My question in last week’s summary was answered. Rest in Peace Arzu!

Yildiray Sahinler (who plays the character of Mehmet) does a fine job in acting in this episode. Distraught in his grief he reaches out and touches your heart. He manages to bring you around to feeling the depths of despair when a loved one dies. At the funeral, you could feel the wrench in separation when the funeral vehicle carrying Arzu’s body moves away from the mourners leaving Mehmet alone to deal with his grief. You also feel this later on in the episode when he first opens the door of his family home. You share his desperate feeling of emptiness that now exists without her presence.

Inspector Kemal drops a bombshell when questioning Burcu at the funeral. He reveals that forensic evidence at the scene of the accident indicates Arzu was murdered and it was a planned event. The vehicle did not stop and sped off into the night. Burcu is a suspect in her murder due to the vicious fight she had with Arzu on the night of Edip’s death. We know that Emre knows that Arzu was murdered as he was there watching Arzu bearing down on him out to kill him. He also saw the other vehicle which caused the accident. He said nothing!

After hearing the news from Inspector Kemal and worried that she is now a suspect, Burcu looks for reinforcements. She does this by arranging a meeting with Oya and Pelin. They choose an old warehouse for their conference (their sunglasses are amazing and Pelins shoes were awesome). Our three musketeers give you a picture of wealth and power. The meeting was anything but controlled. All three girls deny having anything to do with the accident that killed Arzu but agrees that there is strength in numbers. They group together to quieten the gossip of Sarmasik who suspects one of them has had a hand in a murder.

Oya’s is really stirring the pot. She has Burcu and Pelin at each other’s throats. It is like a game. Emre tells Oya that she doesn’t seem like she is mourning her friends death. She fires one back at him by telling him that soon Burcu will leave him for Mehmet as they have a history together. Emre looks surprised. He doesn’t know about their former relationship.

We have taken a step back 20 years to Pelin’s Birthday Party. All our young people are there. Pelin, Merve, Serhan, Emre. It is the night that Merve leaves Kerim for Serhan. Also, the night that Kerim finds out that he has been selected to play League Basketball. He turns up at the party looking for Merve. He recognises Serhan’s red convertible parked outside and knows they are both there. He hunts for them without success. Whilst standing on the verandah he does not see a shadowy figure on the upstairs verandah who aims a terracotta pot at Kerim causing terrible pain and suffering. His pitching arm is smashed and broken. There will be no basketball for him. Who did this and what was their motive?

Oya now realises that Kerim is a liar and never knew Edip. She has been under the impression that they were close friends. This knowledge confuses Oya and she is drawn to Serhan’s door. His joy is obvious when he opens the door to find her there! He draws her inside his apartment and holds her close. He reassures her that he will handle everything with regard to Kerim and his lies.

Commissar Derya has arrived at Mehmet’s home, she has brought with her all of his wife’s personal items from the scene of the accident. She confesses that the accident was planned and his wife’s death was not an accident. She asks him if he felt there was a connection between his wife’s death and that of Edip’s murder. (Once again we have to look at WHY did Arzu hit Edip with the candlestick? What was the reason? I am thinking that there must be some history between these two. Maybe even jealousy). Once Commissar Derya has departed Mehmet opens his wife’s personal items. He is surprised to find a pair of headphones which were not hers. Why were they found at the scene of the accident? Who do they belong to? It is not long before these questions are answered when Mehmet leaves the house and bumps into Burcu on the street. She is trying to catch up to Emre who has gone out for a jog. She tells Mehmet that he lost his headphones recently and she had found another pair for him. Mehmet now remembers seeing these headphones on Emre and realises that he was at the scene of the accident and must have been close to Arzu at the time of her death. This knowledge turns his grief into rage. Revenge is foremost in his mind now.

Emre in the meantime knows none of what has been going on. He realises that he lost his headphones at the scene of the accident. He returns to look for them. It is here that he meets Pelin. He is surprised to see her. What is she doing there? He talks her into joining him for dinner on his boat. She is lefts looking at the spot where Arzu died and casts her mind back to a recent telephone conversation whereby she asks an unknown person to provide her with a vehicle which is unregistered. (Could the driver of the vehicle that killed Arzu be Pelin?)

The 6th November has arrived. A significant date for Taylan and Pelin. It is their wedding anniversary. This was also the date that Emre chose when he asked Pelin to go to dinner with him on his boat knowing it held a special meaning to Pelin. She feels blackmailed into going as he knows so much about her past. It is also the date that Taylan has set aside to take her to dinner at one of her favourite restaurants. Pelin is feeling under pressure fitting in two dinner dates on the same evening? In the middle of their meal, she makes an excuse to leave and races to the boat to meet Emre who is anxiously waiting for her to arrive. Pelin is in the galley and Emre is on deck but neither of them sees Mehmet who boards the boat carrying the headphones that Emre dropped at the scene of the accident. Mehmet being in an unreasonable state of mind draws his knife and stabs Emre.

Our last scene sees Pelin rising from the Galley to find Emre lying on the floor oozing blood. She quickly looks into the night to see Mehmet running along the dock.

Our questions:-

1. Was something going on between Arzu and Edip? Was jealousy the motive to kill him.

2. Who murdered Arzu? It is Pelin who orders a vehicle which is unregistered! It was also Pelin who turns up at the scene of the accident and meets Emre.

3. Who dropped the terracotta pot on Kerim the night of the birthday party? Is he after revenge for that also?

4. Where is Merve? Her absence leads me to believe that she is away on purpose and maybe directing events from a distance. Don’t forget her involvement with the candlestick!

Written By – Sandy



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