Episode 60 starts off exactly where episode 2 ended with Dragan as he threatens Derya to get his brother’s medications back while he points his weapon at her. He tells her that he needs those medications for his brother or else he will die and that she has to be the one to get them for him. At first, Derya refused then she sees Yavuz outside her house. Dragan threatens Derya that if she says anything to Yavuz then he will kill both of them. Derya lets in Yavuz while Dragan hides down the hall, he can see them but Yavuz cannot. So in order to get rid of Yavuz quickly (for his safety), she does something no one was expecting, she kisses him lightly and tells him how she has begun to develop feelings for him. This, of course, surprises Yavuz and he pulls back and asks her what she is doing, then he leaves her house very confused. She obviously did not want to kiss him or tell him things that would scare him off but she had to do something to get him out of her house. Then Dragan takes Derya and he tells her that they would go in her car. She drives and he sat in the back pointing his weapon at her.

Meanwhile, Mücahit gets beaten by Melisa’s fathers’ men. He gets beaten up and tasered while she cries for help locked in the car. Poor Mücahit, he got beat up badly especially since there were many of them. This was a brutal and sad scene. When Mücahit wakes up he found that Melisa and those men were long gone. He looks terrible, his face is filled with wounds and his shirt is ripped. I felt very sad for him, he looked devastated. He gets a ride from an old man who asked him if he wanted to go to the hospital, Mücahit refused and he got dropped off at the battalion. He tried to call Melisa but she did not answer, but it was her dad who answered and he threatened Mücahit. While Mücahit was worrying about Melisa, she was also worrying about him. She just wanted to know if he was still alive. Melisa tells at her father and tells him that she hates him. For escaping, her father punishes her and told the guards to send her to his other house (far-off). So that Mücahit would not come looking for her. The housekeeper was told to give Melisa food and water only and not to let her out of the room. Two of the men who beat up Mücahit were guarding the house.

After hearing the surprise news of being pregnant, Eylem was feeling a bit confused while Fethi was ecstatic. His reaction when he hugged her was just adorable. He tells her he is happy to become a father. But since it’s all unexpected, Eylem feels confused and does not know what to do. She tells him that she does not want to leave her job, so she wonders how the baby will grow up. Fethi assures her that he will always be by her side. She tells him to keep the pregnancy news just between them. Their scenes just keep getting better and better.

Meanwhile, Yavuz feels confused and starts to think that maybe Derya is in some type of trouble or something. He remembers their conversation from the night before when she jokingly said that she would never kiss him unless she was threatened. This gets him thinking and when he called her, she lied and said she was home when she was not. Instead, she was driving with Dragan and Yavuz tried to follow in his car but lost her in the traffic. Derya could not say anything to him about Dragan because Dragan was pointing his weapon at her. They reached their destination, Dragan makes her wear a broach which is a small camera so he can see when she goes inside the building. He also makes her wear a belt which is actually an explosive device underneath her jacket.

Dragan has full control of her. He tells her what to do and if she does not he will blow her up. In the meantime, Yavuz calls Toran for help in locating Derya’s car. He feels suspicious and Kopuk tells him where her she drove her car. Derya was able to grab the medicine that Dragan forced her to steal from evidence, however when she got outside. She is holding to the medicine and tells Dragan that she will not give him the weapon and he can blow her up but that means that the medicine will get destroyed too. Derya tells Dragan to surrender and that she will guarantee that his brother will get his treatment, Dragan does not believe her and just wants his brother’s medications. As Dragan points his weapon at Derya’s head, Yavuz makes an impressive entrance and shots fire between him and Dragan. Yavuz once again saves Derya, I have now seriously lost count on how many times he has saved her this season. The part when he took off the explosive belt off of her and threw it and covered her up, this scene was just amazing. Great cinematography and great acting. It was beyond good.

Unfortunately, Dragan escapes, and Prosecutor Derya informs the police to look for him. Meanwhile Nisan meets with Sami, he briefs her on the organization and what his men will do. Nisan wants those men to continue providing for the bad people like Dragan so all sides are happy. All Sami cares about is money, he is so cheap trying to spend as less money as possible. She informs him of their next plan.

Back at the battalion, the soldiers are taking about this incident of Dragan and Derya. Then suddenly they see Mücahit and they starts worrying about him, they see Mücahit with his bruises and shirt ripped off. Concerned about him they ask him ‘who did that?’ But Mücahit does not share much because its personal and he feels embarrassed. All of them especially Ateş feel sad for Mücahit.

Melisa so worried about Mücahit, asks the housekeeper for help, she tries to give the housekeeper Mücahit’s cellphone number but the housekeeper said that she does not want both of them to get in trouble. Melisa just wants to hear Mücahit’s voice and make sure that he is okay. Unfortunately, they got interrupted when the guard came inside and told the housekeeper to leave Melisa alone. She begins to scream and those men lock her in the room. They tell her its orders from her father. A really sad scene.

