographs of her arrival. At this time we do not know who this person is.

Emre is trying to pick himself up after an emotional breakdown at the airport when Pelin failed to show up. Burcu is standing right beside him and has shared her journey of love and rejection during her relationship with Mehmet, although she does not reveal any names.

Serhan and Kerim are showing their power and dislike for each other more and more. They are two powerful businessmen trying to get the upper hand over each other. Serhan warns him to stay away from Oya. A witness at the 2019 hearing states; “Serhan and Kerim both had pain and victory in them. They never pitied each other. Then the war began”!

Oya, on the other hand, has received a visit from Ayse (the gossip guru of Sarmasik). She has come to request Oya give a party for her baby’s first tooth. She comments it is time for the ladies of Sarmasik to get to know little Deniz. Oya agrees and arrangements for the event go ahead.

At the house in Erenkoy, Merve has unpacked and begins settling in with her daughter. She has warm memories of laughing and loving with Kerim in this house. The front doorbell rings and our new character is introduced to the series. Her name is Sebnem Aksak, she is known to Merve as the wife of Serhan’s Uncle Necdet who has previously died. If you thought Merve had evilness in her you wait until you see what Sebnem has in mind! When asked why she has come to Sarmasik, Sebnem replies she has come because of Oya and Deniz. Sebnem declares that she has the only son in the family who is to inherit the Aksak fortune and no one will take that inheritance away from Ates, her son. She tells Merve that she does not want her to postpone the divorce proceedings and let her see what she can do to change the present situation with Serhan and Oya. Merve says “OK”. “Show me your skills”! Kerim is not going to be too happy about this!

We are now at the Court Hearing in 2019 – We have two witnesses. One is Esra – Witness 1 who is a nail artist and beautician, and Witness 2 who is a friend from the Summer Party. Their testimony is as follows:-

Witness 1 – “Sebnem Aksak is another daughter-in-law of the Aksak’s. She married Serhan’s Uncle and improved her life. She also had a son to him. When he died Sebnem enjoyed her life even more.

Witness 2 – “As far as I know Merve did not like Sebnem very much. Typical Merve!
Actually, Serhan and his mother felt the same. The whole family didn’t like her. She was the black sheep”!

Witness 1 – “During the divorce, she had an advantage on Merve’s side.”
Witness 2 – “But, as you can see, Merve made the biggest mistake ever and began working with a snake! An ANACONDA!

Sebnem has arrived at Oya’s home. She introduces herself. Oya was not aware she was part of Serhan’s family. She leads Oya into believing that she has been persecuted by the Aksak family for many years and manoeuvres Oya’s sympathy towards her. She has managed to get Oya onside. Her next step is to get as much information on the family as possible. She enlists the help of Esra (nail technician) and Ayse (chief gossipper) to gain her knowledge about all the Sarmasik families. With a few lies, she manipulates them and builds up her portfolio of scandal.

Emre feels like he is a broken in pieces. He has seen Pelin in the street but she cannot look him in the eyes. She feels guilty. This breakdown has put Burcu and Emre’s relationship under stress. Burcu tries to encourage him to move forward but Emre is stuck in the past and cannot make any progress. He goes into a rage with his frustration over Pelin’s decision to stay with Taylan and locks himself in the bathroom. Ushan Cakir delivers a strong and powerful scene under the shower. I have grown to really like this actor. He never lets you down. Here Emre is seen bearing his soul out in the shower with frustration and anger. You can’t help feel sorry for him.

Pelin on the other hand also feels guilty for not turning up at the airport. It is on the tip of her tongue to tell Taylan that she was going to leave him. She now faces interrogation by Inspector Kemal regarding the reason she lied in her statement.

That evening Kerim asks him what is wrong. His answer is Pelin. He tells him he cannot focus nor move on. His life is so complicated. Kerim advises him that “where one door closes another will open”. Emre picks up on Kerim’s positive thinking and asks him what has changed, “Why are you talking like that”? He tells him that when he thought all hope was gone Merve was returning to Sarmasik and will be seeking a divorce”. In further conversation, he also asked Emre if he was sure he did not see anyone on the night of Arzu’s accident? And as if guiding his mindset he plays the recording of Oya saying she knew the Arzu had murdered Edip which makes her a suspect. Emre tells him that Oya is “dangerous and wild”!

In this scene we see Burcu jogging to the area where Arzu was killed. She is searching the wet and muddy ground looking for something. Why?

Sebnem has spread the word through Ayse that Emre and Burcu are to be married. This is not really a lie. This news reaches Pelin who has a surprised look on her face after his open demonstration of his love towards her. So… he is going to let her go! The look on her face tells me that this is not what she really wants. At last Merve has contacted Pelin who immediately visits her at Erenkoy. They discuss what has been happening in Sarmasik since her departure. They share the sadness of Arzu’s death. Pelin denies she had anything to do with her death. They know that Inspector Kemal is hot on their tails regarding their false statements. They put their heads together and discuss how they are going to handle his interrogation.

Inspector Kemal calls Taylan and Pelin in for questioning (remember he does not know that Merve is back from Paris yet). They both tell the same story that Arzu had threatened to kill them if they revealed that she had killed Edip and they were very scared of what she would do. They also tell him that Merve had told them to be quiet and not to tell the truth as she didn’t want their lives to be at risk. Also if Arzu had murdered once she would do it again. Our Inspector cannot believe his ears. They are going to get away with lying. They are backing each other up with the same story! He is aware that Pelin is lying to his face and Taylan is only telling half the truth. There must be somebody else guiding them in their answers! This is something Merve would do. It wouldn’t surprise him if she was behind it! Well, he is right. Merve is home waiting for a text from Pelin. It finally comes, “Inspector Kemal believed them and has let them go”!

