The season 2 finale on June 11th left the viewers with so many unanswered questions and confusion. I totally believe that was deliberate. But overall it was a really great episode, sad but a great episode.

Season 2 of SÖZ was pretty successful and really exciting. We saw new faces, we lost familiar characters like Fatma, Hafız and Çolak. There was lots of action, adventure, blood and breathtaking scenes. Season 2 had new soundtracks as well. We saw an engagement, a marriage, couples getting closer. There were arguments and fights throughout. Overall the four couples in SÖZ were very enjoyable to watch in season 2. Yavuz and Bahar were geat to watch, they fell in love and it was nice to watch them through the good and bad. Same with Nazlı and Ateş, they had their own difficulties and obstacles to overcome. Fethi and Eylem are such an exciting couple. Finally, we saw Feyzullah and Su get engaged.

The operation and battle scenes were so good throughout season 2. Lots of action and really good cinematography. The bond the soldiers have is so beautiful. One of the things I love about this series is the brotherhood theme which we saw many times.

Now going back to the season 2 finale, viewers were given hints that a major character will die. For so many fans it was really hard to accept that this character would die. Even though some after watching the season 2 finale thought maybe she will return in Season 3. But it became official when the leading actress made an official announcement in August as she said goodbye to her character ‘Bahar’.

Aybüke Pusat was the leading actress for two seasons. I was one of those fans that hoped she will be back. But throughout this summer, I got to realize she will not be back. In the season 2 finale, at the funeral scene Yavuz was given a new identity and to live somewhere else due to the fact that they faked his own death and that almost all of other characters believe that he died. So in conclusion, there were lots of questions that needed to be answered.

Season 3 will start on September 17th on Star TV. Three new players have joined the cast for Season 3. Deniz Baysal will be playing the character of Prosecutor Derya. Sarp Akkaya will be playing the character of Dragan Ratkoviç, the new villain. Ece Çeşmioğlu will be playing the character of Melisa Yılmaz, she is set to be the love interest for Mücahit. I think this will be a great match, we are finally going to see Keşanlı in love.

So what to expect from the first episode of Season 3 is that Yavuz Karasu is still living alone with his new identity as Ömer Günay, which we learned from the trailer. How is Yavuz coping with the loss of Bahar? How is living without his brothers and his uniform? Most likely it seems like he will be working in intelligence before returning to the army. I mean that is my guess. I am really looking forward to his reunion with the other guys.

Of course losing a character like Bahar is pretty huge. But this series has managed to be successful with two seasons, many characters died and we saw lots of new characters as well.

New season, new adventures, new operations. It is exciting! Looking forward to seeing the main characters and also the new ones. Will we finally see Feyzullah and Su get married? Will one of the couples get engaged? Will we unfortunately lose another character? What dangerous operations will they have?

Season 3, bring it on. Monday September 17th Season 3 will start with Episode 51.


Written By – Raghad A.K


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