Episode 63 started exactly where episode 62 ended with Yavuz as he says to Tarik, ‘goodbye Tarik’. Yavuz and Kopuk captured Tarik and some of his men and hanged them up to be cut. This was Yavuz’s way of getting revenge for almost killing him as Tarik was the one who was behind the earlier ambush attack on Yavuz. As Yavuz stands there, Kopuk hears the police and yells for Yavuz to get out. Then he grabs Yavuz and they get out a second before Prosecutor Derya and the police arrive. Derya tells the officers to stop the machine and they got Tarik and the other men down. Those men and Tarik get rescued. He is in a state of shock, Derya asks him if he knew the person who that to him. Tarik knows its Yavuz but lies to her and says “no”. He is shaken from what just occured, Derya takes a note that was on Tarik the note ‘Its not your money, I’ll hang you’. It a threat, Derya asks Tarik again if he knows the person that wrote the note and hanged him. He continues with the lie and says no he does not. Derya takes Tarik in for questioning to get details and to understand the situation better.

Meanwhile Yavuz and Kopuk are in the car on their way back to the auto repair shop. Yavuz and Kopuk both hope that Tarik does not get rescued by the police. They wonder if the police saved Tarik and the others. Kopuk worries that if Tarik survives that he might tell the police about them and that they could go to jail. They took with them the money that Tarik had with him in the duffel bag. At the auto repair shop, they update Toran on what happened then they hear the police. The police ask Yavuz if he is ‘Omer Günay’ he says yeah and they take him for questioning.

Near the border, we saw from the end of previous episode that Ateş went undercover in the organization to get close so he can catch Şero. The two terror men responsible for them begin training them in shooting. Then Ateş hears from them that Şero is looking for good men so he can teach them then he starts to shoot good so that he can be selected. Ateş’s new name is Bedro, the two men were impressed by him and they take him and few others to Şero. This is exactly what Ateş wanted, to get close to Şero. One of the terror men asks Ateş and the others if they know Şero, while the others say ‘no’ Ateş lies and says ‘no’ too.

Erdem and the others on the team arrive quickly at the hospital due to the call that Erdem received from Su. Doctors and nurses were going in and out of Nazlı’s room, then Erdem peaks in to see his daughter and we see that Nazlı has opened her eyes. This was such a beautiful scene, the excitement in Erdem’s eyes and everyone was so happy. The doctor tells them that Nazlı has woken up, she tells Erdem that she cannot speak much because she is still hurting and tired. He could not imagine losing his daughter after losing his wife.

Şero and Dragan speak on the phone and they go over their plans. Şero informs Dragan that he will be training new guys and he is building new explosives as well. Dragan is impressed with Şero.

Meanwhile Derya questions Tarik on who attacked him. She asks him if he has any enemies. He lies and says he has no idea. He knows it was Yavuz but he does not give her his name. She then takes Tarik and points at Yavuz who is sitting in an integeration room. They can see him through the glass, she asks Tarik if this is the man that hanged him. Tarik knows Yavuz but does not say anything.

Back at the hospital, Erdem speak with his daughter. He is very happy that she woke up but she still has a lot of recovering to do. Nazlı asks how her mother is doing, Erdem does not want to upset and hides the fact that her mother has died. He does not want to tell her until she has fully recovered. So he lies and tells Nazlı that her mother has awoke and is doing fine. Nazlı wants to see her mother and Erdem does not allow her to get up because her body is still not fully recovered. He continues to lie about her mother and tells her that her mother asked about her too. This was such a sad scene, it’s great that Nazlı is alive but sad that she has no idea that her mother died. She then asks about Ateş, Erdem says that Ateş is on a mission and that he had not told him yet about her due to not risking the operation. Again another lie at this point Erdem has no idea where Ateş is.

Meanwhile Ateş and the terror men arrive at Şero’s camp. The way Ateş walks up to Şero is mindblowing as he has flashbacks of Nazlı in the hospital in a coma and him being at Güler’s funeral. We can see the rage on his face. I have to admit, the actor Eren Vurdem has done a great job. Şero introduces himself to all of the guys, he tells them about his plans for them and that he will train them and that Dragan will continue to provide for them. Ateş just wants to punch Şero but at that moment he held himself together. But he is really angry and he sees that Şero is building some explosives. He really wants to know what Şero and Dragan are planning. He stays on Şero’s good side but inside it disgusts him.

