It is the end of Season 1 in the year 2018. Police have been investigating the death of a guest at a party in Sarmasik.   The police investigation concluded that death was by accident and the case was thereby closed.

We now move into the future approximately six months into the year 2019. Oya is handcuffed and placed in a police car, processed at the police station and taken to jail, reappearing at a Court Hearing shortly afterwards where she pleads guilty and confesses that she killed him!  At this time we do not know whom she is referring to.

Moving back in time to 2018.  Our group of high society families have moved on since our final episode in Season 1.   Arzu has remarried Mehmet.  Pelin and Taylan have settled into normal daily life.    Merve and Mila have returned from 3 months in England and live with Serhan (although unhappily) with there being no possibility of Serhan gaining a divorce. Oya has given birth prematurely to a son in rather dramatic circumstances and Merve was not happy to hear that the baby belongs to her husband.  Oya visits the cemetery where Edip is buried and meets Kerim there. Kerim is our new character who ends up buying her house.  Kerim attended the same University as Taylan together with our new character Emre.  Emre has also bought a new house in Sarmasik together with his new girlfriend who turns out to be Burcu.  Why did Burcu return?     Serhan continues to have an obvious strong growing love and passion for Oya and declares he will protect her and his new son even though he is still married to Merve.  He also was not happy to find out that Oya had sold her house to Kerim without telling him.

At the Criminal Bureau of Investigation Inspector Kemal finally finds evidence which places our poisoned victim at the Summer Party.  This evidence gives him the opportunity to reopen the investigation.   The opportunity now allows the Inspector to interrogate and take statements from his suspects.   Knowing that his suspects are all at home Inspector Kemal now strikes and deploys police vehicles to bring in every member of our prime players for questioning. They all give statements as to their whereabouts on the day of the party and whether they knew the poisoned victim.  With statements and interviews completed and the police not able to gain any evidence to charge anyone, the group were allowed to leave.   Later in reviewing his interviews, Inspector Kemal believed that the group had rehearsed their story on the events of that day covering up for the real culprit by matching their statements.   He also took the time to review our new characters who have moved into Sarmasik.  Inspector Kemal relates the history he has gained on Kerim to his Assistant.  He notes that Kerim is a complicated character.  He is wealthy and owns an abattoir (slaughterhouse for cattle).  He is a mysterious man.  He has no family.  He has built a meat dynasty by himself.  He is a loner. Cruel and emotionless. He knows Taylan, Pelin, Emre, and Merve from his old university days.  He also comments on Emre who belongs to a wealthy family and is a ship owner who recently divorced his wife and moved to Sarmasik with Burcu.  He posts their photographs on his corkboard along with photographs of all the other suspects.

At this point, our episode travels back in time when we attend a University basketball game at which a Basketball Scout attends looking to sign up those exceptional players for professional basketball.  During the game, every opportunity is taken by Taylan to keep Kerim away from the ball which gives the Scout no opportunity to see his potential.  His anger towards Taylan sends him into a rage which eventuates in a savage fight.  Emre and Pelin were witnesses on the day.  Later on that day Kerim and Merve meet.  Kerim was deeply in love with Merve who takes this opportunity to break off their relationship by telling Kerim he had no financial means to support the kind of future lifestyle she wants.  Kerim tells Merve that she will REGRET what she has done!   Merve moves on to her new target a young Serhan who comes from a wealthy family.

Meanwhile, BACK AT THE POLICE STATION a young man presents himself and confesses to the murder of Elif by poisoning.  Chief Inspector Kemal believes that somebody hired him to make a false confession.  Chief Inspector Kemal also is convinced that both the murders have a connection. He continues his investigation and eventually finds out that the young man is a Gardener.  We don’t know whom he worked for or who hired him to lie!

High society neighbours have gathered at Merve’s home.  All the gang has turned up, some not having seen each other for months.   Arzu was most surprised when she saw Burcu who had returned to Sarmasik. ( As you recall they had a raging fight in the bathroom on the night of the party in which Arzu stabbed Burcu,  and also you might recall it was Burcu who took the poison from Pelin’s home and placed it in the glass of lemonade which led to the death of Elif.   A drink which was destined for Arzu but mistakenly ended up in Elif’s hands)!   A warm greeting was experienced between Taylan and Emre who had not seen each other for years,  and a nervous Kerim arrives with hands in pockets and eyes only for Merve whom he later follows into a Cloak Room where he turns the key in the door lock and blocks her escape.  His question to her was whether over the years she had missed him!

Whilst our party continues guests are unaware that police cars are speeding towards Serhan’s apartment with sirens blaring.  He is arrested for deceiving the law intentionally.  Has he lied?  What did he say that was deceiving?  Has the Gardener told police that it was Serhan that hired him to give a false confession or was Serhan’s police statement on the day of questioning not been the truth?

We now return to the Court Room in 2019 whereby a hearing is underway following Oya’s arrest.  She has confessed to a murder.  We do not know who she is referring to at this stage.   She says “she will tell the Judge everything”.   She appears calm and focused and narrating in her mind the following comments:   “THIS WAS ONLY THE BEGINNING.  ALL HELL WAS GOING TO BE RELEASED.  IT GETS EVEN WORSE,  DEVASTATING,  BLOODY WITH MANY SURPRISES”.   


Written By – Sandy


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