Born December 17th 1981

Married to Almeda Abazi

Tolgahan was born in Turkey to Greek/Turkish parents, he has a sister called Nil. He graduated from High school where he was said to have enjoyed a range of subjects. He then attended University and got a degree in Business Admin. While at university he did modelling work part time for many famous brands. He won an award in 2001 for ” Model of the Future “, this really motivated him and he became popular around the world and was the first Turkish model to appear at an Haute Couture catwalk in Paris. His continued success in this field is what brought him to the attention of Turkish production companies. He first presented the Top Model contest and then caught the acting bug.

He trained for quite a long time in acting at Ekoldrama and with Ayla Algan. He has appeared in 10 TV series, including, Lale Devri, Asla Vazgecmem and Siyah Inci. He played  Mustafa in Elveda Rumeli  and smashed the rating records on atv in 2007-2009. He also starred in four movies to date, alongside Berguzar Korel, and also Fahriye Evcen.

He has dated a couple of his co-stars, Serenay Sarikaya and Selen Soyder both of who he met while working together. Currently he is engaged to the Albanian model Almeda Abazi.

He is a devoted Fenerbahce fan and watches the games often. He is a gifted actor and takes his roles seriously to get in to character. In the movie Bag Kur he had to lose 10 kg’s in weight.

I have seen Tolgahan in Asla Vazgecmem and really enjoyed him. I will be watching Siyah Inci too and any future series he does.

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Written By : Rachel Labidi


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