In reviewing our story we continue to move through three phases of time. One in the past with Merve, Kerim, Taylan, Emre and Pelin who in their youth are attending University,  the present time phase 20 years from University days and the police investigation of two murders, and our third phase in the year 2019 where we see Oya on trial for the crime of murder to which she has confessed.  At this time we do not know who she has confessed to having killed.  She does comment on how a lot of surprises were waiting for her which she wasn’t aware of and she was getting suspicious of her friends. She felt they were playing another game with her as they did at High School.  We do know that Edip died at a party held at her home and whose death was deemed to be an accident by police who closed the investigation.  We also know that at the same Elif was poisoned, her death was thought to be a car accident until the Autopsy Report revealed she was poisoned prior to her car accident. It was also revealed at autopsy that Edip was hit over the head with a heavy object before falling to his death from the upstairs bedroom window.   Chief Inspector Kemal finds evidence that Elif was a guest also at the party that night and with this new evidence is allowed to reopen the case.   Interviews and statements were taken in an attempt to gain information about the two deaths and Serhan was arrested after giving his statement to the Police.

We now continue with Episode 34.  Which begins at the end of our last episode when we left Merve and Kerim in the Cloak Room whereby Kerim has locked the Cloak Room door barring her escape.   She is fired up and decisively nervous and tells him that she is aware he bought her old house and she will one day take it back from him.  His comment to her was “she will only get the house back when she leaves her husband and comes to him”.   She is nervous and disturbed by his presence and thinks of the time at Pelin’s 20th Birthday party when the two girls were cleaning blood up from the floor following a violent incident which Emre was a witness to.  We do not know who the blood belongs to what we do know is that Kerim was known to be a bad boy and following being introduced to Merve places pressure on her to become his girlfriend.  He tells her that bad boys make good boyfriends.   She thinks back to how much they loved each other and was reminded of his last words back when she had broken up with him,  “YOU WILL REGRET IT”!      Merve collects her thoughts and composure and leaves the room.  She meets the girls by the pool. It had been a long time since they were together.  It was a traumatic time for them all at the night of the party with brutal fights, poisoning, a stabbing and a murder. They gaze at each other with tension running high which gives you the impression that vengeance will be in their future cocktails!    At tea the following day Merve and Pelin recall the enraged fight between Arzu and Burcu on the night of the party which led to Burcu being stabbed. On that night in the hospital, she was warned by Merve not to say a word to anyone.  Merve tells Burcu she will find her a new love and she has a friend who is a ship owner, wealthy and recently divorced whom she might like to meet. His name is Emre!   She phones him and sets up a meeting.

Oya, on the other hand, is visiting Kerim at her old house.  She met Kerim at the cemetery were Edip is buried. On that day he told her he was also an old friend of Edip ’s.  Oya tells Kerim that she is starting an education foundation in her friend’s honour and she offers her help in getting the foundation up and running.  It is during this visit and their conversation that Oya realises that he knows very little about Edip’s life (although he professes to be an old friend) and she begins to feel uneasy.  She leaves the house with an unsettled feeling.

We find Merve and Pelin on visitation the next morning, Merve is off to visit Burcu along with a cheesecake in hand  (a tool which she uses for manipulating her friends) and to warn her once more to say nothing about her stabbing. Whilst at the same time Pelin journeys to have tea with Arzu.  Both finding it difficult to believe Burcu knowingly had anything to do with the poisoning of Elif as apparently, they did not know each other beforehand.    Arzu agrees that the real target of the poison was herself ( Arzu and Pelin were hatching a plan to be rid of Burcu before the summer party leaving you to think that the poison was destined for her in the first place) and this poison was taken to the party knowingly by Burcu intending to poison Arzu but unfortunately found its way to Elif by mistake. They agree that somehow it all got out of hand.   Pelin was feeling decisively nervous knowing the poison originated at her home and wondered how Burcu knew it was there.    She knows that Burcu took the poison without her knowledge and they realise how unpredictable and dangerous she is.   At dinner that evening Burcu reveals to Emre that she is a suspect in a poisoning at the summer party. She confesses that she took the poison to the party to avoid having it used in the wrong way. She says she didn’t know what to do with it and threw it in the garbage bin.  She believed that somebody had taken the poison bottle out of the bin that night and used it to poison Elif (we know she is lying as we know it was Burcu who poisoned in the drink and gave instructions to a waiter to deliver it to Arzu).   Emre feeling sorry for her and vows to help her situation and later confesses all to Kerim. He asks if there is anything he can do about helping close the poison case so his fiancee is not suspected of the crime.   It is at this meeting that Kerim puts out his first call to Akbas (our new character).  He asks him to find somebody who is poor and in debt and who is willing to accept a job which affects the Serhan Aksak circle!  Akbas later reveals that he had found a gardener who is willing to do whatever he wants for a price.  Our gardener confesses to the murder and a plan is devised to implicate Serhan and have him jailed for the crime.

