After four weeks off, Söz returned with a new episode. It was the first episode of 2019. Viewers (like myself) waited almost a month to find out whether Ateş died and what exactly happened to him to Derya and Kopuk.

Episode 66 started with the team and Erdem as they returned back to Istanbul, it was after the vehicle explosion that Ateş was in. Since it was a big explosion, it seemed like it was unlikely that Ateş survived. However, we do not see the actual scene but we hear the voice-over of Erdem as he talks in disappointment. They were not able to locate a body but they collected many pieces. They are not even if its Ateş. It was a sad scene especially with that slow music in the background. They all looked sad and hopeless. Once they arrived they met Yavuz, Derya and Eylem. Erdem tells them that they must get a DNA test done so they could find out whether its Ateş or not. Most of them seem to have lost hope.

Meanwhile, Kopuk is recovering from the drug that was he injected with. As we saw in episode 65 it had a very bad side-effect. Yavuz did not want Kopuk to get arrested and send to jail. So in episode 65 viewers saw Yavuz shot Derya to protect Kopuk. In this episode we saw a flashback of what occurred after, he told the police that Kopuk was drugged and acting under the influence while Derya was not injured because she was wearing a bulletproof vest. Yavuz was relieved and apologized to her. Toran is taking care of Kopuk while Yavuz is with the team as they wait for the results.

The scene when Nazlı asks her father Erdem ‘Where is Ateş?”, the entire team was there including Yavuz, Eylem and Derya. At first, Nazlı realized that something was wrong because all of them were there and they all seemed upset. I really liked what she said to them, she is the only one that believed that Ateş is alive. She had hope and had great words of wisdom as she spoke them. Some of them could barely look her in the eye. She said that if Ateş is dead that she would feel it. She kept reassuring them that ‘Ateş is not dead’. Never give up hope that was her message to them. When she heard that they were waiting for the DNA tests she had hope. It was an emotional scene but also great.

Meanwhile, in a country in Europe, Sami and Dragan met with their big boss and they went over their next plans to overtake Turkey and get control of the Middle East. But the identity of this big boss is a mystery. We (the viewers) have not seen his face. It a mystery. Back in Turkey, Toran and Kopuk were trying to overhear the conversation through the microchip they had inserted in his phone. But they could not hear the majority of the conversation because Sami and Dragan’s phones were taking away during the meeting for security reasons. But they knew that Dragan and Sami met with a powerful man. Just then Yavuz arrives and Toran informs him of what happened and that Sami talked bad about his partners in the organization. He pretty much threw them under the bus even Dragan was surprised. Sami only cares about money.

Back at headquarters, Mücahit is upset about the Ateş situation. He looks at several photos of the team and Ateş. Efe, Yiğido and Aşık see him and try to comfort him. This was really great to see. It seems like Nazlı’s talk affected them, made them not lose hope. Then Mücahit gets a call from Melisa, she realized that he worried and upset, she invited him over to the club so that they can hang out for a bit before she sings. Mücahit agrees and tells Aşık to join him, they need a change of scenery.

Then we see Fethi very upset not only about Ateş but in general especially since he and Eylem lost their baby not long ago. Feyzullah joins him and tells him what is wrong. Fethi really needed to talk to someone and Feyzullah was that person. Fethi shared his pain and sadness to Feyzullah. He told me that he was going to become a father and that Eylem lost the baby due to the beatings she received from Dragan’s men. Feyzullah was surprised and upset too. It was good to see Fethi talk about this tragedy with someone, not just Eylem. Sometimes it’s good to just talk and have someone listen to you. That is exactly what happened in this scene. Meanwhile, Eylem who also very upset did the same thing, she was in another room and shared her pain and sadness with Derya. Especially since Derya knew about Eylem’s pregnancy, it was upsetting for both of them. Derya tried to calm Eylem down. She listened to her and left as soon as she saw Fethi standing at the door. Eylem and Fethi need each other to console one another because they went through the same painful experience. These scenes were just heartbreaking. We could feel the sadness and pain that they are going through. The scene between Eylem and Fethi was heartbreaking. Absolutely filled with sadness especially when she told him about the shortest story in the world written by Ernest Hemingway, “For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.” As they remembered the baby they almost had. It was an emotionally heartbreaking scene.

Meanwhile, Yavuz makes a surprise visit to Sami’s men from the organization; Orhan, Cahid, Tarik and Samet. He interrupts their meeting and tells them the truth about Sami and his partnership with Dragan and how Sami plans on cutting them out in the future. The four men get upset and frustrated, at first they could not believe Yavuz. But then Yavuz makes them listen to a recording of Dragan and Samir’s conversation which took place after their meeting with the big boss. This made the four men furious. They heard Sami insult them and throw them under the bus. This hurt them even Cahid wanted to kill Sami. Yavuz in a way threatens them in a nice way that they should turn themselves in and reveal all information about Sami or they will get killed. Only one man thought about accepting Yavuz’s deal because he has a family and wants to protect them and feels betrayed by Sami. This man is Orhan. He felt betrayed by Sami.

