Episode 59 of SÖZ started off exactly where episode 58 ended with the Nayda-Thomas exchange and everyone is there. The soldiers arrive and before they enter they receive an order from Colonel Erdem to step back. They really wanted to catch the man who ‘tricked’ them. As we saw in the previous episode it was actually Kopuk and Yavuz. Fethi tells them that its orders from Erdem and that must wait for further instructions. Meanwhile, Dragan arrives with his men to save Nadya. Inside the abandoned warehouse, the exchange happens. Yavuz gives the foreign intelligence agent in exchange for Nadya. Of course, Nadya is furious and threatens them all with Dragan. Yavuz is happy and tells her that ‘you are only bait’ as he wants Dragan badly. As soon as they all walk away, loud noise and shots get fired. Dragan and his men shoot their way inside the warehouse and Dragan tells his guys that they can kill all inside except for Nadya. Yavuz begins to shoot and tells Kopuk to keep Nadya safe. Lots of shots were fired, luckily Yavuz and Kopuk with Nadya were able to escape from the warehouse and got into their car. Dragan sees Yavuz and he was not surprised. In that moment, Fethi gets the order from Erdem and he and the soldiers invaded the warehouse and they saw the foreign intelligence agent but he got shot by Dragan’s men and he died before he told them his identity. But the soldiers kinda figured that he was not one of them. Dragan goes after Yavuz in his car.

We see a flashback of how Yavuz with Toran and Kopuk set to their plan and that they want Dragan to follow them. As Kopuk drives the intent is to have Dragan follow them but Dragan at the last minute figured it out that it’s a trap and drove off. He is upset about Nadya and furious at Yavuz and Nisan. In the flashback, we see that Yavuz had a backup plan in case Dragan knew of the trap and he was right. Yavuz lies to Nadya and tells her that Dragan does not care about her and that he will not bother searching for her. He tries to get in her head. However, Nadya does not believe a word Yavuz says and tells them that Dragan will not give up searching for her and that he will kill Yavuz. Then Yavuz and Kopuk take Nadya to Toran for interrogation, using different types of methods to make her speak and to turn against Dragan. At first, Nadya was strong and kept quiet. Dragan calls Yavuz and threatens him and Yavuz could not care less and this made Dragan angrier. He is also very angry with Nisan for causing this mess for him.

Back at the battalion, Colonel Erdem and Erdem informs the special forces about the foreign intelligence agent who was responsible for the previous bombings. They briefed them on it. Meanwhile, Mücahit continues to worry about Melisa and wonders that maybe Yavuz was right about her being threatened. Ateş is very ecstatic and informs Fethi, Mücahit and Aşık about his engagement with Nazlı. Feyzullah tells them the details of what Ateş did the previous night and that Colonel Erdem gave Ateş his blessing to marry his daughter Nazlı. This was a very nice scene, to see the guys celebrating and being happy for their brother.

Then Erdem introduces the guys to two new soldiers, new members that would join them in the team. They are two good soldiers with great experience and skills.
It is really nice to have two new soldiers join the special forces team. This adds new excitement to the team and the audience as well. The two new actors are
Nezir Çınarlı (plays the character of Gökhan) and Orhan Arı (plays the character of Barış). The guys were happy and gave them a nice welcome. Mücahit suggested that they should give each guy a nickname just like they all have one. So Gökhan’s nickname is ‘Yiğido’ and Barış’s nickname is Efe. I really liked this scene and I’m happy to see new soldiers on the team and having these two new actors join the cast.

Meanwhile Yavuz and Kopuk trick Nadya, they played a trick on her. With Kopuk’s special computer/editing skills they created a montage. Nadya heard the montage and thought that Dragan does not care about her one bit. She even teared up, she could not believe it and Yavuz continues to pressure her to speak. She finally spoke and revealed Dragan’s big secret about having a soft spot for his sick dying brother. Right away Toran made a call to inform intelligence. Later, Kopuk tells Nadya that the montage was fake. She got furious and grabbed Kopuk’s gun and threatened to kill him. Then Yavuz walks in and shoots her and she dies. Even though Nadya was a bad character, I liked her and the actress Selin Deveci did a great job portraying the character. Yavuz was relieved to get rid of Nadya as he knew that it would upset Dragan very much.

