Our episode this week finds Kerim on his way to Paris to find Merve. Emre (still trying to lay claim to Pelin) wants to smuggle Pelin out of the country before Inspector Kemal catches up with her and our handsome Serhan who receives an unexpected gift from Merve.

In Paris, Merve didn’t appear shocked to see Kerim turn up at her hotel. They both were pacing the floor in their rooms that night fighting the temptation to be together. He asks her to divorce Serhan and return to Sarmasik where he will be waiting for her. She knows the police are on her trail and she can’t hide for much longer.

Kerim has tried to blackmail Oya into gaining Serhan’s offer on the sale of the farm as we see in Episode 34. Serhan’s offer is confidential. Kerim needs to outbid him. He knows Oya did not tell the police she knew who killed Edip and uses this as blackmail to get Oya to find out the amount that Serhan has bid for the property. She is scared and although being deceitful to the man she loves she takes a photo of the bid and sends it to Kerim.

Pelin and Taylan are feeling the pressure of Inspector Kemal’s interrogation at the funeral memorial dinner. They had given false statements about Edip’s murder knowingly and now they are faced with the fear they will end up in jail. Pelin’s father has arrived along with his Lawyer to see what help they can offer. In Turkey giving false statements can hold 6 months to 5-year prison sentence. This knowledge delivers a great fear to our couple.

Whilst Burcu is looking at wedding invitations, Emre is planning to smuggle Pelin out of the country to save her from jail. Pelin doesn’t seem too against this idea and the plan is to meet at 3.00pm the next day at the airport. He has purchased tickets for 3 just in case she wanted to bring her son with her.

Inspector Kemal calls Emre into the Police Station for an interview. His questions to Emre are; What brought you to Sarmasik? His answer; “Burcu”. He asks; “Who introduced you to Burcu”? His answer; “Merve”! He also asks Emre about the night Arzu was killed, knowing he was at the scene of the accident. Emre’s response to his question was; “Arzu tried to kill him because he knew she murdered Edip”.

Pelin has invited Oya to lunch at the club. They are both worried about personal pressures that have been placed upon them. Pelin orally attacks Oya for exposing her at the funeral memorial dinner and tells her she had to cover for Arzu as she was like a sister to her. She confides that Edip had threatened her. (What could Edip threaten Arzu with that would end up in her killing him?)
Oya asks Pelin to find out from Emre why Kerim came to Sarmasik. Something or somebody must have brought him here! Pelin was able to do this that very day when she met with Emre on his boat. He remarks that it was “only a coincidence” that they both turned up in Sarmasik at the same time.

Our three girls have decisions to make: Pelin whether to go running away with Emre. Merve whether to return to Sarmasik and divorce Serhan. Oya whether to tell Serhan about her betrayal and the farm sale.

It is not long before Oya’s conscience gets the better of her and her decision is made. She has been deceitful and realises that she has made a big mistake in giving Kerim the information he wanted and allowing him to threaten her. She can’t fight her guilty conscience any long. She decides to own up to Serhan. He is surprised to see her at his apartment but clearly notices that she is nervous and upset. She takes courage and confesses that she stole his offer on the farm and sent it to Kerim. She explains how she knew the killer was Arzu and how Inspector Kemal will believe she is a suspect if he knows about this. Serhan asks her directly “Did you kill Arzu”.? We don’t know her answer as yet.

Kerim gets a surprise the next day at the farm sale. Serhan outbids him and wins the property. He now knows that Oya had told Serhan about his blackmail. He tells Serhan that there will be consequences to pay for Oya going against him.

Mehmet continues to grieve and still lives away from his children. Nilay sees a difference in her father. Not only is he sad but he is turning his grief into hatred for the person who killed Arzu. He has told Inspector Kemal that he suspects Oya as being the person who killed his wife but he has no proof. The Inspector tells Mehmet that he is closing in on the murderer.

Merve has made her decision! She has phoned her Lawyer and started proceedings for divorce!

This news makes Serhan ecstatic. He is so overjoyed with renewed hope for him and Oya. He meets her at the markets and she can see his happiness. He confirms he won the property over Kerim and this news makes her very happy. It is obvious they want to demonstrate their love for each other in privacy. They decide to go home but both are without a car. Serhan wants to take a taxi but Oya encourages him to spend some time in each others company and take the slow way home via the subway.

2019 – At the Court Hearing Oya states; “She didn’t understand what was going to happen next! I didn’t realise I was having the best day of my life in that subway!”

It is decision time for Pelin. She is packed and standing in the lounge room looking at her son playing. She is not taking him with her and knows she may not see him again for quite some time. You can feel the torment she is going through in the thought of separation from her son. It is at this time that Taylan arrives home early. He is surprised to see a packed suitcase in the loungeroom. Pelin throws her arms around him and she tells him that she feels they should go away for a few days and she has packed her case. She has made her decision. She is staying with her husband and child.

At the same time, Emre has arrived at the airport. He also is nervous. He doesn’t know if Pelin will turn up or not. He has been pursuing Pelin from the day he arrived in Sarmasik. He has pushed her to this point of running away with him. He is prepared to leave Burcu for his love for Pelin. He waits and waits and realises she is not coming. He is broken hearted. He weeps relentlessly. His sadness is comforted by Burcu who has tracked him down at the airport. He asks her to rescue him from himself. She offers him a way out and he takes it. They will marry as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, in the train on the subway, Serhan tells Oya that, “It is over”. She realises that he is referring to a divorce. She is filled with emotion. He raises his voice and says, “Let’s get married” for all to hear. They throw their arms around each other and embrace……


Pelins decision was to stay with Taylan. Oya’s decision was to tell Serhan. Merve’s decision was to divorce Serhan. What will the consequences be for Oya betraying Kerim? If Merve joins forces with Kerim this could be a powerful union! Pelin may yet regret her decision not to go with Emre.

Written By – Sandy



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