This episode is one of the best of Season 3. Loved it! Episode 65 started exactly where episode 64 ended with Yavuz as he calls Toran to warn him about the attack on the auto repair shop. Sami has sent several men to attack and ambush the auto repair shop. Both Toran and Kopuk were inside and shots fired, Kopuk tries to protect Toran and himself, he, unfortunately, got kidnapped by those men that Sami sent. Then Yavuz arrives in his car and sees Kopuk get taken.

Yavuz drives after in his car but he loses track of them as Sami calls him. Sami got updated on the situation from his men. He is happy that they captured Yavuz’s close friend. So Sami makes fun of the situation and teases Yavuz. This irritates Yavuz very much. He threatens Sami and hopes that nothing bad happens to Kopuk. He drives back to the auto repair shop.

Meanwhile, outside the foreign base, Erdem and his team of special forces want to rescue Ateş from those foreigners. They see the base and figure out a plan. Back at headquarters, Eylem and the other Commander are worried because they have no contact with Erdem. They got information from intelligence that Ateş is being held in that foreign base but they cannot do anything because they have no physical evidence. They look for a way to get an image of Ateş in that foreign base so they can legally make a move.

Derya and the police arrive at the auto repair shop, Toran and Yavuz give their testimonies. Derya says that they will look for Kopuk and find those men. Yavuz and Toran continue to worry about Kopuk.

We finally see Ateş and he is being held inside the foreign base in an interrogation room. The foreign colonel and Dragan wany to get information out of Ateş about the Turkish military plans the soldiers have and information about Turkish intelligence. The foreign colonel does not want to get caught by the Turkish military for holding a Turkish soldier. He gets worried when he sees the Turkish soldiers approaching his base. He tells Dragan that the Turkish soldiers must not see Dragan with him. The special forces and Erdem march up to the gate of the foreign base. The foreign colonel acts like they do not have Ateş inside and this irritates Erdem very much because he and the guys can feel that Ateş is inside but they have to wait till they can make a move.

Meanwhile, Sami and Cahit arrive at the place where Kopuk is being held in. Sami is happy to have some kind of leverage on Yavuz. He puts Cahit in control, they want information on Yavuz and Turkish intelligence from Kopuk. Cahit has a suitcase of some drugs. He injected Kopuk with a dosage of drugs. As we saw later in the episode, Kopuk began having side-effects due to the drug. Poor guy.

Yavuz wants information on where Kopuk could be held. He calls İrfan and threatens him with the video he took of him in the previous episode. İrfan says that he tried to warn Yavuz. He agrees to help and find information on the whereabouts of Kopuk.

Erdem knows that they cannot go inside the foreign base until they get some kind of evidence that proves that Ateş is inside. The foreign soldiers try to scare them off, intimidate them by firing some shots. But that does not stop Erdem, it makes him more ambitious he goes on the field while shots get fired, the others join him as well. They are determined and will not stop even if they are being shot at. I loved this scene, it was beautiful.

At Sami’s place, İrfan confesses to Sami that he has made a mistake. He tells him about Yavuz and feels regretful. Sami got a bit angry and realized that Yavuz has been threatening İrfan. To get back at Yavuz, Sami uses this to his advantage. He calls Cahid and tells him that they need Kopuk alive, leverage against Yavuz. Then he tells İrfan to call Yavuz and gives him the address. Yavuz thinks this is the place where Kopuk is being kept in. But actually, this is a trap by Sami to get Yavuz in trouble. Then Sami calls Cahid and tells him what to do.

Then Fethi calls Eylem and updates her on the situation and tells her that Colonel Erdem had to do and that this their only chance to get Ateş. Eylem informs him that they are looking for some evidence, proof that Ateş is inside and she warns them not to make a move until they hear from her.

Meanwhile, Prosecutor Derya gets a tip from the police about the potential whereabouts of Kopuk. He suspects foul-play but he is not sure and takes a chance. She goes there with the police and it is the same place that İrfan told Yavuz about. It is a trap. As Yavuz arrives inside that place, there was no sign of Kopuk but there was only a bag filled with drugs. Sami set up Yavuz, then Yavuz heard the sirens. Toran tells him to hide because if he gets caught then he will be in big trouble. There was no place to hide except up. From his hiding spot, Yavuz saw the police enter the place and the two guys that he shot and the bag of drugs then he sees Derya as she investigates. Yavuz hid there in that tight spot until the police left but he did not that Derya came back. To risk not getting caught by her, he hit her from the back. She lost consciousness for a bit. He felt bad but Toran tells him that he had no other choice.

Back at the foreign base, Ateş is being questioned by the foreign colonel. Ateş composed himself well and tried not to get affected by the foreign colonel’s words.
He shows him an image of Erdem and the special forces waiting outside the foreign base. Ateş is surprised and begins to worry about them. The foreign colonel threatens Ateş with the lives of Erdem and the others. He wants Ateş to talk and review important information about Turkish intelligence. But Ateş does not say a thing but threatens him back. The foreign colonel gets angry.