Meanwhile, Dragan finds out his brother has died. He was too late, could not get his medications back. He was upset and furious and blamed those people responsible for his brother’s death especially Nisan. We have never seen this side of Dragan before, he really loves his brother. He wants to get revenge for his brother’s death. Dragan calls Nisan and lies to her and tells her that he is sorry for his behavior towards her. He is fully lying. They agree to meet to discuss work related stuff and about their next plan.

Then later Derya thanks Yavuz for saving her life once again and joking Yavuz says ‘it’s my duty’. She tells him that they located the drug that Dragan injected with and that they will test it and doctors will figure out an antidote for it. She tells him that there is hope for him to recover. Yavuz does not seem to be optimistic about it.

Mücahit visits Yavuz at the auto repair shop, he informs Yavuz about Melisa and how much he likes her. Yavuz seemed really happy for Mücahit but is concerned when he saw the wounds on his face. Mücahit tells Yavuz about Melisa and how they met. This was such a nice scene.

The housekeeper calls Mücahit, she got his number from the paper that Melisa wrote on earlier. She sneaked outside and made the call. The housekeeper informed Mücahit of everything and he insisted on where the house is located and the lady tells him. She also tells him that it is very dangerous. The housekeeper feels really bad for Melisa and warns Mücahit. In a hurry, Mücahit said goodbye to Yavuz and leaves. Yavuz begins to worry.

Mücahit goes to save Melisa. One of the men begins to make fun of Mücahit for coming alone. Then what a surprise; Yavuz and the other guys show up for support. Yavuz says ‘he is not alone, his commander is here’ and Fethi says ‘and his brothers are here’. Loved this scene! My favourite from this episode. The way they all got together like the old times, the way they beat those guys. True brotherhood, by their brother’s side. Mücahit was so happy to see them. A really great scene.

After they finished, Mücahit introduces Melisa to his friends, his brothers. Melisa and the other guys got along quite well. Fethi even began to tease them, and asked them if they are a couple or not. This was funny, especially when Melisa said ‘no we are just friends’ and Mücahit said ‘yeah friends’, awkward but funny. Mücahit and Melisa are not “just friends”. Feyzullah told them that Melisa can stay with him and Su at their home.

Later that night, Eylem and Derya have dinner together just the two of them. Eylem just needed someone to talk to. She told Derya that she is pregnant. Derya thought Eylem would be happy and Eylem told her that ‘now is not the right time’ to be pregnant and that she does not want to leave work. Eylem does not want to upset Fethi, she is feeling very confused. Then we see Ateş and Nazlı go shopping for engagement rings along with Feyzullah and Su. I really liked this scene, so nice to see these two couples together. Ateş promises Nazlı that he will propose to her in a way that she will never forget. A proposal that people will not stop talking about, he says to her. They are just adorable. Especially when Feyzullah was giving Ateş some hints about the other wedding stuff that he has to prepare for and he must show that he cares and that they are other rings to buy. Loved this part and Ateş’s reaction just hilarious.

Another amusing scene, when Aşık shows the video of the guys that they beat up earlier. Their way of publishing them. They pranked them, those men woke up in their underwear in Taksim Square with all people passing to see. So embarrassing. This was their way of punishing them and to get back at them for what they did to Mücahit for bullying him. Then Derya walks and runs the fun atmosphere, she lectures them on following the law and leaving the police and those in the law to punish the guys and that they should not have dealt with those guys on their own. Then Erdem comes in and Derya informs him of the video and what the soldiers did to punish the bad guys. Erdem lectures too and informs Derya that it will not happen again. When Derya left the room, Erdem changed his tone and told the guys ‘I should not tell you well done but well done’ with a smile on his face. But they are still punished.

Next day, all the guys from the organization including Sami and Nisan are at a funeral (the man who was killed by his son). Yavuz heads there too and they are surprised to see him. Yavuz threatens Nisan and Sami. They plan on ambushing a Turkish base and he tells them a Turkish soldier better not die. Sami starts to get annoyed with Yavuz and wants him to get killed. He orders Tarik to kill Yavuz.

Then Dragan gets his revenge, Nisan came to meet her. He tells her that his brother died, he blames her and then he kills Nisan by beheading her.
He is hurt and more evil than he was before due to his brother’s death. He just becomes more powerful and more evil. He wants to avenge and continue killing the Turks including Derya, Yavuz and others.

Towards the end of the episode, the special forces team head out for their new operation. But they have no idea of what will happen next. Some of Dragan’s men end up setting ua trap for the Turkish soldiers, on the route to their operation. What a scene! What an explosion Meanwhile Yavuz ends up at the wrong place at the wrong time. He realizes that he is being followed in his car. Unfortunately, he could not escape from them, Yavuz gets ambushed by so many men. They kept firing shots at him. Since he was not expecting it, he was in shock and could not defend himself. Until Derya showed up and then those men escaped. Yavuz was bleeding alot and his car destroyed.

The ending of this episode was just heartbreaking and also breathtaking. All guys in danger, Yavuz and the soldiers in two different locations. A very sad ending to the episode and that music…wow. Episode 60 of Söz, reached another milestone. Stay tuned for the summary of episode 61.

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Written By – Raghad A.K



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