The previous episode ended with Yavuz after he received bad news regarding his health. Episode 58 starts with Dragan as he calls Yavuz and tries to stir the pot and make Yavuz feel worse than he already is. Poor Yavuz, he does not deserve any of that especially after everything he has been through. Dragan tells Yavuz that terrible days are ahead of him and they he [Yavuz] will die a painful death. Yavuz is speechless and asks Dragan ‘what the hell did you give me?’ and Dragan replies ‘a new story’. Dragan really wants to see Yavuz suffer. Dragan what a maniac (Sarp Akkaya doing a great job portraying the character). Derya says to Yavuz to not give up and that maybe they will find a cure. She tells him that she will share his files with her doctor friends and that maybe she can help him out. Yavuz is appreciative of Derya’s help and he assures her not to share his secret (about his illness) with anyone else.

I really liked the scene when Yavuz was alone near the shore and we just heard his voice. He assures himself that maybe he will probably die from the virus but that does not mean he will give up. He promises to get rid of Dragan before he hurts the country more. No matter the circumstances he will fight. I thought his words were powerful, a very good scene.

Back in the forest, Fethi, Eylem, Ateş, Mücahit, and the others were going after Behram, they get surrounded by several of Behram’s men from the organization. The special forces were outnumbered however that did not stop them from fighting. It was not easy but they did succeed. Mücahit used his Ottoman sword to fight some of the men. This was a great and funny scene. Also, the music was very nice too. They caught Behram right before he escaped. Behram looked scared and was surprised when he saw Ateş. Fethi informs Erdem and Erdem tells him to wait for two intelligence agents to give them Behram.

Meanwhile, Nisan and Dragan find out that Berham has been captured by the special forces. They realize that it is not good at all. Nisan is afraid that more of their people in the organization will get caught one-by-one. Dragan has a plan, he threatens Yavuz to kill his friends/special forces if he does not give him Behram. Yavuz could not believe it until he saw them via video-call. He does not want any of his friends to die. He and Toran came up with a brilliant plan that shocked Dragan. Kopuk helped out Yavuz, Kopuk pretended to be an intelligence agent who arrived to get Behram. So once Kopuk arrived, Tolga knew exactly what the secret sign and password are and when Kopuk told Ateş, he was right and they thought he is the intelligence agent that Erdem sent. Kopuk took Behram and they drove off, Tolga impressed with Kopuk. That is when Erdem gets informed from the real intelligence agents that something is wrong and that they got tricked. Fethi, Ateş wonder who that man (Kopuk) was and how did he know the password and sign. They were able to get Behram after a little car-chasing. Yavuz had a brilliant plan and it made Dragan very angry “You will pay for this Yavuz Karasu”. His work with Behram was done and he let his friends/special forces take him. Although they have no idea that Yavuz was involved in it. Kopuk tells Yavuz and Toran how happy he is and that he really wants the chance to succeed and serve his country in another way.

Yavuz wants to find out more about this object that he got from Behram. He and Kopuk went to learn more about it. That is when Yavuz as ‘Ömer Günay’ met Sami. As Yavuz was asking Sami questions about the engraved object it seems like Sami was a bit surprised by Yavuz having that. Then we saw Sami get a call from Nisan to have a meeting with her over dinner. So Sami is another bad guy from the organization who works alongside Nisan and Dragan. Sami told Yavuz that he will find out more about it, Yavuz replied that he will drop by in a week.

Back at the battalion, Erdem congratulates the team on great work in capturing Behram. However, they have no idea who messed with them and Eylem told them they will look into that. After the meeting ended, Mücahit calls Melisa and a man picked up the phone. She dropped her phone in the street and this man found it. In the previous episode, the men following her got her, she struggled with them and dropped her phone. Mücahit then goes and meets the man that found her phone, and luckily there was a camera that captured the incident from the night before. Mücahit was upset and felt bad that happened to Melisa. He called a friend who is a cop and asked him to trace the plate number of the car of the men that took Melisa. But he did not tell anyone else because this is a personal matter and he wants to solve it himself.

Ateş tries to fix his relationship with Nazlı but Nazlı him that he has not made any movements and she wonders when they will get married and what happened to their dreams. At the end of the call, they both are upset but Ateş is sadder because it seems like his relationship has ended. He tells Aşık that he has ruined his relationship and Aşık advises him that they love each other and Ateş must do something to fix it. It’s very obvious that Ateş loves Nazlı very much and he does want to marry her. The only thing holding him back is that he has no parents or someone to go with him to ask for her.

Meanwhile, Yavuz meets with a diplomat, this man represents the government of a foreign country and he wants his man (the foreign intelligence agent that Yavuz held for interrogation). Yavuz says he wants something in exchange. After some negotiation, they agreed for an exchange the foreign intelligence agent for Nadya (Dragan’s lover). The diplomat says to Yavuz that it will not be easy to get Nadya, Yavuz tells he has only 1 day. Kopuk is right there to help and support Yavuz as a backup.

