After what seems like forever finally The Protector has been released on Netflix worldwide. Highly anticipated for any fans of Turkish drama. A well known Turkish cast and a Netflix production combined, will it live up to expectations? Let’s see…

Episode 1

The series starts with Hakan ( Cagatay Ululsoy ) a bit of lovable rogue, likes the ladies and has dreams for the future expanding his Dad’s antique business. He and his best friend Memo ( Cankat Aydos ) live together and they are looking for better premises for the shop.

We also first see Faysal Erdem ( Okan Yalabik ) rich businessman who is bidding for the contract to do restoration work on the Hagia Sophia. All his opponents appear to meet sticky ends to leave the way for clear for him. He has an assistant called Leyla ( Ayca Aysin Turan ). Hakan is looking for a job and applies to the Faysal company for a job in security. Leyla interviews him but dismisses him as not qualified for the job.  On leaving the building Hakan saves a young girl from being struck by a falling light fitting. Faysal sees this and tells Leyla to hire him.

Memo has gambled away the rent for the house where they live and both he and Hakan get evicted. Hakan and his father get a visit at the shop from a lady who is looking for a special shirt. His Dad denies that he has seen it but Hakan knows he has seen it somewhere in the cellar. Afterwards, his Dad calls someone to say that the shirt is been looked for. Hakan and Memo take the shirt secretly and meet with the lady as they really need the money she is offering. At the meeting his Dad arrives and takes the shirt, he sees a man going to shoot at them and all hell breaks loose. Hakan realises his Dad has been shot but he won’t let him take him to the hospital. He insists on going to a pharmacy of a friend.

They arrive there and Kemal his friends disappear into the back of the shop with his Dad. Hakan is frantic and Kemal’s ( Yurdaer Okur ) daughter Zeynep ( Hazat Erguclu ) tries to calm him down. In the end, she has to choke hold him until he passes out. She takes him through a secret entrance to a large vault that they call the cistern. There Kemal is trying to help his father. He is gravely ill

His Dad explains that Hakan is The Protector and that Kemal and Zeynep will tell him everything. Of course, Hakan is distraught and not trusting of these strange people. Kemal tells him he is just like his father, Hakan says he wasn’t my biological father, Kemal says he knows. They explain to him that they are the loyal ones, Hakan asks who to? They say him. They tell him what the role of The Protector is and he has to find the remaining immortal and kill him. Hakan is totally confused and doesn’t understand anything.

They tell him to put the shirt on and see what happens. He does. Zeynep pulls a gun and fires the bullet at his head, it knocks him over but the bullet bounces off him into a lump of squished metal. The episode ends with Zeynep and Hemal looking down at him.

So that was the first episode a little shorter in length than we are used to around 35-40 minutes long. My first impressions are that its a slick production as you would expect from a Netflix Original production. There were lots of familiar faces, of course, Cagatay who was great as always. I was slightly disappointed with Ayca Aycin Turan, She played a week flaky role in Meryem that was annoying I was hoping that this role may have some grit to it, but we will see. Great to see Yurdaer Okur, those who have watched the series Karadayi will know him well as the Prosecutor Turgut…he really was a bad buy.

I will keep an open mind and summarise each episode and then do a final review of the first season.

Written By: Rachel Labidi



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