Episode 61 started exactly where episode 60 ended with the horrific ambush. Yavuz gets ambushed in his car, got shot by many bullets. By the time Derya arrives at him she tells witnesses to call for an ambulance and says ‘he is alive, he is alive’. Yavuz laying there unconscious, his body covered in blood. It was not good at all. His car was destroyed as well. Those men that ambushed Yavuz were sent by Tarik he ordered the hit per orders from Sami. Derya calls Colonel Erdem to update him and tells him that Yavuz is in a very bad condition, this upsets Erdem very much and tells Derya that he will meet them at the hospital. When Tarik and Sami get the update on the shooting from the men, they assume that Yavuz has died and Sami is pleased.

Meanwhile, near the border, the special forces escaped death barely after their vehicle flipped over and smoke everywhere. The trap set by Dragan’s men almost cost the life of one of the guys, poor Aşık who had his leg stuck under the vehicle. At first, they struggled but then they managed to get him. Great teamwork. Fethi calls headquarters and updates him, Eylem with another Commander at the battalion managed to send air forces to help them out. At the same, they were being shot at by those bad men but managed to destroy them with some help. Even though it was very risky for the soldiers, they surrounded each other and did not give up. I really liked the F-16 Fighting Falcon scene. This was such an awesome scene especially since the pilot is a woman, we do not see this much in other series or films. It was a great representation, really nice cinematography. Overall it was an intense scene. With several obstacles, special forces worked together and succeeded together as a team. Fethi thanks the pilot commander and they noticed that some died and the other men escaped except for one who was injured.

Back at the crime scene, Kopuk learns of the attack and starts to really worry about Yavuz. He calls Toran and updates him on the situation and Toran orders Kopuk to wait for him outside the hospital. Derya arrives with Yavuz at the hospital in the ambulance, then Erdem joined her. Yavuz gets taken into surgery. Outside the hospital, Toran arrives and he speaks with Kopuk outside the hospital. Toran sees how worried Kopuk is about Yavuz, Toran assures Kopuk that Yavuz will recover. Toran heads inside the hospital and sees Derya and Erdem.

The doctors continue to operate on Yavuz. We see some kind of dream/vision which shows Yavuz walking in a cemetery talking this is from his unconscious mind. He talks about civilians that die as martyrs and soldiers that die for their country as martyrs and we hear him say, ‘what if I die too?’ At one point in the scene, it seems like his heart stopped beating and the doctors revived him and continued to operate on him. While he is surgery, Toran, Derya and Erdem wonder who could have done this to Yavuz. Derya thinks its Dragan. Meanwhile, the police continue to look at surveillance to capture the attackers. The doctor comes out of the intensive care unit and informs Toran, Erdem and Derya of Yavuz’s situation and that he is still in critical condition even though the surgery was successful and they removed several bullets. He tells them Yavuz lost a lot of blood and it affected his organs and that he needs time to recover.

Meanwhile, at Sami’s shop, Dragan meets with one of his men named Şero. Dragan wants to send Colonel Erdem a present, which is a big explosive bomb. Şero is setting up for him, all covered inside a package. That is Dragan’s plan is to get rid of Colonel Erdem and his family of possible. After it’s done, he tells Şero to deliver it to Erdem’s house. A few scenes later we see Şero delivers the package to Erdem’s home and Güler gets the package and signs for it. She thinks it’s a present for Erdem. She does not know if she should open it or not, she calls Erdem to tell him if he was expecting a package or present of some sort. He said ‘no’ and tells her that he will open it when he gets home. Erdem then informs Güler of Yavuz’s situation and that he got shot at. She leaves the package on the table and tells Nazlı to get ready and they head to the hospital.

Near the border, the special forces reach the base and Aşık gets his foot looked at, no major damages. Then Ateş interrogates that one bad guy that they captured alive. I really liked this scene. Ateş has really awesome ways when he interrogates people. It’s so funny but so good. Loved it! I loved how the others just left him alone to do his own thing. Ateş was successful and got the man to speak, he got a name of the man that set up the trap for them earlier. That man got so scared, well done Ateş.

The scene at the hospital when Güler and Nazlı arrived to check up on Yavuz. They all were very sad for him especially Güler as she considers Yavuz like a son to her. Eylem also arrives for support, and Su as well. Almost all were there except for the guys as they have no idea of what happened because of their attack and operation.

Then Fethi calls Erdem and updates him and tells him that they will stay the night because there might be a potential attack on the base. Because they are on an operation, Erdem does not risk the guys and holds off on telling them about Yavuz till they get back. Unfortunately, they cannot do much because he is sleeping so they wait for news from the doctor. Erdem, Derya and Eylem return to the battalion while Güler and the girls return home.