The scene where Derya interrogates Yavuz about Tarik is quite amusing. It did not go the way she anticipated. He pretends he has no idea who Tarik is and when she tells him that Tarik is the one that tried to kill him. He acts like he did not know. This just frustrates Derya and she does not like the way he is behaving. He tells her that he will leave since she does not have evidence to charge him with. Just then a person who works there gives Derya a report its about the note from earlier. They found out that the person who wrote the note is left-handed and that they need a sample of writing from to compare to the note. Derya thinks of a plan.

Back at the terror camp, Ateş sneaks off to the woods. He calls Erdem to update him but he got so surprised when he heard Nazlı’s voice. This was such a beautiful scene. He could not believe it, he asks her how she is doing and poor Nazlı she asks him where he is and he is coming back. He says he cannot say anything because it’s a mission. Then Nazlı gives the phone to her father Erdem, Ateş was honest and Erdem where he is staying at. Erdem tells him to come back and that is an order because its dangerous to be handling it alone. Ateş refuses to go back until he finds Şero’s plan and stopping him. Erdem is happy that Ateş is safe but he is sad because Ateş is acting out on anger and what he is doing is dangerous. Then at the battalion, Erdem holds a meeting with the special forces and Eylem and he informs them about Ateş and what he is up to. The soldiers have mixed feelings too, they are happy that they heard from Ateş but sad that he could get himself in trouble or get caught by Şero. Erdem informs them of a possible location of a camp that Ateş might be at, he sent Fethi and Eylem on this secret mission to search the area to find and get Ateş and to convince him to come back.

Ateş continues to stay close to Şero, but it irritates him so much especially when Şero began to brag about his recent work. He tells Ateş and the other guys about his recent explosive work about the explosion in Colonel Erdem’s home. That it was meant to kill Erdem but he was not home and that his wife and daughter were there and they got killed. This angered and upset Ateş so much, poor guy. He even teared up a bit but tried to not let them see him crying. It was really disgusting the way that Şero was bragging about the explosion. Şero takes them to this on-field and he teaches how to fly a drone. Ateş is with them and he tries to learn as much information about their plans and next attack. But Şero does not reveal much. As he is breaking the drone, he sees a car pull up and Dragan gets out of the car and begins to talk with Şero. Ateş tries his best to hide from Dragan, because if sees him then he will recognize him and blow his cover. He hid until Dragan left.

I really liked the scene between Melisa and Mücahit at the park. They are so lovely. He is beginning to fall in love with her. She is starting to like him. She got a new job singing at a new place and she invites Mücahit to come watch her sing that night and that she would introduce him to her friends. He tells her he will go see her in person that is if no operation comes up.

Meanwhile Fethi and Eylem get ready for their secret mission, Fethi is worried about Eylem and questions her for coming when he can go with another person. She tells him that she will go because an intelligence person has to go and that there are only two intelligence one is her and the other is Ateş. Since she is pregnant, Fethi finds it dangerous for her. He thinks that Eylem doesn’t want the baby, he got so surprised when he heard Eylem say that she does want to have a baby and that she is happy to start a family with him. It’s nice scene between the two, Eylem talked in such a beautiful way. Eylem realizes that soon they will have to start telling people and their bosses.

At the hospital, Su has been by Nazlı’s side through it all. She has been there everyday. I really liked the scene between her and Feyzullah, it was very cute. Then we see Yavuz at the hospital on his way to visit Nazlı then coincidentally he sees Derya too also on her way to visit Nazlı. She informs Yavuz that Nazlı still does not know about the death of her mother. It was a very nice scene between Yavuz and Nazlı also it was emotional especially when Nazlı kept asking Yavuz about her mother and Yavuz had to lie but we can tell that it was hard for him to lie to her. Derya lies and assures Nazlı that her mother is doing okay. Poor Su could not handle that her friend was being lied to and she quietly leaves her hospital room and Feyzullah comforts her and tells her that Nazlı has to fully recover before they tell her or she will get worse.