Back at headquarters, they found a way to get access to the foreign base’s network. Eylem calls a Turkmen who works at that foreign base. She asks help from him and tells him about their situation and that there’s a Turkish soldier being held in that foreign base. At first, he refuses but then Eylem persuades him to help. She tells him that they will help him out and then she send agents to speak with him. He has lost his family and the village he lives in got destroyed. He has to work to get food and survive. He works at that foreign base as a caretaker. Finally, he agreed to help.

Yavuz felt bad for hurting Derya but he had no choice, he did not want to get exposed. He figured out that it was a trap by Sami to get Yavuz captured. Sami’s plan failed, Yavuz calls Sami this time Sami gives Yavuz a deal. Sami wants his money back in exchange for Kopuk. Then Yavuz went to the hospital to check up on Derya. She was fine and told him that he should not have bothered.

Erdem and the special forces team stayed waiting outside the foreign base for pretty much the entire day, during the night as well. They were hungry, thirsty but that did not stop them. They were waiting for news from Eylem. I liked the fire scene, the foreign colonel and Dragan were shocked at Erdem and the Turkish soldier’s actions. It was a powerful and beautiful scene. The shapes of the crescent and the star of the Turkish flag lit in fire on that grass. That scenery was breathtaking, not easy to describe. Just beautiful.

Meanwhile inside the foreign base, after agreeing to help that Turkmen went inside the IT room and was able to open an email. The foreign colonel and Dragan stopped their interrogation with Ateş and went outside. The noise from Erdem and the team was very loud. Dragan stayed inside so that he would not get exposed while the foreign colonel and few soldiers went outside. They tried to turn off the fire but could not. This made Dragan and the foreign colonel very angry. While Şero stayed in the interrogation room with Ateş. He tells Ateş that he (Ateş) should have killed him when he got the chance. Ateş not intimidated at all, he threatens Şero that once he gets out he will kill him.

Once everything cooled down, Erdem told the special forces that he is not sure how long they will stay for. He told them that they can make a call if they want to. Aytaç calls Su and to check up on her and Nazlı and tells Su that Nazlı should not worry about Ateş and that they all will be together soon. Then Mücahit calls Melisa and apologizes to her based on their previous encounter. He apologizes for his behaviour. I really liked this, Melisa said very sweet things to Mücahit. Meanwhile, that creep Cahid was in her house visiting her father and he overheard some of her phone conversation with Mücahit. It seems like he likes her but she finds him
annoying (that is good because he is annoying and creepy).

Meanwhile, inside the foreign base, Ateş tried to get himself out of the interrogation room. Two foreign soldiers took him to the bathroom. This is the moment when Eylem and the other agents at the headquarters spotted Ateş and captured him on camera. They were able to snap a photo. This is exactly the proof and evidence that they needed to rescue Ateş. I loved Eylem’s reaction, she was very happy.

That night Yavuz went to the villa of İrfan where he had underage girls and young women dancing with older men like himself. This scene was powerful as it touched light on human trafficking. Especially the part where that young girl did not want to dance but İrfan kept telling her to and it made her very uncomfortable. Thankfully that is when Yavuz arrived and the part when he made that man apologize to the girl and all the women they used. This was great of Yavuz. Eventually, Yavuz succeeded and got the location of the place that Kopuk is held at. İrfan told him about the place and that Cahid has Kopuk.

Next day, Eylem informs Fethi that they got approval to enter the foreign base. That they got their evidence that proofs that Ateş is being held inside that foreign base. They were all so happy to hear the great news. But this made the foreign colonel and Dragan very angry. Foreign colonel does not want to get in trouble for holding Ateş so he tells Dragan to leave from the back and to take Ateş with him. That is when Ateş hears the chants of the Turkish soldiers. He becomes ecstatic unfortunately Dragan had his own plan for Ateş, he hits him. Then he tells Şero to take Ateş in a vehicle which has tons of explosives inside and he knew that the soldiers would follow and the plan was to have Şero get out of the car and blow it up once he sees the soldiers get close to the vehicle. But that changed when Ateş woke up and tried to fight off Şero as he was driving. Erdem and the others were following behind in their vehicle.

Towards the end of the episode, the events began to escalate and viewers on the edge of their seats. The truck scene, in the end, was just mindblowing and breathtaking as Erdem and the other soldiers watch in horror, the vehicle in flames. The question on social media that kept being asked was: Did Ateş escape? Did he die?

Then the Derya, Yavuz and Kopuk scene at that warehouse. Yavuz went there to rescue Kopuk and Derya went there with the police for Kopuk as well. What Yavuz did was wrong but it was also understandable as he was trying to protect his friend from going to jail. Kopuk was not himself, it’s the drugs. What a risk Yavuz took. They know exactly how to keep the viewers on the edge of our seats. This was the last episode of 2018 before the long/holiday break.

Stay tuned for the summary of episode 66.

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Written By – Raghad A.K



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