Episode 55 of SÖZ started off exactly where episode 54 ended with Erdem alone surrounded by Baran’s men. He called his wife Güler and told her how much he loves her and their daughter Nazlı. Colonel Erdem having to fight off those men by himself. At the moment, he is not sure if he can get rid of all of them. At the end of episode 54, we saw Erdem sending the special forces with the people that they rescued from Baran but unfortunately some of the did not make it.

Meanwhile, Yavuz is with Nisan tells her that she got played. That it was all a game and that he outsmarted her. He tells her that the Muslims and Turks are not afraid of them and not to underestimate any of them. Of course, Nisan did not like what she was hearing. She did not like being played. The flashback shows the viewers exactly how Yavuz carried out his plan. It was really so good.

While all this is happening, the special forces head back for their Commander Erdem. They were glad to see Erdem safe and sound and it was a happy reunion. Unfortunately, at this time, Baran escapes runs the woods the soldiers ran after him and succeeded in catching him. They also played a small trick on him, he ends up telling them valuable information about an important man. Erdal provides information and communication for the bad guys similar to Dragan and Nisan. Erdal also provides these bad people with explosives as well. The special forces and intelligence gather information about him and head after him. Their new mission.

At the police station, Yavuz gets arrested and put in a cell due to fighting with those guys from the restaurant. This is when he meets Kopuk. He is a soldier who served with Yavuz. They have not seen each other for 6 years. His real name is Selim and from what he knows it seems like he was a great and devoted soldier. The actor that plays Kopuk is Genco Özak (he is actually one of Tolga Sarıtaş’s best friends). This scene was so beautiful and their scene outside with Kopuk’s flashback also so touching. Kopuk such a sweet character and a great addition to the series. Their great bond was very noticeable. Later, Prosecutor Derya finds out that Yavuz got arrested. Erdem and the others were still on their operation so she intervened she met him at the police station. He got released. She asks him lots of questions but he does not tell her the truth. Yavuz says to Derya ‘If I’m lying, it’s your job to find out the truth’. This was really so good. She still has her suspicions about Yavuz but he knows how to cover his tracks and has the right answers.

Meanwhile, Yavuz takes Kopuk to the auto repair shop and introduces him to Toran and they have Kopuk something to eat. Kopuk tells Toran that it was him who came up with the nickname of Yavuz ‘Sarı Komutan’ (Blonde Commander). When he first met Yavuz during their service he called him that and that became Yavuz’s nickname, that all viewers are familiar with.

Ateş is still upset with Nazlı. She tried apologizing and she tells him that she did not know that he would react that way. She thought he would be happy. He tells her that she should not have done that. While Mücahit cannot stop thinking about Melisa. He wonders if she is still being followed. He calls her to check up on her. Later that night they met up. Their scene at the shore was very nice especially when they were eating and she gave food to a homeless man. This really impressed Mücahit. They match well together. We have seen many times where he gives food and stuff to poor people from Season 1 till now. He has a kind and genuine heart. It’s great to see that Melisa is just like him. Then Melisa sees this side of Mücahit when he took some stuff to a poor family.

Meanwhile, Ateş goes on a secret mission to get more information about Erdal. He uses help from an informant and succeeded in getting information from Erdal’s driver who has a sick mother. Ateş used his great tactics and intelligence skills to complete the mission. I loved that underwater scene with Ateş against Erdel’s men. Such great cinematography. It was an exciting scene. Especially when Ateş pulled the man into the water.

While Ateş is on his secret mission. The guys and Erdem paid a visit to Yavuz to check up on him and to lift up his mood. This was a great scene, it was really nice to see them bonding again. One word that describes that these characters and that is ‘brotherhood’. Sometimes I see them as brothers and not just friends. Because their bond and care for each other are so strong. It is one of the great qualities of this series, the ‘brotherhood’. I loved this scene. It was greatly executed.

Other than Nadya, Dragan does care and loves someone very much. This scene was a bit suspenseful at first until we learned who the person that is sick and who Dragan cares very much about. That person is actually Dragan’s brother. The flashback shows that Dragan during the massacre that he displayed in his village his brother survived and Dragan took him and they have been together ever since. He killed his parents and many other civilians but his brother survived the massacre and Dragan has been taking care of him. This scene really shows the ‘human’ side of Dragan. He is evil and a mass-killer but he does have this soft side regarding his brother.

Meanwhile, Yavuz goes out to his new mission to stop the truck of explosives. The entire scene and the Yalnız Kurt special music really make it exciting. Again great cinematography and Tolga did a really good job in this scene. Unfortunately, he could not stop the truck of explosives.

The date of Eylem and Fethi was so beautiful. They are really great together. I really enjoyed this scene especially their dance. It was very romantic and that music playing in the background was so beautiful and then the music continues as other characters are shown in their element. Such as Mücahit outside Melisa’s house, Yavuz fighting off those bad men, Derya working on the case, the newlyweds Su and Feyzullah, Nazlı calling Ateş and him ignoring her call because he is upset with her and the scene returns back to Eylem and Fethi dancing. I loved that entire scene. We see someone snap a picture of Eylem and Fethi as they were dancing. We are not sure who it is, but it could be Ceren maybe his ex-lover.

The big operation, the special forces go after Erdal. Yavuz secretly goes there as well. But he makes sure that his friends do not see him. They are after the explosives and Erdal. They started attacking. Yavuz sees Nadya and some of Dragan’s men. He runs into the woods and they run after him.

Towards the end of the episode, Yavuz gets captured and then there’s a blackout. Yavuz wakes up in a big window type of cell. He sees Dragan and this irritates him very much. Dragan hits on Yavuz’s emotional side by showing him images of all his loved ones that have died. All displayed on big screens, a slideshow of some sort. Yavuz emotionally broken down and physically tired. Unable to do anything. No one knows that he is there.

What an end! Yavuz truly goes mad as he cannot get out and the images of his parents, Mervet, Bahar, Mustafa and Fatma are playing right in front of him.

A really great episode with an intense ending. Stay tuned for the summary of episode 56. New episodes air on Mondays on Star TV.

Written By – Raghad A.K



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