What an emotional and sad episode. This episode was the saddest episode of this season. Episode 62 started exactly where episode 61 ended with the explosion at Erdem’s house, Nazlı and Güler were inside the home. Erdem was on the phone with Güler when he heard the explosion, he panics and leaves the battalion as quickly as he could and Eylem rushes behind him.

The special forces were at the base near the border protecting their fellow soldiers from a potential terror attack. Dragan watches from a distance as his men prepare for an attack. Ayvaz and some of his men get closer and closer to the base, the soldiers prepare and were able to attack Ayvaz and his men. Although there was a slight complication but the new soldier Efe did very well and shot Ayvaz and saved a fellow soldier. This action of his impressed everyone on the team.

While security guards and Derya try to figure out where Yavuz disappeared to from the hospital, Yavuz’s kidnappers get interrupted by Kopuk and Toran. As we saw in the previous episode two men near the end take him out of the hospital while he is still recovering and they placed him in an ambulance. These men were sent by Tarik to throw Yavuz’s body in the river. But thankfully Kopuk and Toran planned something ahead of time and were able to stop those men. Kopuk was very funny in this scene. They rescued Yavuz and took him to a hospital to continue his recovery. The police got a hold of the two men that kidnapped Yavuz.

Meanwhile, Erdem and Eylem reach the apartment building, firefighters and the police were there and many civilians. Erdem ignores all of them and rushes inside the building, lots of smoke and their apartment was destroyed. They call out for him to return as they are waiting for the bomb squad and Eylem just could not believe what has happened. Just then Erdem comes out of the building as he holds Nazlı and Güler on his shoulders covered in blankets. They are in bad shape but Güler in worse condition than Nazlı. One ambulance takes Nazlı and Eylem rides with her to the hospital, the other ambulance has Güler and Erdem rides with her to the hospital. He tries to talk to her to keep her awake, he is in shock and tells his wife to ‘hang on’.

On their way back to Istanbul, Ateş tells the guys about the attack on Yavuz and that he got ambushed and recently got out of his surgery he tells him that he did not want to tell them during their operation as a precaution. They all have questions as to what happened and why he was attacked. Then Fethi calls Eylem and asks her about Yavuz she tells him Yavuz is fine and then she starts to cry Fethi asks her what’s wrong and she tells him about the package and the explosion and that Güler and Nazlı are in bad condition at the hospital. Fethi could not believe it, he first tells Ateş to be calm and then he tells Ateş what Eylem told him about the explosion and that Güler and Nazlı are fighting for their lives. Ateş was in shock.

Güler and Erdem arrive at the hospital and same then Nazlı and Eylem. The doctors take Nazlı in for surgery. Unfortunately for Güler her condition much worse than Nazlı, she could barely talk but she managed to tell Erdem to take good care of their daughter Nazlı. Those were her last words to him. Unfortunately, she dies, the doctors were not able to save her. This was heartbreaking and it absolutely broke Erdem as he watches his wife pass away. This scene absolutely broke me, watching Erdem watch his wife die was really so heartbreaking.

Meanwhile, while security guards and Derya continue their search to locate Yavuz and when they found the kidnappers from the security video, an officer informs Derya that Yavuz is fine and is back at the hospital recovering. She was so confused as to what really happened and why those men took him and how he ended up back at the hospital.
She was completely puzzled by the situation.

The special forces arrive at the hospital and Ateş asks Erdem how Nazlı and Güler are doing, Erdem tells them that Nazlı is in the ICU and that Güler died, everyone was so sad but this absolutely broke Ateş. He could not help but cry. This was such a sad scene and that song playing in the background, very sad. Then it was the funeral for Güler. It’s been a really long time since I have seen such a sad Söz episode. The funeral scene was just heartbreaking and emotional. That song that was playing in the background during that full funeral scene, beautiful but really sad. It was (Minnet Eylemem cover by Emre Sertkaya).

Then one week later and Nazlı still in the ICU no change in her condition still did not wake up. They all take turns visiting her mostly Erdem and Ateş. Even the other soldiers and Eylem, Derya and mostly Su too. She did not leave her side.

Yavuz begins to make a quick recovery with some help from the doctors and Kopuk, Toran and Derya take turn visiting him. He finally made a full recovery. He got very upset when he heard about the killing of Güler, he did not attend her funeral because he was still at the hospital.

The new plan of Sami and Dragan is to have Dragan buy land from the local people. He tricked many naive families, he lied to them offered them money and persuaded them to sign and once they ‘sold’ their land, Dragan killed each one of them. He did that with a couple of families and got their lands. But instead of giving it to Sami, Dragan wants his strong men to train other men as soldiers. He pretty much wants his own army.

Back at headquarters, Eylem and Derya inform Erdem and the special forces about Şero. That he is the one responsible for the explosion and killing Güler. They tell them that the anti-terror team is watching him from a distance and will capture him at the right moment. They get informed that Şero is hiding in a house and that the anti-terror team will make their move. Ateş wants to know if  the special forces can do anything to help out, Erdem says no and this job is not theirs but the job of the anti-terror team. This upsets Ateş even more because he himself wants to catch that bastard. After the meeting ended, Erdem speaks alone with Ateş and tries to calm him down. Ateş says that he never knew what a mother’s love was and that Güler felt like a real mother to him especially since she was going to be his mother-in-law. This one-on-one scene with Ateş and Erdem was so heartfelt and genuine. Then Ateş asks for permission to leave so he can visit Nazlı at the hospital.

