Episode 2

Episode 2 commences with a scene from the past, explaining about the talisman dagger and the ring with the stone. These are what The Protector will need along with the shirt to kill the immortal.

Hakan is with Kemal and Zeynep who are explaining to him about the dagger and the ring, Hakan wants to go and find his friend Memo, who he hasn’t seen since the shooting. Memo os being tortured by some guys under the instruction of Faysal’s chief of security, Mazhar. Memo does not say anything at all despite being severely beaten.

Faysal tells Leyla that he wants to speak with Hakan about giving him the job, she says she will try again to contact him. Hakan has sneaked out of the Cistern and is looking for Memo, but he realises that other people are also searching for him. He goes to his step dad’s house but Memo isn’t there. He finds a box hidden behind some books. There is a photo in there taken in 1989. His step Dad, Kemal and another man. Zeynep finds him at the house and swiftly disarms him. Hakan gets a text from who he thinks is Memo to meet. Zeynep goes with him.

Hakan finds his friend, Memo who was tortured and killed by the people also wanting the shirt. They set Hakan up and leave his friend on a bench in the park. A sniper is watching and shoots Hakan several times but the bullets bounce off. He doesnt see Hakans face or Zeynep as they have their hoods up. He reports back to his boss who is the head of security, Mazhar.

Back at the Cistern Kemal tells Hakan that the other man on the photograph that he found his biological father. Hakan is all for finding this immortal and killing him. Zeynep explains that they need the ring to start with and they need to find it. Kemal explains when Hakan parent got killed the Loyal ones shared the duties of looking after Hakan and taking care of the ring, shirt and dagger in separate locations so no one could be in possession of them all together. Hakan is all fired up and says what are we waiting for let’s find the ring.


Written By: Rachel Labidi



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