At the conclusion of Episode 34, our main points of interest included Oya visiting Kerim and discussing Edip. She realises he knows very little about Edip even though he professes to have known him for many years. Oya leaves his house with an uneasy feeling.  Burcu has been lying to Emre about the poison which she brought to the summer party and Emre wanting to help her asks Kerim to help take any suspicion of murder away from Burcu.  Serhan has been in jail and released for a crime he says he did not commit and Kerim uses an innocent gardener  to confess to the crime with the goal of having Serhan implicated for murder .  Kerim tries to outbid Serhan on buying a farm owned by two friends of his and who live right next to Kerim’s abattoir.  It is not the purchase of the farm that motivates Kerim to declare war on Serhan, it is his jealousy from the year 2000 when Merve who was his girlfriend leaves him for Serhan.  It was also in the year 2000 at Pelin’s 20th Birthday Party a bloody scene had taken place. We do not know who was involved at this stage.  Merve is pressured to visit Kerim at her old home.

In Episode 35 Merve has arrived at Kerim home. Kerim is attracted to Merve but he cannot keep his mind from going back to when they broke up as girlfriend and boyfriend and thinks his last words as she walks away “you will regret it ”!   It is at this meeting that Kerim receives a phone call from Akbas telling him that Serhan has increased his offer 200,000  over his bid and it looks like his offer will be accepted by the owners. This news makes Kerim angry and he threatens  Merve to talk Serhan out of buying the farm or he will create a scandal in Sarmasik and tell Serhan everything about their love relationship in their early days.  Merve leaves his house scared and upset after their meeting.

In 2019 –  At the Court Hearing,  Rachel (the maid) and Ayse (the high society nosey neighbour) are witnesses being questioned at the Hearing.   Ayse is the first to give her testimony and tells them “it all started when Emre and Kerim came to town”.   The prosecutor tells her that actually, all the problems started at a Birthday Party held in the year 2000.  (They must be referring to Pelin’s 20th Birthday Party where we saw the girls cleaning blood up from the floor).  Rachel gives her testimony and tells the Hearing that Merve was being cornered by Kerim before “a well-known dinner party happened”.  She also comments on “how such a simple thing as a dinner party could turn into such an eventful night”!    Oya also tells the Court Hearing she now understands how anyone can become a murderer.

Emre continues to stalk Pelin who refuses to speak to him.  He is irritated by her action and invites himself to Taylan’s house that night in an effort to try and get closer to her.  On hearing this news from Taylan,  Pelin tells him a lie and says that they have been invited to dinner with Merve that evening.  She asks him to call Emre and cancel his visit.  Having told Taylan a lie, Pelin quickly calls Merve and asks her to have her and Taylan over for dinner that evening covering her lie and getting her out of seeing Emre. Merve agrees and commences arrangements.    This action leads you to believe that Emre and Pelin have a history in their early days and Pelin is avoiding him for some reason.   To help her cover her lie Pelin asks her Mere to also invite Arzu and Mehmet to avoid suspicion.  Whilst making arrangements for the dinner party Merve remembers Kerim’s threat and tries to think of ways in which she can stop Serhan from buying the farm, thereby doing what Kerim wants and avoiding a scandal.   After careful thought, she calls the bank and asks if she can withdraw a large amount of money without Serhan knowing.  She is given the go ahead and makes her way to the bank.  At the bank, Merve changes her mind about withdrawing the money and leaves feeling worried. We get the feeling her devious mind is considering another option.

Oya visits Chief Inspector Kemal to see what progress has been made regarding Edip’s death. After seeing a file with Serhan’s name on his desk, Oya asks why Serhan was arrested and is under suspicion of murder.  The Inspector would not discuss any details relevant to the case but does tell her that Edip was hit over the head with a heavy object prior to his fall which fractured his skull.  He did not know what the object was and asked her to try and remember her old house and if there was anything in her bedroom which could have been used as a weapon and to let him know if she remembers anything.  In the meantime, Serhan finds out despite his rise of 200,000 that Kerim has also raised his offer to buy the farm outbidding Serhan.   Serhan now tells his personal assistant to hide any future and is angry and irritated by what Kerim has done.

Whilst Arzu gets ready for the dinner party, Nilay (Merves daughter) is searching for something in her mother’s wardrobe and finds a large candlestick wrapped in cloth. On showing Arzu the candlestick Arzu becomes agitated when she sees it. She quickly puts it back in the wardrobe and goes to dinner. This action makes you wonder why is she scared and why she has hidden the candlestick?  Is this the weapon used on Edip? 

Our dinner party guests are dressed and starting to arrive.  Merve has set a beautiful table.  Her guests will be Pelin and Taylan, Arzu and Mehmet and Serhan.  She hears her first guest arrive and much to her surprise sees Kerim walk into her kitchen uninvited. On finding out that there is going to be a dinner party he refuses to leave.  Serhan is also taken back to see Kerim and they give each other piercing stares.  Merve tells Serhan in front of Kerim that Kerim is leaving and not staying for dinner.  It is Serhan wanting to pursue his desire to know more about Kerim asks him to stay for dinner.  Our group has now settled around the dinner table. They feel awkward but it takes no time at all before they start tearing into each other.  Arzu and Mehmet are the first arguings about Arzu’s busy work schedule which allows no time for family.  Kerim is next battling sarcastically with Serhan over the purchase of the farm resulting in Kerim asking Serhan to remove his offer completely which Serhan refuses to do.  Serhan explains to his guests that he sees the take over of the farm by Kerim as an injustice to the owners who are his friends.  As the dinner progresses it is clear that Kerim is out to intimidate Serhan.

