Oh, dear Merve ……. I think you have gone too far this time! What will Serhan do when he learns his car has been demolished by Kerim? We also have to find out why the blood was on Nilay’s at school. Maybe in this episode, the secret that Arzu and Mehmet are hiding will be revealed and we will see how Serhan’s mother plans to get rid of Merve (as we all know Merve will not go without a fight), and what do you think she is going to do regarding her grandson? I have to agree with the Judge at the 2019 Hearing …… The trouble all began 20 years previously at the birthday party.

Our new episode begins with a pair of beautiful shoes worn by a witness at the 2019 Court Hearing. Testimony was given by a classy neighbour of Merve’s who describes the mayhem on the night when Kerim demolished the red sports car. She also tells the Hearing “they were all unaware that something bigger was coming and the neighbourhood was a mess”. Inside her home, Merve was not opening her door to anyone. She stands, pen in hand, considering to sign the document that Kerim had left her before he went into ramming mode. In her mind, she hears and sees her younger self-telling her to really “hurt him”.

Emre is still after Pelin who tries every way he can to corner her into talking to him but she still avoids him. This makes Emre frustrated and angry. He wants to take revenge. He calls a meeting with Kerim who is also feeling the effects of his rage the following night. They are bored with how their love lives are progressing and decide to shake things up a little bit, or as Emre calls it, “ Let’s spill the beans and cause a scandal!” The next morning they put their plan into action. Emre manipulates Taylan, Pelin, Arzu and Mehmet into holding a dinner party to which he invites himself and Burcu (my goodness, there is trouble brewing ahead). The table is now set with our six guests looking decisively awkward. Emre starts to stir the pot by bringing up their personal affairs and tells them “aren’t we all full of the sins of our past”! His eyes are directed to Pelin whilst he remembers the birthday party 20 years previously when Pelin hits a pedestrian on the side of the road. A secret they both hold. He is eager to do as much damage as he can and warns the guests “he is like a Pandora’s box, once opened all chaos will begin”. He had achieved his goal, each friend was pitched against each other. They all leave the dinner party feeling decisively frightened.

Whilst Emre and Burcu were dining at Pelin’s home, Kerim and Oya were dining together also. Oya still receiving unsettled vibes about his friendship with Edip prior to his death. Oya is determined to find out who killed Edip. She tells him that “she doesn’t know how she got herself into the situation she is in,” and he warns her to be careful of Merve and watch out for herself.

In 2019 at the Court Hearing, Oya confesses to the court, “Yes, I killed someone” and “back then I didn’t know who Kerim and Emre were”.

Together once more at a bar, Kerim reveals to Emre that he believes there is a secret that all of our group know. He knows it is about Edip and they need to waste no more time finding out who killed him.

Nilay has had an incident with a bully at school. After a fight, Nilay and her friend lock Zafer in a cupboard after he had been teasing them constantly in class. Zafer has a panic attack.

After visiting Oya and stealing the babies pacifier, Serhan’s mother meets her Lawyer and sends the pacifier away for a DNA test. Upon receiving the result she files an application to the Family Law Court with regard to custody of the baby. (Serhan we believe is unaware that she has done this and I doubt he will be too happy when he finds out.)

Taylan, Pelin, Arzu and Mehmet gather for a discussion. The four all hold the secret! Taylan who has a heavy conscience has a restless night. He leaves his home for the Police Station. He is ready to divulge all. Mehmet races towards the Police Station hoping to stop him before he tells all.

Following his comments at the dinner table, Pelin makes a telephone call to Emre. She is now willing to meet him to talk about the past. She knows Burcu is away shopping and takes the opportunity to have it out with him. Emre opens his door with a satisfying smirk on his face. He has finally been able to corner her. His eyes travel over her body and he is happy with what he sees. They argue and it is at a point in his rage that Pelin finds out that Ali had gone to jail for 4 years because of her accident, something she never knew. ( We were led to believe that it was Ali who was the pedestrian but now we find out that he was jailed for the crime. It must have been somebody else she hit. We know that Ali was drunk and his car keys were taken away from him at the party. We saw Pelin drive off in his car and we did see Ali being put into the front seat of his father’s car by Emre and all fingerprints being wiped away). Did Emre return to the party? What we know for sure is Emre now holds all the cards. He threatens her and violently comments “he will not stay silent any longer”. With Pelin in tears, he then delivers another blow to her already shaken appearance! He knows who killed Edip! Unbeknownst to both of them, Burcu was hiding in the house watching and listening to everything that was being said.

Our final scene sees Oya at home with Deniz. A doorbells rings and a Courier delivers an envelope. It is from the Family Law Court! A custody battle has begun! A smiling Mrs Betul chuckles to herself! War has been declared. Does Serhan know anything about this? He has been quiet throughout this episode but I doubt his silence will continue. I believe Oya will spring into action in our next episode.

Written By – Sandy



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