Meeting between Tarik and Sami, Tarik is surprised that Dragan killed Nisan. Sami advises Tarik not to piss off Dragan. Sami is a bit upset that Tarik did not get the job done of killing Yavuz. Sami gives an idea to Tarik to easily get rid of Yavuz without having Prosecutor Derya coming after him. He tells him to get two of his men to kidnap Yavuz from the hospital and throw his body in a river so no one would find him and Tarik agrees.

Dragan meets with the group of men that set up the trap for the special forces and he goes over their new plan. Dragan informs the men that they should fear him and if they follow him and fight like him then he will provide them with whatever they want from weapons to food to supplies and so. Then he tells them of the new plan, their initial plan of attacking the Turkish military base near the border he also warns them about the special forces team and that they might be at that base as well. He seems to enjoy working with this new group of men.

Meanwhile back at the base while they wait for further instructions Ateş had a minute to spare. He calls Nazlı to check up on her. He wanted to hear her voice, when he asked how she is doing, Nazlı answers that she and the others are just waiting on news about Yavuz. She caught Ateş by surprise because he had no idea of what occurred to Yavuz. Nazlı thought her father told them, Ateş got worried and asked her to tell him all the details. He was shocked and surprised as to who could have done that to Yavuz and why they did that. She tells him not to tell the others until her father tells him. He tells her not to worry and that he only would know. Ateş looked very upset and when Fethi asked what is wrong, Ateş lied and said it’s nothing.

Back at the battalion, Colonel Erdem assigns a new task for Eylem and Derya. He tells them that the men that ambushed Yavuz have been located and the girls head out with a backup team. Meanwhile, Kopuk has also located those men. He is very angry and scared to lose Yavuz. By himself he shoots at the men that attacked Yavuz, this scene was awesome. Crazy Kopuk was on fire! While he shoots he says he does not want to lose his Commander. Only one guy survived with minor injuries, Kopuk threatens him to speak and tell him who ordered the hit on Yavuz. The man did not want to speak and is scared that his bosses will kill him. Just then Eylem, Derya and a backup team arrive at the same place to capture the men that attacked Yavuz. Then they see a man (Kopuk) running very fast, Eylem goes after him but he was too fast for her. Derya takes that one man in for custody and back at the battalion her, Erdem and Eylem they interrogate the man and get him to speak. I liked the scene when Erdem interrogated the man to get him to speak, Erdem was angry and so powerful. Erdem demands the man to speak and who ordered him to attack Yavuz. Erdem shouts and says that Yavuz is like his son, his brother. He cannot understand why this happened to him and why. It upsets him very much.

Kopuk returns to the auto repair shop, at first Toran was angry at Kopuk for acting out on his own. It would have been very bad if Kopuk got caught. Kopuk says to Toran that they should come up with something in case Yavuz gets attacked at the hospital. Toran tries to calm Kopuk down. Kopuk does not want to lose Yavuz especially since Yavuz means alot to him. The scene at Erdem’s home, when the girls were waiting for news. Güler shared a personal story of hers and Erdem about waiting and being a soldier’s wife. It was sweet but sad.

Later that night, at the base the special forces are in their positions on the lookout for suspicious activity. Since it’s quite, the guys take the opportunity to speak with their girls who are waiting for them back in Istanbul. I really liked this scene, it was adorable to see the guys and girls taking turns to speak on the phone. Mücahit & Melisa, Feyzullah & Su and then Ateş & Nazlı, Ateş worried about Yavuz asks Nazlı to update him. Nazlı tells him that there is still no update about Yavuz’s condition and she is very worried. He tells her that the men responsible will pay for what they did. Nazlı tells Ateş to be careful, they both tell each other ‘I love you very much’. Very sweet couple.

Towards the end of the episode, it was the next day back at the hospital we see two men dressed as paramedics kidnap Yavuz without anyone noticing. At Erdem’s house, Erdem says goodbye to his wife and daughter before heading back to work. He tells them that they are very beautiful, his last words and they smile.

After he left, Güler notices that he forgot to take the package she then opens the package and sees the bomb with a timer, all we hear is Güler shouting her daughter’s name ‘Nazlı’ to get out. What a scene! What a moment!

What an ending to the episode! Literally a bomb ending. No matter what the outcome is whether its Güler or Nazlı or both of them, it will be one sad and emotional episode. Güler? Nazlı? Or both?!

Stay tuned for the summary of episode 62.

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Written By – Raghad A.K



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