I really liked how episode 54 started, a great opening. For a few minutes, viewers had no idea what Yavuz did or not do to Dragan and Nadya. Few scenes occurred before we realized what had happened to Yavuz that night in Vienna. Toran was the homeless man that we saw in the end of episode 53. He went there to help out Yavuz, thankfully he prevented him from shooting Dragan and wasting his life away.

Back at headquarters, the security network system has been hacked. Erdem and all the others got very upset while Dragan was ecstatic about the news. Later on, Derya, Erdem and the others learned what Dragan was after when their security system got hacked. So they decided that they need to move the national security protocol before Dragan gets to it. Erdem informs the special forces about their new task he tells Mücahit, Feyzullah and Aşık that they will be going after Baran. Baran is the first name on that blacklist. While Eylem, Ateş and Fethi go on an undercover mission. To get to Baran they need his exact location. They used his creepy son and Eylem was able to place the transmitter into his hand-bandage. That young man was quite creepy. Eylem, Fethi and Ateş succeeded and returned back to Istanbul.

The scene when Yavuz goes to Nisan’s home. The way he beat up the guards and that Beethoven’s piece playing in the background. How cool was that?! It was really something special. It was a very enjoyable scene to watch. Great cinematography and fight sequence. Yavuz was able to trick Nisan into making her think that he has poisoned her. She told him valuable information which he needed. It was funny but a really great scene. The actress that plays Nisan is doing a really good job portraying this role.

Sweet Nazlı after learning from Ateş about him seeing the orphanage that he grew up in and learning that the orphanage will close. She noticed that Ateş is upset that the boys will get separated. She went to the orphanage to learn more about the selling process from the manager. She really wanted to do something thoughtful for Ateş and wanted to surprise him. She got the name of the person that left Ateş at the orphanage. She really thought that Ateş would be happy. Unfortunately, his reaction was not all what Nazlı was expecting. His reaction was totally understandable especially since he had told her before (few episodes earlier) not to meddle in this matter of his. On the other hand, she only meant well. She was trying to do something good for him. This scene was pretty sad. He got angry and upset and Nazlı was shocked as to how he reacted. While watching this scene, one would feel bad for both of them. He leaves pretty upset and he tells her that he would have been able to find them if he wanted to but he does not want to find them. This was a painful scene to watch.

Mücahit not able to stop thinking about Melisa. A sweet surprise when Melisa visited him to apologize to him and she thanked him for taking care of her the day before (from when he visited her at her apartment). She apologized for yelling and throwing stuff at him. They agree to have dinner later that night and as she left she kissed him on the cheek. They are so enjoyable to watch. This was an amusing and beautiful scene.

Meanwhile, Derya becomes a little suspicious of Yavuz. She really thinks he is hiding something and that he is no ordinary ‘mechanic’. She begins to follow him and he realizes that and finds it funny. But he covers up his steps quite nicely so she would stop getting suspicious.

The scene when Mücahit was getting ready for his dinner with Melisa. The way he looked at himself in the mirror and spoke to himself. Such an entertaining scene. He is so funny. The scene with him and Yavuz sitting on a bench and spoke. That was a really great scene. Mücahit really misses his Commander Yavuz and misses them too. It was so funny when Mücahit shared his story about Melisa with Yavuz. Especially when he said ‘my friend’ referring to himself but Yavuz knew that Mücahit was speaking about himself. I really like those one-on-one scenes with the guys. Yavuz gave him good advice about love. However when Mücahit got stood up when Melisa did not show up at the fish restaurant. That was so sad. He looked a bit upset and annoyed but he still went to check up on her and I thought that was very nice of him to do. Due to her paranoia and being followed she could not leave.

Towards the end of the episode, we see the special forces head out for their ‘Baran’ operation and Colonel Erdem joins them. At the same time, Baran and Dragan are carrying out their own evil plans. These last few scenes of the operation really tense. They were able to catch Baran and his son and they released the hostages as well. It was not easy but they managed to do it.

Meanwhile, Yavuz speaks bluntly with Nisan at this restaurant that she was having lunch at. Another intense scene. Nisan said nasty and hurtful things about Yavuz and Turks. The ending of the episode very intense. He tells her never to underestimate the Turks and Muslims and that her, Dragan and their people should get out of Turkey. Yavuz said meaningful words. At the end, she seemed scared especially when she found out that he had tricked her again. Yavuz succeeded in destroying this plan of Dragan and Nisan’s.

In the end, we see Erdem put his life at risk. He tells Fethi and the others to return back with the civilians they rescued and that he will deal with Baran’s men on his own. Fethi hesitated to leave him alone but he had to follow Erdem’s orders.

A very intense action-packed episode.
Stay tuned for the summary of episode 55. New episodes air on Mondays on Star TV.

Written By – Raghad A.K



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