This episode continues on Emre’s boat. Mehmet has stabbed him believing he was the person who killed his wife. Pelin is on the boat also. She came to persuade Emre not to tell Taylan about their previous relationship. She manages to see the escaping Mehmet running off into the night. She phones Oya for help. Emre is taken to the hospital and secretly repaired without anybody knowing what had happened. Pelin confides in Oya as to her involvement with Emre and how he threatens to tell Taylan about their early years together.

Following the stabbing Mehmet has driven to his jewellery store. He is paranoid with suspicion and grief. He believes he killed Emre but he is relieved to find out from Oya that he is alive. She tells him that Emre did not kill Arzu and the police believe it was a homicide. The car and driver are unknown.

All the group have received invitations to attend a Memorial Service and dinner for Arzu at the Chalet where they were married. A cocktail of potential murderers is being gathered together with a noticeable absence of Merve. Kerim has asked Akbas to track Merve down and Inspector Kemal is also on her trail but Merve is staying out of sight and having no contact with the group.

Pelin has arrived and makes a quick rendezvous with Emre to make sure he will not say anything to Taylan about the stabbing. She begs him to forget about her and although she may have made a mistake when she left him for Taylan 20 years previously there is no future for them now. He refuses to let her go. He tells her he loves her. Out of the corner of his eye, he recognises Oya with her mobile phone taking a photo of him and Pelin together.

Although the Chalet and grounds are beautiful the guests are sober and gloomy. A banquet lunch has been set in the gardens (the table is something to be admired). Our memorial lunch is about to become very interesting! At the dining table, mobile phone texts have gone into overdrive. I thought you might like to read some of the texts referred to in this summary.

Emre to Kerim: Oya is causing trouble. She has something on her phone that can’t be there. Can you handle it?
Kerim: I can!

Burcu to Pelin: Pelo, get your paws away from Emre or I’ll kill you!
Pelin to Burcu: Don’t be ridiculous. You are so paranoid!
Burcu to Pelin: I see how you look at him!

Inspector Kemal has arrived at the Chalet. he is taking the opportunity of finding the group altogether. He takes Oya aside and asks her if she was able to get a recording from Taylan. Oya replies there was NO voice recording (but we know this is a lie as she has the recording on her mobile phone). With Oya’s absence from the dining table, Kerim takes the opportunity to steal her mobile phone. He goes through her photographs to find Emre’s photograph of him and Pelin and plays her videos. He listens to the recording of Taylan telling her that the murderer has two children. Why did Oya withhold this recording from Inspector Kemal?

With Inspector Kemal sitting at the head of the dining table, he takes this opportunity to tell the group that Arzu’s death is regarded as a homicide, not an accident. He has all his potential suspects sitting at the table at one time. He takes this opportunity to interrogate them one by one. Here are some of their comments to his question; “Where were you on the night of Arzu’s death”?

Taylan – With Emre
Emre – With Taylan
Pelin – Making dinner at home
Burcu – Home. Question: “Did you have a witness”? Answer: “You can check the security camera”!
Mehmet – I was home with the children.
Serhan – At work. I worked late.
Oya – I was out meeting a friend.

Inspector Kemal asks the group why anybody would want to kill Arzu? He suggests motivation to commit a homicide includes: “fighting for the man or woman in their life”, “preventing something from being revealed” or “holding a grudge”. He questions Burcu: “What was the endless fight you had with Arzu on the night of the summer party”. Burcu’s answer is; “I just turned up at the house by mistake”. He asks her: “Did you kill her”? Burcu denies this but under stress confesses that it was Arzu who stabbed her on that night. He asks her why she denied this at the beginning of his investigations. She was speechless.

Our group now paints a different picture of Arzu to Inspector Kemal. They tell him how she was not pure and innocent like he thinks she was. Pelin now takes the opportunity to confess that it was Arzu who killed Edip. She admits she was there at the time. Emre tells him of how Arzu tried to kill him also on the night of the accident by running him down with her car.

Oya is quiet and does not comment. She knew that Arzu had killed Edip prior to Arzu’s death. She has Taylan’s recording on her mobile phone to prove it but she had already told Inspector Kemal she was unsuccessful in getting a recording from Taylan . If she owned up now to possessing a recording this would now be seen as motivation for murder. Why did she lie in the first place?

Inspector Kemal now tells the group that they are all suspects in Arzu’s murder. He will investigate each one separately as they have perverted the course of justice and made false statements.
Our pigeon pair Kerim and Emre give each other satisfying looks and raise their glasses to each other. They are enjoying the game!

Serhan is angry and hurt. He feels all his friends made a fool of him. He had nearly gone to jail and still they had said nothing. He leaves the chalet and drives Oya home. It is not long before Oya has a visitor. Kerim is on her doorstep. He shows her the recording of Taylan he stole from her mobile phone. He suspects Oya of being the murderer. She has the motivation to commit the homicide. He suggests to her that SHE KILLED ARZU. Oya does not deny his accusation. He threatens to go to the police unless she does exactly as he asks. He looks her in the face and says; “Is it a deal Oya”?

Akbas has done a good job and has finally found Merve. He instructs Akbas to buy him a plane ticket as he will leave immediately to find her. Inspector Kemal is also onto her hiding place. we will have to wait until next week to see if they both find Merve and who gets to her first!

Let me ask you? Do you think that Oya secretly planned revenge on Arzu once she knew she killed Edip? Do you think Kerim can easily blackmail Oya?
I am suspicious of the car that killed Arzu. It looked similar to Kerim’s 4 x 4 the night he rammed Serhan’s red sports car. I could be wrong!

Written By – Sandy



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