Whilst at dinner Kerim follows Merve to the kitchen and continues to threaten her. He reminds her to find some way to get her husband to withdraw his offer on the farm.  If she does not do this he will tell everyone of their previous relationship starting tonight at the dinner table and later releasing their scandal to the whole community.  In wanting to show her that he means what he says, he starts leading the conversation at the dinner table towards his ex-girlfriend he had at University. He tells of one romantic evening at the cinema when he was caught being loud and obnoxious and hugging his ex-girlfriend (who we know was Merve) in public. A verbal fight inside the cinema with a young man resulted in them being asked to leave.  Kerim tells the dinner party that it didn’t matter where he and his ex-girlfriend went they always got into trouble.  When asked where his girlfriend is today, Kerim told the dinner party guests that his ex-girlfriend left him for a guy in a red car. ( We know in our earlier episodes that it was Serhan’s red car that we saw Merve getting into after she breaks off their relationship).    In continuing the story of his relationship with his ex-girlfriend in those early days Kerim recalls he would take her fishing which they both enjoyed. He also describes in detail how he taught her to gut a fish which she did very well and he made her promise not to gut fish with anyone else but him.   He comments that in the year 2000 Taylan was the same school. He remembers an argument they had at the birthday party.  (We know that Kerim arrives angry at Pelin’s birthday party and we also know that something violent happened at the party as the girls were cleaning up blood from the floor and later two police officers were seen at the front door).   During the conversation, Merve sits quietly and with great tension wondering what Kerim is going to say.  She is asked if she attended the same school Kerim which she replies No!  She also denies even knowing Kerim. In fact, she tells the group at the dinner party she attended a completely different school (we know this is a lie).  Serhan comments that although Kerim has given them a history of his early life we don’t know who he really is.   Merve presents her famous cheesecake as their dessert.  She remembers the first cheesecake she ever made was for Kerim and in offering him a slice tonight he rejects the dessert.

Waiting for the right time, Merve tells Kerim that she has been feeling uncomfortable about the way he and Serhan have been arguing about the purchase of the farm. She tells Kerim that she has put an application on a property as she feels this property is better than the farm and will make Mila very happy.  She believes that with this purchase it should stop the competitive aggression between him and Serhan over the farm as they will not want both.  Merve tells Serhan that there is no need to buy the farm now and to remove his offer. Serhan believes that Merve wants to buy the new property to keep Mila further away from him.  Serhan angrily confronts her and a huge argument erupts which results in him leaving. The other guests feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable also leave one by one.  Merve is left sitting alone at the table looking miserable.

On returning home Pelin warns Taylan to stay away from Kerim.    She says that if she knows Merve she will soon start cutting people up and the slaughter will soon begin.   Kerim has also arrived home and walked to the back of his house which has a view over Merves garden and comments that “he is not done yet with Merve!  You get the feeling he still loves her but his revenge is stronger than his love?   He thinks back at to a time at University and to a phone call from basketball scouts asking him to come to a meeting the next day.  Kerim tells them he could not show them his full potential the day of the basketball game as he was not given the ball.  They scout advises him that they will trial him anyway.   Kerim is so excited about this news and makes a hasty journey to the Birthday Party. He arrives angry because Merve had broken up with him and sees her and Serhan together.  We do not know what happens next.

Nilay is visiting Oya (who was not invited to the dinner party) and tells Oya that her mother has been so busy with her work lately that she has become very forgetful. She tells Oya that when she was looking for something in her mother’s wardrobe and she came across a candlestick wrapped in a cloth.  When she asked her mother about this she looked shocked and said that she could not remember why it was hidden there or where it came from.  Oya felt this was strange and remembered her visit to Inspector Kemal and how he had asked her to try and remember anything that could help in his investigation with regards to Edip.  He told her that the murder was committed in her house and to try and remember her bedroom and anything that could have been used as a weapon.  She remembers a time in her old house when she lights up a candlestick and not knowing if the candlestick Nilay is referring to is the same one, takes the opportunity to drive Nilay home knowing that her mother was at the dinner party.  Making the excuse that she wanted to use the bathroom she takes a look inside Arzu’s wardrobe. It doesn’t take her long to find it, and yes it was the same candlestick from her bedroom.   Azu returns home unexpectedly from the dinner party and Oya had to return the candlestick quickly to its home in the wardrobe.  Following this, she makes a hasty retreat from the house. At home, Oya questions herself about Arzu and the candlestick and asks herself if Arzu could be the murderer?  

In Sarmasik we see Merve making a plan of attack.  She has invited our high society women to morning tea to be held at her home.  Merve opens the door and welcomes them with a large smile. You can tell by one look that she has been scheming and planning and she has something on her mind.   She sits them down and standing before the ladies tells them that she has a big problem.  Her problem is Kerim!    So Merve has decided not to let Kerim threaten her.  She is looking at him as her enemy.  It looks like she is getting her friends on the side first and thus having the upper hand and not bowing down to his threats.   

As our episode concludes as we hear Merve’s inner voice commenting, she says  “ that there are twists and turns behind every victory.  On the contrary, it is assumed the strongest one doesn’t always win the war.  The weak one also doesn’t win.  It is the one who makes the enemy believe he is weak that wins.  Your enemy will start to look down on you the moment they believe you are weak and stops fighting with all their power. That leads to the downfall of your enemy”.  


Written By – Sandy


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