Back at the battalion, Erdem and Eylem inform the special forces about Dragan’s sick brother and his location and that Dragan could be there too. He assigns them a new operation, but not to harm Dragan’s sick brother. Once they arrived at the location, there were many men surrounding the area. Dragan who was inside tells the doctor to hurry up and get his brother out and to a safe place. The doctor tells Dragan to grab the medications just then the soldiers raided the place. Dragan tricks them with a guy who looks just like him (his double) and he manages to escape with his sick brother and doctor. Eylem accidentally gets a cut on her hand from broken glass (medical). Fethi worries about her and tells her that she should get it checked out for a virus or something. She tells him not to worry. For evidence, they grabbed all the medications for intelligence to look at.

Meanwhile, Yavuz is at a restaurant spying on some men as part of his work. Derya meets him for casual dinner while she talks to him about his disease and about finding a cure. He does not pay attention to what she says because his mind and eyes are on the bad guys across from him. One of the men gets his weapon out and makes noise, Derya could not help but interfere. She tries to tell them to stop and that she can arrest them. The man speaks rudely with her and makes fun of her. Yavuz intervenes and teaches them a lesson. This was a funny scene. The scene outside the restaurant was really good too. Yavuz once again is at the right place at the right time, he saved Derya again.

Then Sami holds a meeting, Sami and his team of bad men who pretend they are good business people but on the contrary, they are not good. Melisa’s father is one of those men. These powerful men help terror groups to cause terror all over. Each of these men benefits from the terror groups, and they all care about money and power no matter what the damage is. They do not seem to care how many people die or get injured. Sami tells them that they must continue to help terror groups so that they can get what they want. Nisan was in the other room and heard everything.

Dragan’s brother becomes weaker and this upsets Dragan. The doctor tells him that his brother needs the medications that were left behind, however since the soldiers and intelligence took them, Dragan tells the doctor to make new medications again however the doctor says that will take a very long time and their best option is to get those medications back for the sake of Dragan’s brother.

Mücahit continues to worry about Melisa, he calls her but she does not pick up and this makes him think that she might actually be threatened. This scene was funny especially when the two new guys see Mücahit taking to himself and they wonder if he is okay and Feyzullah and Aşık play a small trick on them. Jokingly they tell them that it’s inappropriate to eavesdrop on your Commander’. Their reactions were hilarious. Mücahit ends up going to Melisa’s house and avoids the security guards and sneaks in from the back. Melisa so surprised when she saw him. Poor Melisa, locked in her room feeling like a prisoner. He takes her away, and they drive off but for his safety, she tells him to take her back because she does not want him to get in trouble or worse due to him protecting her.

Fethi takes Eylem to the doctor for a blood test and they receive very surprising news. Something they never expected. Eylem’s blood test is good, no virus but she is pregnant. Their reactions were priceless especially Eylem’s. Its something they were not expecting at all.

The scene with Yavuz and Sami towards the end of the episode was very nice. Especially when Yavuz hung a photo of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk on the wall in Sami’s office and when Sami said ‘you both have similar eyes, blue’ that was so good.

Meanwhile, near the woods, Melisa informs Mücahit of everything about her cruel father and how much she despises him especially since her father killed her mother. I could not believe it, her own father killed her mother/his wife. How awful, poor Melisa no wonder she avoids living in the same house as her father. Mücahit in shock when he heard this despite all that he does not give up on her and he assures her that he will never leave her. Mücahit tells Melisa that he cannot stop thinking about her and that he likes her and he has never experienced this before. She confesses that she said those awful things to him it’s because she wanted him to stay away so that her father cannot hurt him. They are just adorable.

In the end, we see Dragan threatens Derya to get his brother’s medications back and he points his weapon at her. Meanwhile, Mücahit gets beaten by Melisa’s fathers’ men. He gets beaten up and tasered while she cries for help locked in the car. What an end to the episode. Poor Mücahit. This was brutal and sad. While Derya does something she never thought she would do which leaves Yavuz confused.

Such a great episode, one of my favourites of this season. Stay tuned for the summary of episode 60.

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Written By – Raghad A.K



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