After the explosion from the last scene of episode 56, this episode started with the aftermath of that explosion. Chaos everywhere! Few civilians were taken to the hospital including a high-Commander. Yavuz returns to the auto repair shop, Kopuk and Toran followed him back. They have no idea what exactly happened, they just heard a loud explosion.

After learning some information regarding the explosion and those responsible for it. Yavuz goes after the foreign intelligence agent who was responsible for the explosion. Toran was able to identify the man and shared the information with Yavuz. Meanwhile, Eylem, Erdem and other intelligence were able to identify the same man. They figured out that he is a foreigner, more specifically a foreign intelligence agent and the one responsible for the explosion. Yavuz begins to follow the foreign intelligence agent from his hotel. The intelligence realized that he is being followed so he called Nisan for help. Nisan, send backup for him. Yavuz did not lose track of him and he continued to follow him. Yavuz came up with a clever plan and he captured the foreign intelligence agent and took him back to the auto repair shop him to interrogate him.

While the special forces and Derya and local police went to the local hospital where the injured Commander was sent to with the other victims. In the washroom, Derya ran into a woman (who was planning on blowing up the hospital). The explosives were on her. Derya tried really hard to calm the girl down and stop her from exploding the hospital. Derya tells the woman that the hospital has patients, sick people, kids, old and young people. I must admit Derya risked her own life to try to talk to the woman. Derya then informs Fethi about the woman and tells him that they must evacuate the building. Fethi, Ateş, Mücahit and Feyzullah were able to get out almost everyone. Only those patients who were during a surgery along with few doctors and nurses and few others in the ICU. They could not leave the hospital.

Derya continues to talk her way through to the woman. She can see that the woman is scared. Ateş tells Derya that she must leave too and that they would handle it. However, Derya insists that she would deal with it. Finally, she was able to get the woman to surrender without exploding. Feyzullah was able to get off the explosives from the woman and they took the woman. The hospital scenes were very intense. The guys were impressed with Derya and her braveness. Fethi apologized for his tense behaviour. Derya is relieved that it worked out well without anyone else getting hurt. She tells the guys to call her ‘Derya’ instead of ‘Prosecutor’ since they are all on the same team.

Back at the auto repair shop, Yavuz learns more information about the foreign intelligence agent, the name of the man is Thomas. Yavuz used all tactics to get Thomas to talk. He even brought up Thoma’s sick son and that no one will help Thomas now that he got caught. Then Thomas gave the name of Behram to Yavuz. Behram is another bad guy.

Ateş calls Nazlı, he tells her that his reaction previously was a bit exaggerated and that he does not want them to hurt each other anymore. Nazlı is still upset at the way he reacted especially since she was only trying to help out. She rejects his invitation to meet up. I really liked this scene, it was funny but nice. We can see that Ateş feels bad and wants to patch up things with Nazlı, however, he tells that he does not want her to meddle in that business of his again. While Mücahit and Melisa meet at a cafe, these two are getting emotionally close to each episode with every episode. Mücahit tells Melisa to inform exactly why those men are following her and who they are. Melisa

Meanwhile, Dragan visits his sick brother. He gets informed that his brother’s condition is getting worse and worse. Dragan seems guilty for putting his brother in that condition and that he shot him. The doctor tells Dragan that his brother needs a new donor or he will die. Dragan insists that they will get a new donor.

Yavuz gives Kopuk the opportunity to work and to help him out. Toran agrees and they think Kopuk would be a great factor for them and that they would benefit from his help. Kopuk is so happy, he could not contain his excitement. Yavuz tells Kopuk to clean up his appearance a little bit before he can start working with him. But they inform him that whatever they do, it must be kept a secret just between them. This was one of my favourite scenes from the episode. The way Kopuk hugged Yavuz and Toran was adorable. Then Toran receives news that Yavuz’s face was caught on a camera when he took the foreign intelligence agent and that this tape was accidentally sent to Prosecutor Derya. Toran tells Yavuz that he must switch the tape off his face with another tape that has face blurred because it will be bad for Yavuz to get caught. He tells him that he has to go to Derya’s house and make an excuse to why he dropped by and secretly make the switch.

Meanwhile, Erdem informs the special forces of their new operation which involves Ateş, Eylem and Mücahit going on a secret mission. They will need to put a transmitter on Behram. Behram helps the bad guys by providing them with the weapons they need and he is also an auction addict. They gather the information they need and leave for their operation.

The operation took place at a hotel where an auction was being held. Ateş, Eylem and Mücahit were ‘guests’ and dressed very nicely and they saw Behram and Behram’s girlfriend right away.

Meanwhile, Yavuz went to Prosecutor Derya’s house so he can switch videos. Since it was night time, Derya was surprised to see him. He made up an excuse that he came to apologize to her for his recent rude behaviour. I liked how she was sarcastic with his with her responses. While she was making him coffee, he was able to switch the videos as her laptop was there on the table. Unfortunately, Yavuz began to feel sick, he tells her that he has a headache for several days and she checks and finds out that he has a high fever. She tells him that he must go to the doctor but he is so weak that ends up helping him.

Back at the auction, Ateş using his smooth talk and skills he was able to switch Behram’s glasses with the transmitter in it. Good to see the old Karabatak doing his thing on a secret mission. The Ottoman sword scene with Mücahit at the auction was amusing. He was funny especially when he bid $100 000. The way Ateş and Eylem tried to stop him was hilarious. I like when those three go on secret missions. Then the next day he surprised the guys and Eylem with the sword. He actually got it from the man that brought it. Behram leaves for the trade and the guys despite a slight complication were able to find Behram’s location from his girlfriend. However, on their way to that location, they get stopped on the road by several armed men who surrendered them.

The Fethi and Eylem scene at the hotel was beautiful and romantic until that Ceren call. Of course, Eylem got upset but Fethi assured her that he loves her very much and that he would never do anything to hurt her and that he does not care about Ceren and that he would never cheat on Eylem. I really liked this scene, very nice.

Derya rushes Yavuz to the hospital. The doctors do several tests on him. Near the end of the episode, the doctor informed Yavuz that he has a virus in his body and that there is no known cure for it and unfortunately this virus can destroy his nerve system. Then the doctor gives Yavuz six more months to live if the virus continues to spread that fast throughout his body. This news shocks Yavuz and Derya. In the end, Dragan calls Yavuz and we learn that Dragan knows of Yavuz’s sickness. This virus is caused by the injection that Dragan gave Yavuz earlier. It was very sad. Dragan tells Yavuz that terrible days are ahead of him and they he [Yavuz] will die a painful death. Yavuz is speechless and asks Dragan ‘what the hell did you give me?’ and Dragan replies ‘a new story’.

Then we the see Melisa got caught by the men that were following her. She was not able to outrun them. This was another sad scene. Overall it was a great episode lots of action despite the ending which was sad.

Stay tuned for the summary of episode 58.

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Written By – Raghad A.K



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