This episode contains various complex issues including psychosis and manic disorders. I must admit it wasn’t easy to put into writing. At the end of our last episode, we saw Arzu who is about to have a meltdown. Emre, Kerim and Pelin know who the murderer is and Pelin was in the upstairs bedroom when the attack occurred. We also know that Merve seems to be able to control all the girls and Emre and Kerim are really enjoying playing out their game.

We share tender moments with Serhan and Oya. She seems to have given up on the fight and accepted that her son will carry his name. He indicates that it is only a matter of time when she also carries his name. She shares her suspicions with him regarding Merve being the murderer.

Arzu’s mood is unbalanced and paranoid. She learns from Pelin that Emre has been threatening her and knows who the murderer is. She adds him to her list of vengeance and stalks him throughout the day. She has also added Burcu to her list who has been stirring the pot again with her jealousy over Mehmet and Emre. These two women are involved in a verbal onslaught fuelled by jealousy and hate giving you a picture of how unstable they are. I am still confused as to why Arzu killed Edip. What motive would she have?
It is obvious that Taylan and Mehmet have no idea which of their wives is the murderer but they have covered for them since the summer party knowing they were the last two in the bedroom with Edip. What could have been so bad that Arzu was driven to picking up the candlestick? Taylan is heavy with guilt and Inspector Kemal is putting on the pressure wanting to know what he is concealing. Arzu has true concerns that Taylan will weaken in time. She adds him to her list. In her paranoid state, Arzu tells Mehmet that she murdered Edip and she doesn’t know why!

Our dear Inspector is still investigating and wondering where Merve is hiding out. She initially took off to avoid pressure by Kerim but now she is under suspicion as the murderer. She is laying low and quiet which as we know she doesn’t normally do.

The Inspector (knowing Taylan is withholding information) has asked Oya to encourage him to talk about the murder and to record their conversation. She fuels him up with alcohol and when sufficiently drunk she questions him. He divulges that the true murderer has two children. (There is only one of our two girls who has two children!) Oya is now onto the fact that our murderer could be Arzu.

In 2019 at the Court Hearing. Oya is confessing that she kill him and it was after this meeting she decides to take things into her own hands.
Emre is still after Pelin. He is besotted by her. She has fears that Burcu will tell Taylan her secret and also about her previous relationship 20 years earlier with Emre and her accidental killing of a pedestrian. She has arrived at Emre’s boat to beg him to help. You can tell that Emre is slowly trying to wear her down. You can feel his frustration as he tries to move closer to her whilst at the same time she backs off. He swears he will take care of Burcu and for her not to worry. With nowhere to turn she calls her father. Daddy is now coming to her aid! Daddy will not be happy if somebody makes his little girl sad!
Arzu starts working on her vengeance list. She follows Taylan to the golf course paranoid that he will tell the police of his suspicions. In her psychosis, she wants to get rid of him and stop him talking. She takes her trusty golf stick and proceeds to attack him with a view to murder. It was Emre that saves him.

At home that night Arzu reminisces about how her family used to be. You can see that she is now a broken desperate woman filled with fear. In her paranoia, she gets into her car knowing Emre will be having his normal exercise run around the neighbourhood and tracks him down. She tries to kill him but unfortunately is involved in a terrible car accident. It is here our episode ends and we are left with a few unanswered questions.
1. What will Oya do now that she knows Arzu killed Edip?
2. How can Pelin stop Emre and his threats?
3. What is Pelin’s father going to do?
4. Where is Merve?
5. Oya is starting to investigate the murder herself. Where is this going to lead her considering she confessed to having killed somebody?
6. Is Arzu dead?

Written By – Sandy



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