This must be a very difficult choice for you ladies. This is not based on acting ability but just solely on how they look.

Which actor floats your boat..

Please everyone cast your VOTE to let us know who you think is The Most Handsome Male Turkish Actor.

It is ONLY ONE VOTE per user, so make it count. We are interested to see the results as I am sure you are too,

Hadi Everyone . . .


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      • All the main ones according to you.. i have been following Turkish series since 14 years and there are some actors I have never heard of..erkenci kus is the first serie people hear of can yaman though i saw him with few appearances before, many fans may have fun watching it but let us admit it is one of the silliest serie ever unless you are proud to depict women as silly and brainless as in erkenci kus who can be kissed in the dark without minding it. Aim of the story is how to show women how to lose their self-respect. I am proud Çaglar Ertugrul is not in this list. He portrayed an amazing Mr Darcy as Yagiz Egemen and he starred as Oguz in most watched movie in 2016. But given your taste i am glad you didn’t put him there he is better than that i wish i find a good website for dizis but i can also dream anyway i stopped watching i lost my time enough with stupid soaps

        • Off course Caglar Ertugrul .. the most talked actor of the year 2017 and 2018 🙂 And the star of Fazilet, Dag1 and the most watched movie Dag 2, and the new film Yanimda Kal …

      • What Seriously? 😐 did you check your list 🙄😂 speechless ,,,, you either blind unbiased ass not too see the actors who deserved to be in this list or you some kinda stupid jealous 🤷‍♀️

      • So you are telling the guy that was the most talked actor in turkish of the year 2017 is not onee of the main ones?
        Check somera next time for some references .

  1. A list made by a teen most Turkish handsome actors aren’t even there n they call can yaman handsome whoever made this list has never met a guy in her life 😂 copies of can yaman are everywhere lady!

  2. So you are telling the guy that was the most talked actor in turkish of the year 2017 is not onee of the main ones?
    Check somera next time for some references .

  3. La mayoria de los turcos son bonitos, tendrían que haber puesto un parámetro de belleza! Voté a Can Yaman porque es un “urbano” hermoso pero hubiese también votado a otro/s por bellos. Saludos desde Argentina.

  4. Si la votacion es por el mas hermoso fisicamente, para mi Kivang es el mas hermoso fisicamente, pero el que me mueve, me gusta,me encanta, lo adoro, lo veo todo de el es el sinigual Aras Bulut , que es completisimo, hermoso, atractivo, carismatico, ademas de excelente actor.

  5. Moi je vote pour Engin Akyurek. L Acteur qui a eu un succe phenomenal aux 4 coins de la planete. Donc au niveau International qui a ete reconnu mondialement comme meilleur acteur. Ses 2 films Fatmagul a ete classe NR 1 sur 149 pays et NR 2 Kara Para aschk sur 142 pays. Meilleurs ventes de tous les autres series turques. Donc je regrette c est le Must. Alors pour moi il doit etre Nr 1.

  6. Carpisma is most beautiful film which made #ElcinSangu #KivancTatlitug to be most realized this couple of star actors play full filling rising the film standard making most attractive one drawing attention of many viewers is the best recently

  7. In loc de Can Yaman scrie Poate, ce sa insemne asta, sa=l cautam , ca prostii pe Can ca, poate=l gasim, va bateti joc de fani!

  8. Can Yaman is the most handsome and most gorgeous Turkish actor to date. 😍
    All the ❤️ from The Philippines! 🇵🇭

  9. CAN YAMAN I begain to watch the turkish series because of him and your long and tie hair. I am watching ERKENCI KUS and watched DOLUNAY and INADINA ASK. He has anatural elegance is sportive and sofisticate. Can do many performances, romantic, action, drama and comedy. I cant be tired to see him performing. Can watch many times.

  10. #BarisArduc king of star actors most talented international model with rich activity in film&mode has realized the best personages exception at last three films as lead actor most liked in all the world


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