Then we saw Kopuk took his oath and swore in as Yavuz and Toran were his witnesses. This was a very beautiful scene. He is officially with Yavuz. Kopuk looked so happy to finally be able to work alongside Yavuz and serve his country again even if it’s just ‘secret’.

I also liked the Fethi (Burak Sevinç) and Aşık (Doğukan Polat) one-on-one scene when they sang together. It was nice to hear them singing together. This was right after Aşık tells Fethi that he does not understand why he is lonely and why he has not found love yet.

Meanwhile, Mücahit has found Melisa’s house using the plate number of the car that Melisa got in forcibly. The house is a big beautiful mansion, with full security and guards and housekeepers. So we find out that Melisa does come from a rich family. This was a heartbreaking and sad scene. When Melisa spoke with him, I felt so sad for Mücahit. I’m sure all viewers felt the same, heartbroken for him. However Melisa did say some very hurtful things but she did not mean any of it as we saw later, she felt regret and sadness when he left her house. She said those things because she did not want him to get in trouble with her father. When she told Mücahit, “look at you and look at me. Do you really think we could be together”. Her mouth was saying things but her eyes were saying the opposite. That song that played in the background was like the perfect choice for this scene. It was a heartbreaking but beautiful scene. Viewers cannot help but root for MücMel (Mücahit and Melisa). We finally got introduced to her father, a very bad man who seems to have connections to Sami. She despises her father. He treats her badly. He is making her a prisoner in her own house. Mücahit is so upset he ended up calling Yavuz to meet with him.

Later that night at Colonel Erdem’s home,
Ateş surprises everyone by showing up wearing a beautiful tuxedo holding flowers and a box of chocolate. The way he looked at Nazlı when she opened the door and said ‘Is your dad home’. Nazlı surprised but happy to see him. He gets surprised when he sees Feyzullah, Feyzullah’s mother and Su. Feyzullah says they were invited over for dinner. With great courage, Ateş was finally able to ask for Nazlı’s hand in marriage from her father/his Commander Erdem. I loved this scene, it was nice and funny. Especially when Erdem slapped Ateş jokingly and told Ateş ‘you have a family. You have a father’. Erdem agreed for Ateş and Nazlı to get married. It was beautiful when Ateş called Erdem ‘Daddy’.

Meanwhile, Mücahit and Yavuz meet up and Mücahit in such a bad shape, heartbroken over Melisa he explains what happened but he tells him that a ‘friend’ of his experiences this and that the girl he liked tricked him. It was very sad and Yavuz felt bad for Mücahit, its obvious that Mücahit is referring to himself and Yavuz knows that. He tells Mücahit that maybe the girl is really being threatened and that she probably did not mean what she said. Mücahit thinks that maybe Yavuz is right and that Melisa got threatened. What Yavuz said to him, lifted his mood up a bit.

Then later we see that Nisan agrees to the deal and turns Nadia to the foreign officials and this makes Dragan so angry. Nisan hopes that the deal goes through so she can get her guy back even if it means turning Nadia over. Dragan who is furious calls to gather his men up.

The next day, Derya visits Yavuz she wants him to go to her doctor friend with whom she made an appointment for him. She wants him to get a second opinion about his illness. He lies and tells her that his friend had an accident and that he had some work to do. Derya realizes that he is lying she kinda figured that he would not just go with her to the doctor. She thought of something clever and funny. As they left the auto repair shop, two officers put handcuffs on Yavuz and put him in the police car. Derya thanks the officers and joins Yavuz. I liked Derya here, she was serious but funny too. He could not believe that she actually did that. This is her way if making sure that he goes to his appointment. At the hospital, the doctor speaks with Yavuz and tells him that even though there is no known cure or medicine for the virus that does mean that they will give up. She says ‘there is always a little hope’ but over time the effects of the virus will take over his body and it will not be good. The doctor tells him that she and some of her colleagues will look into this do research and that she will send his test to some laboratories. It is challenging but she assures Yavuz that he should not give up. Derya also tells Yavuz that he should not give up.

Near the end, Erdem gathers the team and he and Eylem inform them that they tracked down the car of the two guys (Yavuz and Kopuk) that tricked them and they almost lost Behram because of them. Erdem tells them to bring the two guys in alive and they want to know how they knew the password and signal. They were given a location and headed out. Meanwhile Yavuz and Kopuk on their way to do the exchange.

What an end to the episode, the special forces, Yavuz and Dragan all in the same place. Intense! Another great episode. Stay tuned for the summary of episode 59.

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Written By – Raghad A.K



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