Episode 64 started exactly where episode 63 ended with Yavuz as he interrupts the dinner that Sami was having with Tarik, Cahit, Orhan, İrfan and the others in the organization. He introduces himself to those that did not know him from before and threatens them and tells him they have 24 hours to surrender themselves and confess to all the illegal stuff they have done. At first they did not take him seriously and he assures them that he is very serious and that they will die otherwise. He tells them that he knows that they help Dragan and others financially.

Meanwhile the special forces set up traps up at the road and they were about to explode the truck but then Mücahit sees that its Ateş driving the truck he tells Feyzullah to cut the wires. They cannot blow up the truck because now Ateş is in it but they have stop the truck somehow. Ateş confesses to Şero that he (Şero) killed his mother-in-law and blew up his Commander (his father-in-law’s) home. Şero was really surprised and realized that Ateş has tricked him. Feyzullah was not able to cut the wires in time so Mücahit stands in the middle of the road to get the truck to stop. Ateş sees him and wants Mücahit to get out of the way but Mücahit does not and Ateş forced to stop to not hit Mücahit. The soldiers all go up to the front and Şero has his weapon pointed at Ateş. Then Ateş tells Mücahit to shoot then Şero’s other men arrive and they all exchange shots. Şero escapes into the woods and instead of staying with his team Ateş runs after Şero to capture him.

Unfortunately, Eylem and Fethi get taken by Dragan’s men and tied up. They got hit pretty badly, poor Eylem was kicked several times and started bleeding badly. Ferthi shouted at the men to stop hitting her because he was worried about her and their baby. However, he saw the bleeding and knew that she lost the baby. This was very brutal and just heartbreaking. One of the men called Dragan and informed him that they have caught two Turkish intelligence, Dragan told him to interrogate them so that they speak and if they do not speak he must kill them.

Back at the woods, Ateş continues to look for Şero. As Şero runs he stops and calls Dragan and informs him that there’s a soldier went undercover on his team. Then Ateş finds Şero. While the special forces fight off Şero’s men than two of his men ride the truck and it explodes due to the trap that Feyzullah set up earlier. The soldiers are all okay but it was a loud explosion that even Ateş heard it as he was fighting with Şero. Unfortunately, he got distracted by the sound of the explosion and he wondered if his friends were okay then Şero hit him from the back. That was too bad, poor Ateş. Mücahit, Feyzullah went in the woods to look for Ateş.

Meanwhile, Fethi and Eylem continue being hit by Dragan’s men. Fethi was able to untie himself and fought those men off. He rescued Eylem and they escaped in a car. Eylem was shaking and bleeding underneath. It was not good at all. Fethi calls Colonel Erdem and informs him that he and Eylem got attacked by Dragan’s men but he didn’t tell him about Eylem’s pregnancy and the situation of their baby. Erdem tells Fethi where they should head to meet the others and that a helicopter will be waiting for them. Then Erdem calls Mücahit and tells him that they should meet at Eylem and Fethi at the assigned location and head back to Istanbul. Mücahit informs Erdem that they saw Ateş with Şero but they lost him. Erdem says they must wait for information from intelligence before they start looking for Ateş again. Then Erdem calls Yavuz and wonders if Ateş has called Yavuz recently and that they lost contact with him and he asks Yavuz to call him if he hears anything from Ateş. Yavuz begins to worry that Dragan’s men may have caught him.

At the hospital, poor Nazlı has almost recovered fully but she is hurt emotionally and heartbroken over her mother’s death. Melisa and Su are by her side supporting her. She tells them that she dreamt of her mother and that she cannot believe that her mother is gone. She is also sad that she cannot reach Ateş.

Meanwhile, we see that Şero has taken Ateş hostage and tied him up. His cover has been blown, Ateş vows that he will kill Şero before he died. Şero calls Dragan and informs him that he captured a Turkish soldier. Şero shows him Ateş via video and Dragan says he will come over to handle him.

At the hospital, Eylem and Fethi get very bad news. Their doctor tells him that Eylem lost the baby. Their baby died due to the hits and kicks she got from those vicious men. The was Eylem started crying, she just could not believe it. Fethi was very upset too, she tells him that they should get another doctor to take a look. Viewers were shattered as well. Heartbreaking especially since she was finally happy and accepted the idea of becoming a mother. Its like as soon as she wanted it, it was gone.

