Episode 8

Faysal is in the office with Mahzar. Mahzar is telling Faysal that he is suspicious of Hakan but Faysal doesnt seem to agree with him. He tells Mahzar to go and do work at the shipyard. He thinks that Faysal will replace him as head of security with Hakan. Faysal dismisses him and tells him to observe Hakan maybe he will learn something.

Ceylan goes to the police station and creates a scene. She sees Kemal being walked out of a room and she runs up to him shouting that he had broken all her ceramics…she manages to get a whispered message from him before the cops pull him away. Ceylan goes back out and tells Hakan and Zeynep that Kemal wants them to stay away.

Mahzar is talking with Leyla, he tells her to look at the pictures on Erdem’s desk, that will show here where Hakan was the night before. ( as we know breaking into the museum ). Ceylan shows Zeynep where Timur is the nightclub owner who may be able to help get Kemal out of prison. She attacks his same two guards that Kemal did. He agrees to do it, on one condition he gets to meet The Protector.

A journalist who has been trying to investigate Faysal dirty dealings manages to access the company and goes into Faysals office where he is with Leyla. He threatens him with a gun. Hakan seeing him enter follows him and disarms him, saving Faysal’s life again. Leyla is needed to answers question by the police and asks Hakan to stay until she has finished, he agrees. He gets a call from Zeynep ( I love this girls timing ) saying that her Dad is being released and to meet at the cistern…he leaves without telling Leyla. Faysal tells her he had a call from Zeynep and left.

At the cistern Timur meets Hakan, Kemal is eager to get rid of him and Hakan says he is like a snake. Hakan and Zeynap talk about the kiss that they had, Hakan says it was a mistake and they were caught up in the moment. Zeynep agrees, but not really. She even gives him advice on how to make it up to Leyla for standing her up. I know now I want Hakan and Zeynep to get together.

Faysal tells Mahzar that he has been demoted as his team was responsible for letting the journalist get into the building and he will be promoting Hakan.

Hakan goes to visit Leyla who doesnt want to talk. He sits outside her room waiting. Mazhar renders Hakan unconscious with chloroform. He ties him to a chair in another room and wants to know where the dagger is. Hakan after a struggle stabs him in the neck with a shard of glass. Hakan realises that Mahzar isn’t the Immortal one as he could only be killed with the dagger. Leyla had heard some commotion as she was passing the room, she walks in to find Mazhar dead in a pool of blood and Hakan at the side of him telling her he can explain.

Written By: Rachel Labidi



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