Episode 53 of SÖZ started off exactly where episode 52 ended with the crash of the wedding. Feyzullah and Su’s wedding gets interrupted when Nadya fired a shot which was meant for Prosecutor Derya but instead Yavuz got shot in his shoulder. Everyone screams and panic breaks out at the wedding. While Feyzullah and Erdem were looking after Yavuz, the others went after Nadya. But unfortunately, with some help she was able to escape before they were able to catch her. Since their plan failed, Dragan tells Nadya to stay low and to return back.

Meanwhile, Feyzullah assures his wife Su that everything is okay and that Yavuz is alright and that their wedding will never be forgotten, not like any ordinary wedding. He tells her that despite everything that happened, they actually did indeed have a nice wedding and that Yavuz is not badly injured. Yavuz was taken to the hospital, they all went to check up on him. A minor injury not too serious. Yavuz assures them not to worry and that he is okay. Everyone is glad to hear that Yavuz is doing fine.

Meanwhile, Dragan comes up with a plan to get Ivan out of prison. Ivan is very important to Dragan and Dragan with the help of Nadya and some of his men, unfortunately, succeeded in making Ivan escape. They threatened and used an innocent man who works at the prison. They threatened his family. That prison, (getting out Ivan) scene was action-packed. Like something you would see in an action Hollywood film. Erdem gets informed that Ivan escaped from prison.

A few days later, after getting released from the hospital. Yavuz continues with his undercover work with the help from Toran. While the guys back at headquarters got informed of Dragan’s latest attack the killings he did at the prison while he got Ivan out. Erdem, Eylem and Derya shared with them details about Ivan and what Dragan could be going after.

Derya still has trouble trusting Yavuz, she wonders how he made it to the wedding right on time. It’s like he knew of the attack, she wonders. Especially since he was not planning on going to the wedding and that makes her feel suspicious. So to figure out the answers to those questions, she went to visit him at the auto repair shop. She thanked him but also she wanted some answers. But Yavuz knew what she was trying to do. He knew exactly how to answer her questions.

I really liked the Mücahit and Melisa scene, when Mücahit went to visit Melisa at her apartment to check up on her. He was worried about her after seeing her run away from those guys that have been following her. Especially when he was trying to make a conversation with her so he casually asked about her family and her father and she freaked out. Poor girl, she seems to be afraid of her father. I think she comes from a rich and powerful family. But Mücahit really took care after her.

While Ateş and Aşık were out canvassing a location. Ateş stumbled across his childhood place, he grew up at an orphanage. He did not know his parents he just knows that someone left him at that orphanage. This was a powerful scene, performed well. The song that played in the background gave such an emotional effect. As Ateş walks around and the flashbacks of young Ateş. It was such a heartbreaking scene. Ateş tells Aşık that he used to sit on the bench all day and wait and was hoping that someone would come. But nobody came for him. Even though the scene was sad, I liked it and how they set it up revealing personal details from Ateş’s past. Outside the orphanage, they meet a young boy named Ali. This reminds Ateş of his younger self.

Toran informs Yavuz of his new task which takes place in Vienna, Austria. Yavuz flew to Austria and he had an informant with him to help him out. Yavuz had to find a man that knows the whereabouts of Dragan’s meeting in Austria. I really enjoyed the club scene, especially the part when Yavuz (Tolga) was speaking in English. I wish they had put subtitles so we could have heard clearly but he really has a nice accent. The bathroom scene was awesome, he really got the man to reveal the meeting place of Dragan.

Back in Istanbul, Fethi continues to receive those mysterious phone calls. It really bothers him. This time, he found out exactly who it is. It is actually his ex-fiancee. He was completely shocked. We received a flashback scene from Season 2 when Fethi spoke to Hafız about his problem with his family and his ex-fiancee and his brother. It is another sad scene, it is really interesting that we are getting more into the past of these characters. It makes us understand them even more. Ateş tells Nazlı about seeing the orphanage that he grew up in and about meeting Ali and the possibility of the orphanage being shut down. Ateş tells her that if they separate the boys they will feel sad and will never get over it. Nazlı felt sad and told Ateş that they will try to figure something out.

Meanwhile, in Vienna, Austria Yavuz continues with his secret mission. He went to the restaurant where Dragan, Nadya, Nisan and Cemal are holding their meeting. He went after ‘the list’ of 12 people that will carry out operations and threaten the security in Turkey. Yavuz accomplished the task and gave the USB to the informant to send to headquarters.
Yavuz overhears their full conversation and interrupted them. The scene between Yavuz and Dragan was pretty amazing. Yavuz grills Dragan and Nisan get annoyed by Yavuz. Yavuz had great and meaningful things to say especially when he said “I’m proud to be the son of a martyr” and also “If you shoot the king, make sure he’s dead”. So good!! Dragan did not like that at all. Props to Yavuz and kudos to Tolga on a great performance.
Meanwhile, the soldiers went after Ivan. They succeeded in getting rid of Ivan and Dragan officially lost his closest-man.

The ending was really good, especially the hotel scene with Dragan’s men and Yavuz. Unfortunately, Dragan was able to hack into the computer network system. We saw the panic that broke out at the headquarters near the end of the episode.
Back in Vienna, Yavuz comes face-to-face with Dragan and Nadya. This time he points his weapon at them.

A really great episode, filled with interesting events and lots of action.
Stay tuned for the summary of episode 54. New episodes air on Mondays on Star TV.

Written By – Raghad A.K



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