Where episode 55 ended that is exactly where episode 56 started with Yavuz being held prisoner by Dragan. In a very confined area. Like cube-shaped glass cell. With photos of his beloved replaying, those that we saw die in season 1 and season 2. Dragan hurts Yavuz deeply, not only does he hurt him emotionally but physically as well. It was a painful scene to watch. Especially seeing Yavuz and the way he looked at the photos of his beloveds one-by-one; his mother, Merve, Kurtderlli, Hafız, his wife Bahar and his father Agah. At that moment, all the memories he shared with them haunt him. He personally blames himself for their deaths. Then Dragan injects Yavuz and with a drug of some sort, it seems to have bad side effects as we saw later in the episode.

While the special forces capture Erdal and make their way back to headquarters to interrogate him. However things get a little complicated for Fethi and the rest of the guys, it all started when they get a call from Erdal’s phone. Dragan knows that the special forces have captured Erdal, he speaks with Fethi, Mücahit and the others and he tells them that he has captured Yavuz and prisoner him. None of them believes Dragan until they see him via video-call. They could not believe that Yavuz got captured that easily. Dragan offers them a deal that it’s hard for them to refuse, he wants an exchange Erdal for Yavuz. Mücahit freaks out and releases his anger out on Erdal. Fethi calls Colonel Erdem and informs him about the situation that Dragan has Yavuz and wants to do an exchange for Erdal. They cannot believe that Dragan has Yavuz. Dragan pretty much threatens them with killing Yavuz if they make Erdal speak. For several scenes, Dragan continues to check up on Yavuz, he irritates him by talking about how cursed Yavuz is and that is to blame for the deaths of his beloveds one-by-one. Yavuz tries to not get affected by Dragan’s insults. Dragan tries to get in Yavuz’s head and Yavuz knew exactly what to say to Dragan to trigger him. One of the things he said to Dragan is that he (Dragan) hates himself which is why he is doing all these things. He has no conscience, no ethics, no morals. He is a killer, not a human. That made Dragan angry and he shot 3 bullets the at the glass. Nothing happened as its bullet-proof glass. Meanwhile, Nisan, Nadya and the others are worried that Erdal might speak out and reveal their plans. However, Dragan assures them that Erdal will not speak and that he will take Erdal before he gets a chance to speak.

Back at the auto repair shop, Toran wonders where Yavuz is. He begins to worry about him and gets a little suspicious when Erdem called and asked him about Yavuz. Then a few scenes later, Kopuk came to look for Yavuz and Toran told him that, “Yavuz is not around today”. The scene when Kopuk tells his story and background to Toran it was quite emotional. The flashback of Kopuk when he was a child and his parent’s death, just heartbreaking scene. Especially once the viewers learn that Dragan is the one who murdered Kopuk’s parents and all the people that lived in the village. It was really sad. So Kopuk ended up growing up and getting an education in Turkey and then he became a soldier. He was a good soldier. Toran seems to like him and tells Kopuk that maybe there’ll is another opportunity for him to serve his country and Kopuk was ecstatic to hear that.

While Fethi, Ateş, and the other guys wait to hear from Colonel Erdem on what to do next. Mücahit gets a phone call from Melisa, she tells him that she had an argument with her roommate and that she needs a place to stay for the night. He feels bad and tells her that he is not in Istanbul for the moment. He then thought of Nazlı and tells Melisa that Nazlı who is like a sister to him can help her out. Then Mücahit calls Nazlı and asks her if she can meet Melisa and have her stay at her for the night. Nazlı agreed and he gave her Melisa’s number. This was a nice scene, each episode the viewers see that Mücahit is starting to feel something for Melisa even if he himself does not know what those feelings are. It was a great set up to have the two girls meet.

When the special forces take Erdal to supposedly the meeting place then an ambush happened and shots are fired from both sides. Ateş tells them that those shooters are Dragan’s men. One man starts shooting at Erdal. Erdal gets scared and tells them about Cemal. Another person that works with the bad people of the organization. We have seen Cemal in previous episodes as well. He is also an associate of Nisan. Cemal and Dragan do not get along well. Erdal tells them exactly the location of the place Cemal is staying in. I really liked this scene. Especially when the viewers realized that it was a plan by Erdem and Fethi. It was so cool when Erdem and Eylem took off their masks and walked towards Fethi and the others. The look on Erdel’s face so priceless. Erdem and Fethi came up with a plan to carry out the operation while tricking Erdal. He finally spoke, and then he realized that they played him. The special forces were happy with their accomplishment. Then Derya who also went with them interrogates Erdal. Then they all get ready for the next step of the operation which is the ‘exchange’.

