In the review of Episode 35, we saw Kerim and Serhan wanting to outbid each other to buy a farm and Kerim threatening Merve to tell her husband and the high society neighbours of Sarmasik about their previous relationship.  Emre continues to stalk Pelin and a candlestick was found by Oya in Arzu’s wardrobe which she believes may have been used in the murder of Edip.  We also attended a dinner party where sarcasm, lies and awkwardness was on the menu.
The Court Hearing in 2019 continues with the Judge stating that it was at Pelin’s 20th Birthday Party that all the trouble started.  We saw at the party Pelin and Merve cleaning blood up from the floor but we did not see the violent incident which had occurred.  Meanwhile, Merve feeling threatened proceeds to a plan of action to crush her enemy.  She calls all the high society ladies morning tea and addresses them with a plan of attack against Kerim. Pelin has already said in our last episode that Merve will soon start cutting people up and the slaughter will soon begin.  Let’s see what she has in mind in our next episode.
Episode 36 commences at the morning tea where Merve shares her concerns about Kerim. She feels the neighbourhood would be better off without him.  She has declared war on Kerim and starts to put her plan of attack together.  She visits the Area Authority with a list of signatures from her ladies to have Kerim’s proposed Heliport construction cancelled. This action gives Merve a satisfying feeling of revenge.
Serhan continues to visits his son showering him with his love.  Oya asks him to leave his jacket with her so his son could have his smell around him as he grows. What he doesn’t see is Oya holding his jacket close to her and smothering her face into its folds, bringing a remembrance of their love.  Her pleasant dreams were short-lived as the doorbell rings and she finds Mrs Betul (Serhan’s mother) at her doorstep. She came to visit her grandson. Mrs Betul tells Oya that she wants her grandson to carry the Aksak name and then leaves her home to visit Merve. Over tea, Merve pumps her to see if she still had Serhan’s red sports car at her home (remember this red sports car was owned by Serhan 20 years previously and Kerim saw Merve get into this car when she broke up with him).  She confirms that the car is still in the garage.  Armed with this knowledge Merve requests that the car is delivered to her home using the excuse that it might help her relationship with Serhan by reminding him of their younger days. (You get the feeling that Merve is about to use the car as another tool against Kerim).
  Mrs Betul continues her day of visitation and moves on to see her son at his office.  He is surprised to hear that his mother has seen Deniz and does not want her to get involved with Oya.  Once again she comments that his son should have the Aksak name.  Serhan tells her that Oya will not accept him whilst he is still married to Merve. His mother leaves his office and phones her contact advising “they need to get rid of Merve”!
Arzu and Mehmet continue with family arguments over the quality time she gives to her family and later in her bedroom, she enters her wardrobe and notices the hidden candlestick (a weapon of interest by Inspector Kemal)  has been moved.   Thinking that Oya may have seen the candlestick when she was at her home on the night of the dinner party she decides to get rid of it and places it in her backpack and leaves the house.  We then see Arzu secretly giving the candlestick to Merve, telling her that she cannot hide it any longer.    Merve, in turn, brings the candlestick to Pelin and says it is up to her to get rid of it.  What involvement could Pelin have with regard to the candlestick?   Arzu feels relief having removed the candlestick from her home but relives a previous panic attack and tells Mehmet that she is so tired of keeping the secret.  Mehmet comforts her acknowledging that he also knows about the secret.  What could it be?  Is it related to the candlestick which is under suspicion as the murder weapon?
Komiser Derya and Inspector Kemal realise Arzu is somehow being held in Merve’s grasp.  In following his lead he brings Oya in to question her knowledge of their relationship.  The Inspector also asks if she recalls any item that could have been used as a murder weapon.  She tells him she remembers a candlestick in the room that night and also recalls to herself the savage fight between Arzu and Burcu in the bathroom.
Pelin and Taylan continue to argue about Emre and Burcu.  Pelin refuses to visit Emre who is aware that Pelin continually runs away from him.   Pelin recalls her 20th Birthday Party when they were together and very close.  Ali was at the party and very drunk. He was so drunk that Emre wouldn’t let him drive his father’s car home and takes the car keys from him.  He places them in a dish on a sideboard.  Pelin wanting to escape the party later picks up the keys and drives away in his car.  It is a dark and wet night and not having a clear view of the road she accidentally hits Ali who is drunkenly walking home on the edge of the road.  She panics and calls Emre who drives out to the scene of the accident and taking in the scene picks Ali up and places him in the driver’s seat of the vehicle.  He places Pelin in his car and drives away.  (We do not know what takes place regarding the accident after this.    What we do see is Kerim arriving at the birthday party following their break up and looking for Merve.  She tries to hide Serhan from him but he later sees Serhan’s red sports car parked out the front and returns to the party to find him).   
Nilay has arrived home nervous and upset.  She quickly goes to her upstairs bedroom and unzips her school jacket.  There is blood on her T-shirt.  Where has the blood come from?   There has also been some involvement with Nilay’s pen which we know little about.  What we do see is Nilay and a boy hurriedly leaving the school as an ambulance drives up to the front door.
Pelin now has the candlestick and has left the house looking to get rid of it. Oya noticing she is acting weirdly follows her.  After some time she stops at the edge of a cliff and throws the candlestick over the edge. She returns to her car and drives away not knowing that Oya who had followed her looks over the edge of the cliff and sees the candlestick on the rocks below. She climbs down the rock face and retrieves it.  Once in her car, she telephones Inspector Kemal and tells him that she believes she has the weapon that killed Edip.   Inspector Kemal feels Oya is too nice and at the Court Hearing in 2019,  Oya is told by the Judge that “you are obsessed with being nice, isn’t that so?”.  You are on trial for murder.  Oya tells the court “it doesn’t matter how much you try to be good,  it doesn’t always work that way”.
Kerim dogs have been impounded by the Area Authority due to a complaint from Ayse (the nosey neighbour) against Kerim’s two dogs.  Kerim goes into a rage and forces Ayse into signing a document and withdrawing her complaint against his dogs.  Ayse tells him that Merve was the initial instigator of her actions.  On hearing this news he angrily makes his way to her home pushing his way through the doorway.  He personally writes a letter to the Area Authority withdrawing her complaint against his dogs and asks her to sign the bottom of the document.   She refuses which makes him very angry.  Kerim leaves the house in a violent rage and to make matters worse earlier that day Merve had received delivery of Serhan’s red sports car from his mother. She parks it outside her house in clear view knowing that Kerim would see it as he passes by.  (I doubt that Serhan will be happy about this as the car has been delivered without his knowledge).  On leaving the house Kerim sees RED when he recognises the car and taking his four-wheel drive continually rams the car until it is completely demolished.  Kerim’s rage is uncontrolled and he speeds away before the police arrive.  Inside her home, Merve is frightened at what she just saw and looks at the document with the pen in readiness for her signature considering whether to sign or not.  She is frightened.  Has Merve pushed him too far this time?      




Written By – Sandy


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