After he made a full recovery, Yavuz visits Ateş and Erdem and his brothers at the battalion, he said his condolences to Ateş and Erdem. The scene in Erdem’s office, so heartbreaking with him looking at the leftover belongings from the fire and the beautiful family photo. Could not help but tear up especially when Erdem said ‘you left me alone, why’ and ‘when Nazlı wakes up how will I tell her that her mother died’. The Kaçmaz family will no longer be the same. This was so emotional on every level. Yavuz tells Erdem that he has been through this and it’s not easy and the pain always there.

Then he takes Erdem outside to look at the flag as it waves. Then Yavuz speaks with the guys, he tells them to appreciate the value of the uniform and that he is very proud of them. They introduced him to the new guys on the team Efe and Yiğido.

At the hospital, still no change in Nazlı’s condition. The scene of Ateş talking to Nazlı was just so emotionally heartbreaking and when he proposed to her while she was still under a beautiful but heartbreaking scene. Such beautiful words, ‘you are mine and I’m yours’. Then when he asked her to marry him, ‘will you marry me Butterfly?’ This has always been his nickname for Nazlı. Kelebek=Butterfly, this was really so beautiful but heartbreaking at the same time. This was one of Eren Vurdem’s best performances thus far.

Then Ateş goes after Şero, at the neighbourhood at the house that Eylem told them about. That Şero has been hiding there for some time,
He pretends to be a simit seller and was able to sneak into the house of the bad guys. He beats some of them up, he gets the man to tell him important information. He finds out that Şero already escaped and is outside the border preparing to train some of Dragan’s men. This upsets Ateş, the police and anti-terror team go after Ateş.

Mücahit meets with Melisa, and she tells him that she has decided to go back home and that her father has apologized to her. Mücahit still worries about her and she tells him that she is not afraid anymore because she has him (Mücahit) in her life. This was a nice scene, they are really good together.

Ateş got himself in big trouble. Everyone starts looking for him, the police want him because he intervened on an ongoing investigation and he risked it. Derya informs Erdem that it’s not good for Ateş, even though he did not kill anyone but Şero has escaped. Then Erdem asks the guys (the soldiers) if they know where Ateş is. They have no idea about anything. They were surprised and a little upset when they heard about him. Erdem tells the soldiers not to interfere and that if Ateş wants help he will let them know but he has not left a clue behind and has turned his phone off. The guys begin to worry they want to look for Ateş but they have to follow Erdem’s order. The search for Ateş continues all over the city.

Ateş knows that the police are looking for him, he went to Yavuz at the auto repair shop for help. He told Yavuz about everything that happened and Yavuz at first was a bit surprised and then once they saw Derya outside Yavuz offered help to Ateş and told him where to hide at the ‘secret room’ in the auto repair shop. No one has seen that ‘secret place’ except for Toran, Yavuz, Kopuk and now Ateş. It’s the place where they discuss their operations and carry out their plans and other secretive things. Yavuz did not want Ateş to get caught so he hid him and lied to Prosecutor Derya about not knowing where Ateş is. Derya tells the officers to search the auto repair shop but they did not find anything (which is very good for Ateş and Yavuz). Inside the secret room, Ateş meets Kopuk and gets confused about everything. Derya was convinced that Yavuz was helping Ateş but there was no proof. So she and the officers left. Then Yavuz went to the ‘secret room’ and gave good advice to Ateş, to not do the things that he did for revenge. He is trying to help Ateş not make illegal moves. Then Yavuz tells Ateş about his ‘secret’ undercover work and Ateş is happy for Yavuz and tells him that it’s great that he is still working for their country. I have to admit, I really liked this scene. I’m glad that Ateş is the first one to know about Yavuz’s secret work life.

That night, back at the battalion the guys continue to worry about Ateş and they hope that he does not do anything illegal. The scene with Eylem and Fethi outside was very beautiful, they both worried about Ateş and Nazlı. He tells Eylem how Ateş first fell in love with Nazlı and he sings the song that was playing at the cafe where Ateş first fell in love with Nazlı, very beautiful song and scene. Then we see Ateş writing a letter to Yavuz and leaves. Next morning Yavuz is upset that Ateş left even after he tried to prevent him from going. Now Ateş is like a fugitive, it’s sad.

Meanwhile, at the battalion, the special forces agree that they want to help and back up Ateş even if it means they get suspended or lose their jobs. They do not want Ateş to be alone. They all agree even the two new guys so Fethi tells them that they first must speak with Colonel Erdem and hope that he joins them too. They are willing to risk it all for their brother and fellow soldier Ateş. I really liked this scene, it’s so good to see them bond like that.

Near the end of the episode, Yavuz and Kopuk went and found Tarik while Derya and few officers went to the same place to capture Tarik. The man they captured earlier gave them the exact location to Derya of where Tarik would be. So all are after the man responsible for the attack and ambush on Yavuz. What an end, Yavuz just wants revenge, he literally hangs the men. Kopuk tells him that they must leave quickly because the police are coming. Yavuz does not care and the scene ends with him saying ‘bye bye Tarik’. What a shocking twist with Ateş near the end. We see that he crossed the border and changed his look to blend in with Dragan’s men. Eren Vurdem got a new haircut to fit the new style of Ateş. The campsite where Şero is supposed to be it. Ateş has gone undercover on his own with no one to back him up. So risky and dangerous but this is exactly Karabatak’s element. He hears the phone conversation of one man speaking with Dragan. This ending with Ateş left me so anxious and breathless.

Overall it was an emotional and very sad episode with such great scenes. SÖZ social media accounts posted this to give thanks and bid farewell to actress Nil Günal who played the character of Güler Kaçmaz for 62 episodes. To laugh/smile Gül from the name Güler. Hoşçakal.

Stay tuned for the summary of episode 63.

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Written By – Raghad A.K



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