Episode 10

Hakan, Faysal and Leyla are in the office. Hakan removes the shirt, he cuts the palm of his hand with the dagger and drips his blood into the bottle that Faysal gives him. Faysal leaves with the dagger and the shirt, At the door, he tells his guards to kill them both.

Hakan shoots the guards and escapes taking Leyla with him who has lost a lot of blood and is very sick. He drives her back to the Cistern where Zeynep can help. But when they arrive Zeynep isn’t there. He lays her down on the same table that his stepdad died on. She tells him that Faysal said to her that an immortal’s blood can heal people and bring them back from the dead. Leyla dies from the gunshot wound with Hakan holding her. He promises that they will be together soon and removes the necklace.

We get a flashback where Faysal is with his wife. Another immortal, Mergen comes into the room, telling them that there is only those three left now. You can tell there is some hostility between him and Faysal. He tells Faysal that his and Ruya’s love will be the end of them all.

Zeynep has been following Faysal and when Hakan calls he meets her with Leyla in the car.  They enter the house where Faysal is. As they are entering Faysal gets a call from the office saying that his guards are dead and Hakan and Leyla arent there. Meanwhile Akin has discovered the vault at the Hagia Sophia, he finds something interesting but is attacked and killed by Faysal.

Hakan and Zeynep work out that his wife is in the Hagia Sophia and that’s why he is so interested. Faysal is in a large vault that has several tombs. He opens his wife’s. He pours Hakans blood into the gold cup and just as he is dripping it in her mouth Hakan shouts him. Of course, Hakan doesnt have his shirt on and Faysal beats him. Zeynep finds the dagger and slides it towards Hakan/ He grabs it and stabs Faysal in the stomach.

As they are fighting with the dagger the blood that spilt from the cup has started to dissipate towards all of the tombs. Ruya is brought back to life. Faysal is emotional when he sees her. Zeynep has got the dagger with Faysal’s blood on it and puts it to Leyla’s lips.

The season ends as the blood has made it to each tomb and the immortals are all alive again. Leyla takes a gasp and comes back to life. And we hear the words. ” I told you this wasn’t a fairytale ”

That is the end of the first season. There are another 10 episodes and these will be released in 2019.

I hope you have enjoyed the 10 summaries. Please look out for my article with an overall review of the first season.

Written By: Rachel Labidi



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