Episode 9

The episode starts back in the room where Mahzar is lying dead on the floor. Hakan has been arrested by police and Leyla is stood there, he pleads telling her he hasn’t done it. She doesnt look convinced. Faysal arrives demanding to be let into the room. Leyla goes out to him and says that Hakan has killed Mahzar. Faysal appears stunned. They lead Hakan out of the room, Faysal hugs Leyla and as Hakan turns round towards them he sees the stone on her necklace glowing like the talisman ring.

Leyla contacts Zeynep to yell her Hakan has been arrested. She talks with her father and says how will they get the ring now. Kemal tells her there is something he can do but it would mean him breaking his loyalty oath by talking to someone he shouldn’t. Faysal meanwhile has asked for time alone with Mahzar’s body, he talks to him and we get to know that Faysal killed Mahzars family so that he would be indebted to him and become loyal.

Kemal needs to speak with Derya. She was a loyal one but was expelled. Her job was to get information from the immortals but she got too close to them and the loyal ones thought that maybe she liked the immortals too much.

Leyla is in the office with Faysal, He tells her he is 1000 years old. There were 7 immortals, his wife Ruya was one of them. 500 hundred years ago humans started to hunt them as they were different. Leyla thinks he is losing the plot and has gone crazy. She seems uncomfortable. He picks up a letter opener and stabs himself in the neck, when he removes it there is no blood and the wound heals immediately. He says he was the one that Hakan was looking for but killed Mahzar instead. He says he has an offer for her. Does she want to hug her mother again?

Kemal goes with Zeynep to meet Derya. He insists she stays outside…of course she doesnt and sneaks inside. Kemal asks Derya who is the immortal. but before she can answer, Zeynep is discovered. They lock them both in a room and release gas. Zeynep climbs into the ventilation duct to get out and open the door. But its too late. Her father is dead. Oh no I loved that character.

Kakan is released from the police station. He is met by Faysal, he is the one that has arranged his release. Hakan now knows Faysal is the remaining immortal and they have a fight outside. Faysal tells him he needs to be in his office in one hour with the dagger or he will never see Leyla again. He shows him a video of her tied up and gagged.

Zeynep goes to the cistern devastated Hakan is still there. She tells him her Dad as died he wants to go and free Leyla and kill Faysal he gets the dagger from its hiding place in the wall. Zeynep tells him not to they argue and he agrees to put the sword back…but does he really? He then leaves, locks her in and she realises that he has taken the dagger. He arrives at Faysal’s office, Erdem wants just a few drops of blood from Hakan to bring his wife another immortal back to life…Hakan refuses, Erdem shoots Leyla in the stomach and tells Hakan to remove the shirt.

Written By: Rachel Labidi



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