Born on 17th October 1972

Married to Pinar Dilek

His full name is Tarkan Tevetoglu, he was born in Germany in 1972 in Alzey village as a fifth son of a family of 6 children. His passion for music started when he was 3 years old and it was just the beginning . When he was 14 he came back to Turkey and started taking Turkish classical music lessons along with this lessons he met so many reputable composers that lead him through his career to this days.

At the end of the high school years he decided to go back to Germany and at this moment he met Mehmet Sogutoglu as a consequence  that changed his destiny. He released his first album in  1993, along with this he managed to sell 700.000 albums. In 1995 with his second album “Acayipsin” he gave concerts all over Turkey and Europe, this album sold 3,5 million. He became  singer around the world and gave concerts in Switzerland,  Germany,  Holland,  Colombia etc. and win golden record awards all over the world.

As known as the Turkish prince of pop , the singer conquered the hearths of millions with his famous song “şımarık “ (kiss kiss). Tarkan is one of a few singers which have managed to be successful  all over the world without singing in English.

When he was the most popular singer in Russia,  his albums were sold in middle and south America more than Shakira’s  and Enrique Iglesias’s  albums. At the same time he was competing with Ricky Martin. He took a break from music world in 2005 and made a come back in 2007 with his new album “ metamorfoz”. He married Pınar Dilek on April 2016. His latest album (Yolla) released on June 21th this year, and everybody loved it .

Controversy always followed Tarkan thoughout his career. He always complains about the downsides of Turkey and says Turkey should be more secular . His thoughts were always controversial and made so many people discuss about Turkey’s latest status in the diplomatic  area.

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