Meanwhile back in Istanbul, Melisa and Nazlı officially meet. Melisa was waiting for Nazlı at a cafe. A very lovely encounter of the two girls. They hit it off right away. Nazlı gets worried about Melisa when she hears that she is being followed. Melissa tells Nazlı that it’s okay but Nazlı intervenes. I was impressed with Nazlı in this scene when she went up to the car and confronted the two men. It was a great scene. Later, Nazlı takes Melisa to her home. Melisa is appreciative of the gesture and Nazlı introduces her mother Güler to Melisa. Nazlı and Melisa got along well. Güler tells Melisa that she can stay at their house for the night. I think these two will become great friends. I look forward to their future scenes.

The ‘exchange’ scene was quite interesting. The special forces with Erdem and Eylem take Erdal to meet Dragan and exchange Erdal with Yavuz. Dragan and Nadya and supposedly with Yavuz. Both guys had their heads covered. Only until after the exchange, they were unveiled. However, this exchange did not go down as Erdem, Fethi and the special forces were expecting. Obviously, Dragan did not bring Yavuz, he brought another man. But it was too late, as soon as the two guys walked and reached their sides. Dragan shoots the man (that is pretending to be Yavu). Erdem and the others saw it was not Yavuz but some other guy, they realized that Dragan tricked them and it frustrated them. Dragan gets Erdal and they drive off. Since Erdal talked, he is scared of Dragan. He thinks Dragan would definitely kill him if he found that he spoke to the special forces. Of course, Dragan did end up killing Erdal for speaking. He realized that the special forces were coming after him. Dragan called Nisan and informed him.

Erdem, Fethi, Eylem and the special forces were disappointed not to have Yavuz, however, they had to continue with their operation. They ended up following Erdal and Dragan. Earlier they put a transmitter on Erdal. This was their way of keeping their track on him. They were hoping that it would lead them to the place where Yavuz is held in.

Meanwhile, Yavuz is trying to figure out a way to escape. Dragan tells his men that the special forces are coming and they should relocate Yavuz to another place and to kill the Turks. Yavuz escapes while one of Dragan’s men got inside the cell to take him somewhere else. Yavuz was like a beast, he got up Dragan’s men one-by-one. This scene was absolutely amazing and that ‘Lone Wolf/Yalnız Kurt’ music playing in the background. Yavuz escaped by running throw the glass with one of Dragan’s men. He used his power and through his rage beat up those men. It was really an awesome scene. Also, the scene had great cinematography and fight
choreography. One of the greatest scenes in season 3. Kudos to the crew and Tolga for a great performance.

Using the signal from the transmitter, the guys found Erdal dead. Just in time, the guys managed to break in and found Yavuz surrounded by the bodies of Dragan’s men. They were surprised and wondered exactly what happened. They saw that Yavuz did not look well, he looked a bit sick. Erdem and Eylem took him back to Istanbul. He did not say much. The special forces continued with their operation and went after Cemal. They had slight complications but they succeeded. Another name gets crossed off the blacklist.

The ending of the episode was pretty bizarre and breathtaking with Yavuz and also that explosion. Due to the injection that Dragan gave him, the side-effects began to develop. Yavuz begins to have severe headaches, and his movements are not like before. Towards the end, he begins to hallucinate. The scene at the graveyard was so intense, digging up his own grave. Yavuz is definitely not himself. He realizes that he is the one to blame for the deaths of his beloveds and that no one can cure his wounds (specifically his emotional wounds). When he was talking to Toran and Kopuk and said, “I hate myself”. It was a powerful and emotional scene. So close as he raises his hand to pull the trigger them an EXPLOSION occurs.

That explosion at the end of the episode, it left viewers wondering what had exploded. Our reactions were just like Yavuz, Kopuk and the guys in the helicopter. For a second I thought it was the helicopter but it was not. It was from a building. Big explosion! This explosion stopped Yavuz from pulling the trigger. Bu ney ya?!

That was an exciting episode. Stay tuned for the summary of episode 57. You can watch the series live every Monday evening at 8 pm Turkish time on Star TV or on YouTube on Star TV’s official channel.

Written By – Raghad A.K



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