That night, Melisa was performing for the first at the new place. She was excited but nervous. Her three friends were with her, I did not like them at all. As soon as she saw Mücahit she became very happy. It was so sweet that he brought her flowers and sweet delights. Her friends right away began questioning him and began to make fun of him. Mücahit felt uncomfortable and Melisa told them to stop making fun of him. She sang and Mücahit congratulated her but left early because he could not handle her weird friends and he felt he did not belong in that place. She has such a nice voice. I felt so bad for Mücahit.

Meanwhile Fethi and Eylem arrive close to the location where they expect Ateş to be at. They grab one man and while Fethi holds him down they show him a picture of Ateş and ask where he is, the one said ‘Bedro is with Şero’ and tells them his location. Ateş sneaks off to the woods and he sees Fethi and Eylem, he tells them to go back. They insist that he returns with them but he refuses and he goes back to the camp.

In one scene we see that Sami has hired a hitman to get Yavuz killed. He got tired of Yavuz. Since he wants the money that Yavuz Yavuz took from Tarik he agrees to a deal with Yavuz. Sami wants the money in exchange for Tarik. Even though Sami agrees, he made another plan and hired a hitman to meet Yavuz in the specified location and have him killed.

The scene where Feyzullah, Aşık, Yiğido and Efe paid a visit to veterans those who are injured. This was such a nice and meaningful scene. Feyzullah had a soldier friend who recently got injured. He was so happy to see him. They got introduced to others.

While Erdem is visiting his daughter Nazlı at the hospital. She was asleep when he arrived then he gets a call from Fethi. He gets updated on the Ateş situation then we see that Nazlı woke up and calls her dad. She sees him standing outside the door. Fethi asks how Nazlı is doing, Erdem says she is recovering. Then Fethi wonders if Nazlı knows about her mother. Erdem says ‘no, she does not know yet’. We see Nazlı and she wonders what is it that she does not know. She hears her dad say on the phone that if she hears this it will destroy her. Just then Erdem turns around and sees Nazlı looking at him with such worried eyes and asks him what is it that she does not know. This scene was so heartbreaking, it’s like she can sense that something was so wrong. Then she yells that she wants to see her mother she tries to get up and Erdem stops her. Then finally he tells her that ‘we lost your mother’. This was a very sad scene and İlayda’s performance was really good. One cannot help but tear up.

That night, Ateş calls Yavuz and tells him that he will not come back until he kills Şero and that he wants his blessing. Yavuz tries to get him to come back but he insists that he will. No much Yavuz can do so he gave Ateş his blessing. We see that Dragan has prepared for his next attack. Şero updates him on the explosives and Dragan demonstrates the drones. They show-off and that makes Ateş more upset and angry.

Meanwhile the special forces are making their way to the border and they got information from Fethi about the location of where the terror people and Şero are headed to. Ateş has informed Fethi on what road the truck of explosives will be on. So the team decides to stop the attack and then they will head to pick up Ateş. While Eylem and Fethi make their way to meet the others, they unfortunately get stopped in the woods by some terror people more specifically Dragan’s men. Eylem and Fethi lie and tell the men that they are doctors but that did not help. They got trapped.

However back at the camp, Ateş planned on staying back with Şero but turn Şero changed his mind and decided to go with the others to the attack place and he asked Ateş if he can drive the truck and Ateş said ‘yes’. Ateş sneaks off and makes a call to Su to speak with Nazlı. He found that she found out that her mother died. He promises her that those bad people will get punished. He tells her that he loves her very much and she says she loves him very much too.

Near the end, Yavuz interrupts the dinner that Sami was having with Tarik and the others in the organization. They found out that he killed the hitmen that Sami hired to kill him. Near the end we see that Ateş drives the truck of many explosives and Şero beside him. While those men begin shooting at Eylem and Fethi and then two of them begin to hit and kick Eylem violently. Poor Eylem, and Fethi kept yelling ‘don’t hit her’ he is worried about her and the baby. It was such a painful scene. The special forces set up traps up at the road and they were about to explode the truck but then Mücahit sees that its Ateş driving the truck he tells Feyzullah to cut the wires. They cannot blow up the truck because now Ateş is in it but they have stop the truck somehow. Ateş is happy because Şero will die even if he knows that he might die too.

What an intense ending to the episode. Stay tuned for the summary of episode 64.

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Written By – Raghad A.K



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