Born October 13th 1950
Married to Seyan Levent

Tamer was born in Izmir, Turkey. His Dad was a criminal Judge and his Mum was a designer. He graduated from Ankara University. He when then on to be prolific in the theatre world. He worked at the State Theatre at first as an actor then as a director. He has taught acting all over the world including, Theatre Department of New York University, the Theatre Department of Berlin College of Art School, Warwick University, and Bretton Hall College in Yorkshire England which is only a few miles from where I live. He also organises theatre workshops all over the world including Tunisia, Hungary, Belguim and Luxembourg.
Tamer is also a very well respected Director of both Theatre and Opera, and has written many articles on theatre that have been published around the world.

His movie and TV career really started in 2006 when he did a TV series called Gulpare. He has appeared in eight movies and ten TV series. The most notable were playing the actor Tahsin in Cezur ve Guzel ( always wanted to spit in someones mouth !!) and currently my favourite role as Garip in the series Istanbullu Gelin. A totally different character from Tahsin and he will continue as Garip in Istanbullu Gelin when it goes in to a third season this year. He was married in 1982 to the producer Seynan Levent and they have two children, a son called Efe and a daughter Hazal. Tamer has an Instagram with 72k followers, and appears to post often, his spare time obviously is taken up by travelling all over the world for his love of acting.

A very accomplished actor, director and teacher who devotes his time to helping other people learn the art of acting.

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Written By : Rachel Labidi


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