At the Homicide Department following Serhan’s arrest and at interrogation by Inspector Kemal the Inspector reviews his notes. He believes Serhan is the smartest amongst our high society group. He feels Serhan is the key and that Mehmet and Taylan are covering up for him.  Serhan swears he did not kill Edip and as much as Inspector Kemal searches for evidence he cannot find anything linking him to the gardener.  The gardener has given a statement and will not change his confession to the murder.   The Inspector believes that the gardener was paid to make a false confession but does not know by whom. Not being able to hold Serhan any longer he is forced to release him to his lawyer.  Little does the Inspector know that an unknown person was visiting the gardener’s wife at this very moment with a suitcase of money.  She is given instructions not to put the money in the bank and also not to spend it straight away.  We follow our courier to Kerim’s home where he addresses him as Akbas (the new character to our story).  Kerim asks if all went OK?   Akbas confirms all has been delivered (referring to the suitcase of money).

After visiting his aged friends on their farm near Kerim’s abattoir.  Serhan finds out that his friends are in debt to Kerim.   Kindly Serhan offers to pay their debts and approaches Kerim with a proposal for payment.  His proposal was agreed to at the time but after gaining the knowledge that Kerim had bought his old house from Oya an underlying feeling of jealousy and aggression was felt between the two men, and following this Kerim changes his mind and the farmers are forced to put their farm up for sale. On hearing the news Serhan places an offer to purchase the property himself.   Serhan is now back home following his arrest and receives a phone call about his application to buy the farm.  He is advised that Kerim now proposes to buy the farm outright from the aged couple and hearing and makes a counter offer 200,000 above the highest offer.  At the same time, Akbas provides information to Kerim on the progress of the purchase of the farm and also informs him that the other applicants have been told to back out of the deal leaving only Serhan Aksak as the only applicant remaining on the list.   Akbas is told not be concerned with Serhan as he will also back out of his offer to buy the farm within a couple of days time!  Making you feel that Kerim is playing ALL the cards!

With business completed Serhan now feels free to visit Oya and his son Deniz (which means Sea in English)  and Oya observes his warm loving attitude towards his son.  He feels so much love for them both and asks her if he could move in and live with her and his son?  Her response is that she will not consider him moving in as long as he is still married to Merve whom she knows will not give Serhan a divorce.  She comments she does not want the complication in her life.  On relaxing afterwards she asks him why the police arrested him.  He tells her he was under suspicion of Edip’s murder.  She asks him the question, “did you do it”?  He answers “I might and I might not ”.   She comments that she will kill the person when she finds out who did it.  Is this the reason we see Oya being arrested for murder in 2019?  Did she find out who it was?

After having extended an invitation to Merve to visit him at home in the evening, Kerim is nervous and anxiously awaiting her arrival questioning himself as to whether she will come.     On learning that Serhan has been in jail and remembering what Kerim told her previously about him being able to prevent Serhan from going to jail (this remark leads you to think that he is playing a game with her also),  she decides to take up his invitation and exits her home to walk up the road to her old house.   On arriving at the home he is stirred with emotion at her appearance.  He takes her hand in his and leads her inside.


Written By – Sandy


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