From the information he gathered from İrfan’s man, Yavuz went to İrfan’s casino with Kopuk. İrfan was so surprised to see Yavuz. He went there for two things to get İrfan to clear the debt of that young man who suicided and to find the location of where Dragan would be holding Ateş. Of course, Yavuz had a plan. He made an embarrassing video of İrfan and threatened to make it viral. So İrfan had no choice and agreed.

Meanwhile, Dragan arrives at the location where Şero is holding Ateş. This was so painful as Dragan mocks Ateş and that he wishes that Erdem blow up in the explosive as Güler did. This really made Ateş very upset and angry. Dragan wants information from Ateş so he tortures him and hits him. He is angry that Ateş was able to go undercover and destroyed his drone with cost him money. He then shouted at Şero for not realizing that a Turkish soldier was among them.

Erdem visits his daughter Nazlı in the hospital, Nazlı has recovered quite well although she is still very emotionally hurt. She tells him that she wants to visit her mother’s grave. He tells her she can but they have to ask the doctor first. The next day he took her to her mother’s grave, the scene was set up so beautifully. It was heartbreaking watching Nazlı as she says goodbye to her mother.

Mücahit and Melisa met at a cafe, Melisa apologizes to Mücahit for the way her friends treated him the previous night at the place where she sang. Mücahit said it’s no worries, unfortunately, things got worse when Melisa did not want Mücahit to buy her a rose from the woman that was selling flowers. Mücahit took offence because he thinks that she is embarrassed to be seen with him or to hold his hand. She tells him that he is talking nonsense and that is not embarrassed by him. Mücahit asks her whether she will hold his hand or not, sadly she gets up and leaves. Mücahit became very upset. I felt sorry for Mücahit as I’m sure I’m not the only one that felt bad for him. I think Melisa is behaving like that its because she is not sure yet of her feelings for Mücahit. It’s obvious she cares for him. She may just need some time.

The night scene with Eylem and Fethi was so beautiful and sad too. She tells him that she wanted to name the baby Zeynep and she apologizes to Fethi and he tells her that she has nothing to apologize for. He knows that she wanted the baby too, he says this is their fate and everyone loses something that will cause them pain. Both were very upset.

Meanwhile, Yavuz goes to Derya’s house with some takeout dinner and he apologizes to her for leaving earlier that day during their lunch break. They talk about their jobs and why she wanted to become a prosecutor. She confesses that she had him sign her book earlier so that she could match his handwriting to a note that she found at the scene from the last episode. It was nice to see that she confessed to that. Sami had someone spy on Derya’s home and that man saw Yavuz and he called Sami and informed him about it. Sami wonders what Yavuz is doing at the prosecutor’s house, he thinks that they are a couple. He tells the man to continue watching them. Sami really wants to destroy Yavuz.

The next day Eylem receives information from an intel about Ateş’s location. Eylem holds a meeting with the special forces and he and the guys head out on the mission together to get back Ateş. His inspiring words were very powerful and beautiful. I absolutely loved this scene in the locker room. He tells them ‘he is my son, my soldier and your brother’.

Then Ateş gets physically tortured by one of Dragan’s men. The man wants to humiliate Ateş and have him speak out. Ateş does not give in, he does not speak and the man continues to stab him. This was brutal seeing Ateş get tortured like that. Poor guy..

İrfan calls Yavuz and informs him that Dragan gave Ateş to foreign soldiers in a foreign base in Turkey. Yavuz hopes that İrfan is not lying. At the same time Sami is planning on getting back at Yavuz, he has selected several men to attack and ambush the car repair shop where Yavuz works at. Kopuk and Toran are inside. To make matters worse, İrfan gets revenge on Yavuz he calls him back and tells him on the attack that’s going to happen. He mocks Yavuz in having to choose to save his friend Ateş or saving Toran and Kopuk. Yavuz panics as he continues to drive, he tries to call Toran but Toran does not pick up.

Towards the end, Erdem gets informed from Eylem about Ateş being taken by foreign soldiers to a foreign base. The boys and Erdem are disappointed that the place they went to was the wrong place and that they did not find Ateş. Technically he was at that place but Dragan moved him to another location. Then Dragan via video-call surprises Erdem and Erdem is happy to see Ateş alive. Then Dragan tells Erdem that he has surrendered Ateş to foreign soldiers and that they might not see Ateş anymore.

This frustrates Erdem very much, however, it gives him strength. Then Erdem gives another powerful speech to his special forces. About not giving up and that he will take responsibility for this mission. They all accept the risk that this sole mission ‘off-the-record’ kinda mission. I really liked this scene. So good!

Stay tuned for the summary of episode 65.

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Written By – Raghad A.K



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