While Nazlı and Su were waiting for news about Ateş, Nazlı’s father Erdem drops by to see her. He gets a call and he informs her that the DNA test was invalid that they cannot tell if its Ateş or not. They would need more to determine if its Ateş or not. This made Nazlı very happy it gave her more hope than before. She believes Ateş is alive. Erdem tries to comfort her to accept the hard truth if it comes to that possibility. That Ateş could have died that day, but she insists that he did not die. I really liked this positively of Nazlı, the one that kept telling everyone that Ateş is alive.

Sami returned to Turkey and holds a meeting with the other men. At first they showed their anger towards him for betraying them. However Sami with his words was able to convince them that he has great plans for them and that they understood the situation and that Yavuz is trying to break them up. Only Orhan was smart enough, he did not believe in Sami’s lies. He spoke honestly with Sami and Sami was threatened by Orhan’s words. The trust between them got broken. As soon as Orhan left, Sami called Orhan’s driver and told him to get rid of Orhan. In this scene, Orhan felt scared and he wanted to protect his family so he calls Yavuz and tells him that he is willing to explain everything about Sami and dirty plans but under one condition that Yavuz protects his family. He tells Yavuz that Sami wants him (Orhan) dead. Yavuz agrees to help Orhan because he knows that Orhan has very valuable information that Turkish intelligence would benefit from.

Meanwhile, Mücahit and Aşık went to the club the place that Melisa invited Mücahit to. It is always nice to see Mücahit and Melisa together. I really liked this scene, it was very amusing. Especially the part when two of Cahid’s men arrived and had flowers. Cahid had sent flowers to Melisa. I loved her reaction and Mücahit. He was so funny and a bit jealous. One of my favourite scenes from the episode. The way Aşık moved the furniture around and they fought those guys and scared them off. Mücahit was jealous and it was funny. The nerve of that creepy Cahid.

At headquarters, a signal from Ateş’s watch which he was wearing during his undercover operation came through. Erdem gathers the team and informs them that there is a signal coming from Ateş’s watch. The guys are ecstatic and they all hopeful that Ateş may be alive. This gives them hope.

Next day, Nazlı spoke to them and told them not to give back and to “bring back my lover”. Fethi and the guys filled with hope they promise her they will bring him back. Erdem and the special forces head off to the location of where they think Ateş could be. They follow the coordinates from the signal of the watch.

Meanwhile, Orhan was taken to a safe house and Eylem and Derya want to interrogate him but he did not want to speak them. He told them that he would only speak with “Yavuz Karasu” and that surprised Derya and Eylem. They have no idea how Yavuz is involved in this. Orhan covers for Yavuz and says “Yavuz is a regular mechanic” but he will only speak to him and would reveal information about Sami and Dragan. But still, Derya wonders how Yavuz is involved in this matter. They call Yavuz and ask him for help and he agrees.

Colonel Erdem and the special forces continue searching for a sign of Ateş. They are following the signal from Ateş’s Ateş’s watch. A commander at headquarters sends them new coordinates and it leads them to prison. They are not certain if Ateş is there or not but they hold on to hope.

What surprised me the most in episode 66 was seeing that assistant of Derya speaking on the phone with Dragan. What?! So she is a spy. She gave him information that he needed which Sami arranged. She was acting like the sweet innocent assistant all along. I was so blindsided.

Orhan opens up to Yavuz. He speaks to him alone without Derya and Eylem hearing him. Unfortunately, Dragans attacks the safe house. Orhan gets shot and Eylem, Yavuz and Derya barely escape. However, as things get complicated, Eylem tells Yavuz to leave with Orhan and Derya while she tries to slow Dragan. Those three ran into the woods until they found a cabin and hid there.

Erdem and the special forces stand outside the prison and Erdem speaks the man in charge of the prison and informs him that he has a missing soldier that could be in that prison. The man said that there is no Turkish soldier in his prison, however, Erdem does not believe him and asks to check the facility. The prisoners gave Erdem and the team a hard time but the soldiers succeeded. I loved the fight scene towards the end at that prison. It was greatly executed nice fight choreography and music.

Near the end, Eylem talks on the phone with Seda (Derya’s assistant) on how the location of the safe-house got compromised. Seda the complete traitor pretended she had no idea how it happened. Looks like there’s a spy.

Towards the end, the suspense kept escalating. Erdem Colonel and the guys are in prison facility and they think they found Ateş. We can only see a man from his backside, he’s wearing the watch too. Erdem says ‘Ateş, son’ and his face and the other’s reaction filled with hope. The man’s face was completely covered. Meanwhile, Dragan found the location of Derya and Yavuz. They have no backup and Dragan is after Orhan. Both Yavuz and Derya had their weapons ready to battle.

It was an emotional and action-packed episode. Stay tuned for the summary of episode 67.

You can watch the episodes live every Monday night at 8 pm Turkish time on Star TV or catch up on Star Tv’s official Youtube channel.

Written By – Raghad A.K



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