Episode 6

Its the day after the night before. Zeynep, Emir and Kemal are worried where Hakan is. His phone comes back online and they can track it to the hotel where he is staying with Leyla. Zeynep isn’t impressed.

Faysal has entered a new vault that hasn’t been opened for hundreds of years at the Hagia Sophia. On entering he finds lots of historical artefacts but a gold cup catches his eye. Back at the cistern, Zeynep is working out her anger and frustration, it’s possibly due to the fact that she is anxious to get on and find the stone and the dagger but also some frustration about the relationship between Kakan and Leyla.

Emir is frustrated too and Kemal tells him its time for him to go back home now to his family. But Emir has other ideas. Zeynep gets offered a job by Erdem as he is working on a restoration project on the Hagia Sophia she keeps refusing him, however as she learns more about Erdem’s security chief she decides to take the job. Also, I’m sure she has feelings for Hakan, and doesnt appear happy that he is very close to Zeynep. So a great way to keep an eye on him. Kemal meanwhile is looking for the dagger that’s also needed for Hakan to save Istanbul. He visits an old adversary, Timur who owns a nightclub. He is one of the loyal followers but does not get on with Kemal well. Kemal is pretty handy at fighting too.

Erdem takes Zeynep to the Hagia Sophia restoration site and shows her the room that has just been discovered, He has already given the job to her professor/lover, Akin but tells her that maybe he has bigger plans for her. Zeynep quietly tells Hakan to come back to the pharmacy tonight as they need him. Mazhar has told Hakan that he must end his affair with Leyla as it’s against company rules. Hakan seems to have a hard time actually telling Leyla. Meanwhile, poor Emir is checking out a deserted house, and Mazhar is waiting for him, he attacks Emir and chokes him to death.

In the last scene of the episode, Hakan returns back to Kemal and Zeynep they tell him that they have found where the dagger is…in a museum in front of everyone and impossible to take.

Written By: Rachel Labidi



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