Episode 5

It’s the morning after the party. Hakan and Leyla have spent the night together. Hakans phone rings its Zeynep, he doesnt answer but gets up and says he has to leave as Zeynep needs him. Leyla is a little disgruntled even though Hakan explains they are friends. He asks Leyla what is Mahzar’s issue Leyla tells him to be careful as he could cause trouble.

Back at work, Hakan speaks with Faysal and Mahzar. Faysal asks him who the girl was that came to the party. Hakan explains that it’s his cousin’s history teacher from the university. Hakan asks him about the man who tried to kill him the night before. Faysal assures him they will give the man some help. Hakan leaves to take a call and Faysal nods to Mahzar. He goes and acts as the man’s lawyer. Mahzar threatens to hurt his family.

Back at the Cistern Hakan meets Emir, who is excited to meet the actual Protector. Kemal says that Hakan is to go with Emir back to Prince’s Island. This is where Emir lives and where Hakan was born. Kemal says he needs to hear what Serdar ( Emir’s Dad ) tells him. Zeynep says she will go with them. Kemal says no she will go with him, searching for the stone.

At the Island where he was born, he meets his parent’s friends who are also loyal to the cause. He learns that he had twin siblings who were killed also around the same time as his parents. They tell him that he must never put his feelings or anything before Istanbul that must always be his priority. That’s why his Mum and Dad were killed, his Father put his feelings for his Mum first and didn’t put on the shirt to protect himself.

While entering the university Zeynep sees a black sports car and comes across Faysal who introduces himself. He cant understand why she is interested in history but isn’t interested in his restoration of Hagia Sophia. She refuses the offer of a job. After speaking with Akin Zeynep goes to the Faysal building looking for him, She comes across Leyla who is asking where Hakan is, Zeynep is a little offhand with her. Obviously, by now, she has feelings for Hakan that are more than friends.

At the end of the episode, Zeynep and Emir tell Kemal that they can’t find Hakan since he got back from the Island. Hakan is with Leyla, they are talking all romantically when good old Zeynep calls again at the wrong time ( or the right time in my opinion )  he declines the call.

Written By: Rachel Labidi



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