Born February 1st 1936

Tuncel was born in Bahcecik, Kocaeli. He had two brothers. While young he travelled with his family around Turkey due to his Dad’s job which was a District Governor. He attended high school in Istanbul, then studied English Philology at Istanbul University, but he didnt graduate.

His career started in the theatre, and made lots of appearances on stage in Turkey but also in Sweden, Germany and England. During his years in military service he became friends with Yilmaz Guney a film director, they made a few films together, one of which Umut was restricted on being exported from Turkey, but it was smuggled out of the country and shown at the Cannes Film Festival. He was renowned internationally and appeared in international productions from Sweden, Germany, UK , India,  Italy and France.

He became popular with the younger generation after his appearances in Asi and the amazing performance in Ezel. His final series was Magnificent Century in 2013, he played the role of Ebussuud Efendi .Surprisingly in a prolific career he only won five awards, all for Best Actor or Supporting Actor.

Very tragically Tuncel died on September 27th 2013 at his home in Istanbul after a fall which resulted in a head trauma. He was married to Menend Kurtiz and he was survived by two children , his daughter Asli and his son Mirza. May his soul rest in peace.

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Written By : Rachel Labidi


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