Mehmet was speechless when Inspector Kemal tells him that Pelin & Taylan professes to have been frightened of Arzu and felt they had to remain silent due to fear of what she would do to them. Mehmet immediately defends her. He agrees she may have made a mistake in killing Edip but she wasn’t a person to have people frightened of her. On the contrary, Mehmet tells Inspector Kemal that Arzu was going crazy with guilt over the death of Edip. If he knew what was going to happen he would have spoken up earlier. He was only trying to protecting her and he now wishes he could take the time back.

Sebnem has arrived at Serhan’s office. She is shown in his room. She knows he doesn’t like her and enlightens him to the fact that she is a changed person. She comments that she has heard the news about her and Merve are getting a divorce and this has made her sad. Serhan is quick to reply that he loves another woman and that Merve has an evilness within her. She had tried to poison him and made an attempt on Oya’s life. She also punishes him by taking Mila away aboard whereby he doesn’t get to see her for months. Sebnem in her evil mind tells him to apply for custody of Mila as she has heard gossip that Merve is going to apply for full custody of Mila and that he will never see her again after that. In 2019; A witness tells the Court Hearing that; “Sebnem dropped a bomb. BOOM!”

Once again Sebnem spreads gossip via Ayse, that Merve and Serhan really do not want to get divorced. It is Oya who is threatening Serhan to take his son abroad and never return. Not only has she threatened him, but she has also tried to poison him in the past. Sebnem shares that these are all family secrets and Ayse is not to tell anybody! Ayse, on the other hand, goes into overdrive and has verbal diarrhoea sharing the gossip to her ladies of Sarmasik. Later that afternoon Sebnem meets with Merve to discuss what progress she has made and stirs the pot further with the news that Serhan has decided to go for full custody of his daughter!

Kerim has called Merve to see how she has settled in. He is told not to visit as she does not want anybody to know they have any connection together. Merve tells him that Serhan is going for custody of Mila and if they were to be seen together he would use this against her in court. He agrees to keep away.

Serhan, on the other hand, is quiet. He has spoken with Selim his Lawyer. He is discussing Kerim! He is heard saying, “We will attack him”! There is obviously something going on in the background.

Oya has made all the arrangements at a local restaurant for Deniz’s first tooth party that the ladies of Sarmasik asked her to organise. The room looks beautifully decorated in blue and white. She awaits the arrival of her guests.

Things have not been going well for Kerim. He has received a phone call from Akbas who is calling him from the main highway leading out of town. The Agriculture and Forestry Department authorities have stopped two of Kerim’s trucks carrying meat contracts. They have a warrant to search the truck and take samples for investigation. A complaint has been made to the authorities that the trucks are smuggling meat out of Sarmasik. “This is ridiculous”, says Kerim! “We have records for everything within these trucks”. (At this time we do not know who has placed the complaint but my guess is Serhan). He tells Akbas that he is on his way and not to unlock the trucks until he gets there. He drives at breakneck speed to find Serhan.

Serhan, on the other hand, is visiting the farm he has just purchased. He receives a call from Selim, his Lawyer whilst he is there. He tells him, “they have stopped the trucks”! Serhans responds, “NICE”!

Serhan is standing in the driveway when he sees Kerim’s car coming for him. He does not move out of the way and stands his ground. Kerim gets out of his car and the two men size each other up.

Akbas has called Kerim again. It is getting desperate. I can’t hold them off for too much longer. Where are you? Why haven’t you come. Our customers are calling wanting to know where their orders are and have threatened to take us to court for breach of contract.

Serhan stands and confronts Kerim showing a different Serhan from what we have seen in our previous episodes. He is strong and powerful and will not back down to Kerim. Kerim, on the other hand, is caught between having to leave and attend to his trucks or try and get Serhan to remove his complaint. It is Serhan first who offers Kerim an ultimatum. Kerim is to tell him why he came to Sarmasik in the first place or he will have to let the authority open the trucks because he will not remove his complaint. This action could cost Kerim 3 Million dollars! Serhan repeats his questions: Where did you come from? Why are you here? What is your aim? (Remember, Merve has told Kerim not to say anything about knowing each other as Serhan will use this in his custody battle), so Kerim is really caught and Serhan has the upper hand.

Meanwhile, Oya is still sitting at the restaurant waiting for her guests to arrive in the first tooth party. Unfortunately, no one turns up. She feels embarrassed. The ladies of Sarmasik have received the gossip that she is threatening Serhan and even at one time tried to poison him. they have boycotted her party. The only person to turn up is, (yes, you guessed it), Sebnem who offers her comfort and confirms she will stand by her side.

Our final scene is once again Serhan and Kerim. Serhan stands well in control and somewhat powerful. The look on Kerim’s face shows that he would like to kill Serhan. Once again Serhan repeats, “Why are you here? and “What holds you here in Sarmasik”? Still Kerim says nothing. Serhan asks him, “What secret is worth hiding for this”? (referring to the loss of 3 Million dollars of meat if Serhan doesnt phone and call off the authorities waiting to search his trucks). Kerim feels caught. What will he do? Akbas is waiting for him!

Written By – Sandy



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